Hey!  Hey!!! What happened?!  Three days I was looking at this –

December 29, 2015: Snowed In!

This morning, I woke up to this!

December 29, 2015: Snowed In!

What happened?!

Help us, Global Warming!  You’re my only hope!

But rather than let it ruin my day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to catch a matinee.  Between my busy production schedule and the home theater in my basement, I don’t really get out to movies much – but when I do, there’s nothing I love more than a matinee.  And Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight seemed like the perfect way to while away a wintry afternoon.

December 29, 2015: Snowed In!

Despite the inclement weather, Akemi and I got in the car and made the 40 minute drive (normally 12 minutes) to Cinemas Guzzo to watch The Hateful Eight – only to be informed that, sorry, despite it being listed on their website as Playing Now, the movie won’t actually begin screening until Thursday.

December 29, 2015: Snowed In!

So we went to see Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in Sisters instead.

The moral of the story is – If planning to see a movie, place your trust in Famous Players Cinemas.

18 thoughts on “December 29, 2015: Snowed in!

  1. Oh wow! That’s a lot of snow! We were all hoping for a white Christmas here in my hometown Vienna, but instead it felt like early autumn. Too bad Hateful Eight wasn’t actually playing …

  2. Snow is better than tornadoes! How are the dogs taking it?

    We went to see Star Wars yesterday. I liked it.

  3. The Nielsen sample size is in the process of recieving quite a large influx of new households(In the thousands). No idea what this means for Dark Matter Season 2, but more of the same ratings from last season + new measured households(Okay it’s a bit more complex than that..) could be a good thing. It makes me feel optimistic.

    Anyway, I think The Expanse is one of the best new shows of the year on Cable. Everything about it just oozes quality, It makes me sad that the ratings for this are so low, Episode 3 dropped to a 0.15 in the 18-49 on Syfy. Cas Anvar shows that he can handle a main role in a Scifi show too. His acting is excellent.

  4. That used to happen at one of our local theaters. We’d wrangle a free ticket to another show. So disappointed that u didn’t get to see H8ful Eight, was looking forward to a review. Will catch it this weekend.

  5. Welcome to the Burbs!
    I did 3-hours of shovelling and was SAVED from another 3 *only* because my NICE-NEIGHBOUR across the street came over to snowblow my driveway and the 3’x3′ ICE-WALL of PLOW-POOP blocking it!! – Thankfully, the “quality” of the snow was DRY… However, when it’s a foot deep, it begins to “pack”. And don’t get me started on the 30″ deep DRIFTS outside of my front door!! — I think I might have to invest in “hip-waders”…

  6. OMGosh look at that snow! It snowed here in the D/FW area early Monday morning. The good kind that doesn’t cause problems on the roadways and melts fairly quickly because it was not freezing. My before and after picture would be severe tornado damage on Saturday in Dallas (killed 11) and then the light snow. Crazy weather but we are use to it that way. Texas motto, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a few hours and it will change”, or something like that.

    Ok, those red cells from yesterday… it’s a breakout, isn’t it Joe? That is when our hero’s escape, right? Right? Does that mean they escape late in the 2nd episode? But I bet it takes them a little while to regroup, get off that base and back to their ship, like a couple more episodes. Right Joe? Right?

    @ drea and @ Tam – Thank you so much for the early birthday wishes!! Too sweet! It is actually on Sunday the 3rd. I always say it’s “around the first of January”, not necessarily on the first. Nobody pays any attention to what I say anyway, so I’m usually safe. But you guys… Feel free to forget. It comes after Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and everyone is always too tired and wore out, so it gets forgotten. Even by me! 🙂 However… one year closer to retirement!! Yippee!! 😆

    Hope maggiemayday is doing okay after her major surgery. Hope she lets us know.

  7. @Ponytail … maggiemayday is over her surgery but facing a bit of recovery.

    Jesus crisis (thanks Akemi-ism) from grass to snow. That’s what you get for being on the side of Global warming!

  8. No go for snow in Steeler country, but we may get a drizzle later? I’m used to snow in October, it’s going to be a shock to the system when we finally do get decent snow. Why didn’t you guys see Star Wars?

    Can I just say how awesome Cas Anvar is on Expanse? I’m a few eps in and he’s tearing it up as a wily pilot who is part space cowboy and possibly part sinister spy. Now the real question is who has prettier eyes, Cas or Joe? Both possess lovely peepers with ridiculously long lashes. I imagine your first meeting went something like this:


  9. Attention Everyone! I’ve an ABSOLUTELY HUGE! announcement to make!!

    Unfortunately, that huge announcement

    is me! 🙁

    Its now official. I’ve consumed waaaay too many raspberry & pistachio macarons and have lost count of the variety of pepridge farm cookies and Stella Doro Anisette’s that somehow managed to sneak its way past the strict security protocols I enforced on my lips, ( ingeniously disgruntled tasting lip balm to make anything i consume less delectable), this holiday season. Those clever little devils! Perhaps someday they will reveal their crafty secrets to me.
    Had to lay down flat on my back this morning to successfully zip up my jeans! Wishing I owned a girdle right about now. Unfortunately I can no longer afford to go out and splurge on such a luxury item because of all the extra money I spent on more wholesale bulk cases of sweet evil delights to satisfy the unsatable cravings of my eternally gastrotica dwelling tape worm. And to make matters much! much! worse, My neighbor has brought over some more of her homemade pistachio w/ cherries ice cream! This time she made it even more impossible to just say no by adding both bits of bing and marachino cherries to it.

    Geez! The newrve of some people eh! Doesnt she realize I am powerless to resist such temptations and how many frigin!- fracken! extra dance workouts I’ll have to endure just to get back to proper condition!! I’ll be lucky if I dont have a severe coronary in the process of all the strenuous excercise And, as you have all likely already surmised, I can kiss goodbye getting more than 2 hours sleep per day from now till 2017 because I will have to sprint from my bed to the ice arena at 3 am to complete said extra dance workouts before the beginning of each work day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OY-VEY! 😀

    Hope everyone has a blast tomorrow night! Stay safe out there!

    PS: Is it just my own failing memory or was this the very first time “ever” since Joe’s infamous daily WP blog commenced that he posted 2 full entries bearing the same exact date in the title????
    Boy! That must of really been some snow storm yesterday eh! It not only caused Joe & Akemi to get snowed in – but WOW! to get stuck in the same day too!! Perhaps it would have been more apro-po to venture out in attempt to see Ground Hog Day w/ Bill Murray?

  10. I can get up and sit with my laptop for a little, and can have solid food. Lots of ooky hospital stuff going on, but soooo TMI. Thanks for the good thoughts.

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