Wouldn’t that jar your preserves?

  • This one was my father’s.  He used to say it, with absolutely no sense of irony, on those occasions when something would burn his ass (another favorite expression of his).


  • This one was my mother’s.  I always assumed it was simply her Italian way of attempting “Shucks” until the day our neighbor told me: “Shuck?  Who is your mind trying to kid?”

Jesus Crisis!

  • One of many delightful Akemi-isms.  As Martin Gero pointed out: “It actually makes sense.”

We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it.

  • He may not be the original source, but I heard Executive Producer Elliot Sokolsky utter this little gem and I intended on making it my own.

I’m melty-sleepy!

  • Another Akemi-ism.  Definition: reeeaaally sleepy!

Don’t expect your parents or your money to last forever.

  • This one comes our way via Akemi’s grandmother – apparently a very practical woman.

Wine is for drinking. Water is for washing your face.

  • According to my uncle, this was the response his father gave his mother when she suggested he should try drinking something besides wine.  Addendum: He passed away from liver failure at age 67.

He’s an expiring director!

  • Guy I met the other night espousing unwitting pessimism in his son’s career choice.

December 27, 2015: Enjoyable Expressions!

Okay, the games aren’t yet over but I’m going to go ahead and project a Fantasy Football Championship win for Dark Matter Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok and his Running Dead.  Congrats to Ivon – who will no doubt celebrate by bringing in a pretty impressive bottle for the next time of the Dark Matter whisky/ey club!

15 thoughts on “December 27, 2015: Enjoyable Expressions!

  1. Love the expressions! 🙂 Akemi’s are some of my favorites, but all of those are really good – especially the bridge-burning one. That reminds me of my husband, who says such things as ‘you have to forget’ (as in, ‘you have to forget, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this’), ‘doggy dog world’, and my favorite, ‘never bite the foot that feeds the hand’. Oh, there are others – especially mangled idioms – but those are the ones that come to mind. It’s like being married to Hercule Poirot. 😛


  2. I especially love the Akemi-isms. They’re funny, yet still so perfectly descriptive.

    @das: a doggy dog world sounds like an awesome place!

  3. HI, I love Dark Matter and am a huge fan of Jodelle Ferland (I heard about the show thru that) – If it’s ok I have a couple of questions… 1. Throughout this blog I keep seeing references to “breaking” a story/script, what does “break” mean? 2. In a s1 episode, when FIVE finds the keycard where the boy was, she also finds a small handgun with it… is that her gun? Did she shoot that boy but remember wrongly in her “flashback”? Could she be some kind of Agent? (Maybe for Moss since he funded a “charity” for homeless kids – and hired her to steal the keycard from a rival multi-corp?). Thanks for reading.

  4. I also like it when Akemi just mispronounces a word… like peasnatch for spinach. She’s so cute.

    @ Tam Dixon – Hope your cat is better.

  5. I love Akemi’s expressions best. They do make sense. It reminds me of the mother of a friend I worked with. She was from Greece and she would call long weekends “3 days in a road”. I loved that. One of my Mum’s sayings was “you cross bridges before they’re even built”

    Cheers, Chev

  6. Congratulations to Ivon. He thoroughly deserves this championship. More good news – I won my fantasy football championship… I’ve taken this season so seriously, researching etc. I woke up at 4:30am to check the injuries as most games started at 5am.

    Cheers Chev

  7. I see here where I should be writing done the stuff my mom says, for future reference, and make sense of it. We have a lot of ‘old’ sayings, just never thought about them being anything but the normal. This will be fun.
    How were the tacos? soft shell, hard shell, mild, I imagine yours are anything but usual. How is your stomach faring? Are you all celebrating big for new years eve? Are you a fan of Dr. Who? Do you find any time for reading (lots of books)since restarting DM> Did you get any new books for Christmas? Have a great day!

  8. Thanks Airelle & Ponytail! I’ve brought her home. Next step, is to get her eating and keep her medicated. Wish me luck!

    Love the Akemi-isms! My dad used to tell me to clean my room but he’d say “It’s getting snaky in here.”

  9. Here’s one from the Isle of Spice: Crab don’t walk, crab don’t get fat. One of my dad’s favourites meaning that, if you don’t get your butt out the house, you won’t find food.

    I thought it kind of ironic that, if you don’t walk (or exercise), you WILL get fat, but that’s assuming you already have food within reach…

  10. Love the expressions.
    Why not have a go at ‘deciphering’ some of the sayings/expressions from my home city? I’m Glaswegian 😄

  11. Water is for washing your face-so true! I know so many people who would not drink water even if they are on fire. Melty sleepy is the perfect description for being deliciously tired. And now I’m yawning!

  12. My favourite expression: Shih Tzu! Said usually after stubbing a toe, hammering a finger, etc.

  13. Great expressions. My mind is searching for any cute expressions from my past or currently in my life but nothing is coming to mind. I do, however, when Patrick is behaving at his worse, tell Jeff, “This is YOUR child.” And when I call Jeff “Jeff” instead of “sweetie”, he knows something is terribly wrong. When I call him Jeffrey, he better hide.

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