December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas!

Late last night I sent Ivon the following texts:

Ate so much I think I may die…

And if I do, I just want you to remember one thing…

Please delete my search history.

December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas!

The menu last night consisted of: soup, eggplant parmigiana, cannelloni, roasted shrimp, baked mussels, salmon, trout, meat, various cheeses, olives, crackers, bread and bagels, peppers both roasted and fried, and numerous desserts.  I consider myself fortunate mom forgot to serve the meat pies – and the other half of the desserts.

December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas! December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas! December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas!

By the time I finished, I was ready for bed.  Our visiting neighbors, on the other hand, were pretty damn lively and partied well past 11 p.m.

December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas!

I envied the dogs and their ability to just doze right off while still remaining an integral part of the gathering.

December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas!

My sis brought her new pup, Kona.  She’s running a DNA test to check his breed status.  I say part Husky, part Rotty, and part Doberman.  Guesses?

December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas! December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas!

Then, this morning, I was up bright and early (10 am IS early for Christmas Day!) for a walk with Bubba and my two gals – sporting their parkas.

My sister came over for the unwrapping-of-gifts, but first…lunch!

December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas!

Akemi and I prepared our own plates.  Guess whose is which.

Your shameful assumption that Akemi’s dish is the one with the salad (while mine is the one laden with leftovers) only serves to reinforce gender stereotypes and antiquated cultural notions…however accurate.

Then, we unwrapped presents!  Highlights included cufflinks, individual-ice-cream makers, a jar of nutella with my name on the label and these handmade Jelly and Maximus key chains Akemi imported from Japan…

December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas!

By the time the dust, ribbons, and wrapping paper settled, I was exhausted and ready for bed –

December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas!

Unfortunately for me, it was only 2 p.m.

December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas!

18 thoughts on “December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas!

  1. Very festive good food take some leftover’s home Joe……..get any good comics lately Joe.

  2. I just dug through my old comics and found a Captain America #55 April 1946 Timely comics…….I have a lot of comic’s….

  3. We are two hours behind in Alberta, so our day got started a little later than yours. It’s really amazing how quiet this area gets first thing Christmas morning. It’s as if…as if…the apocalypse happened. No cars on the road, no noisy mufflers and other sounds. I think I’m going to like the apocalypse. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

  4. Merry Christmas everyone!

    I, too, got an ice cream maker. An upgrade from the bowl-in-the-freezer model to one that chills the bowl itself. Got any good recipes, Joe?

  5. Oh my, your mom is a dynamo! Very happy she has that much energy. Her food looked amazing!!!!

    Dog breeds? His head is a Rottie shape. Maybe, some kind of heeler too. Some of the heelers have light eyes and a spotty coat. The only that really matters is good health and kind manners though.

    Love your hair Akemi!

  6. Sis’ dog? Looks like 100% Kona to me. That’s the most important thing.

    Those key rings are a beautiful idea and a wonderful gift.

    Did you guys need parkas there today, or are Akemi and Lulu just being fashionably warm? It was over +10C here today – I went for a walk myself and wound up in just my shirt sleeves! (And well, yes, pants too.)

  7. I am loving your moms food pictures,, thanks for remembering to share! I ate a lot today, and these pictures are making me hungry all over again.
    Lulu, I wonder what she is thinking> her eyes are telling a story… Let us know what sis finds out about her pup, wow, a pup, and he is still growing,,gotta love his eyes! Merry Christmas!

  8. You love of variety of food is obviously genetic! Incredible food. Bless your mom.
    Your sister’s pup… yeah I’d say Rottie and Siberian is on the mark. But with mixes, have seen them be totally nothing like their looks. Please don’t forget to let us know the results! Any idea which company she used?

  9. Joyeux Noel to the Mallozzi menagerie from, no not Alberta, but from Kona, HI. Speaking of Kona, I’m thinking definitely Rotti with perhaps some heeler? Those eyes are quite something. Christmas on this island certainly doesn’t feel like Christmas even with about half of my Canadian relatives in tow. Merry Christmas to all the blog followers too!

  10. Happy Boxing Day!! Joe, do you all have a recipe for a good smoothie that one might actually drink because it tastes good? thanks.

  11. Your mom looks so sweet! And my God do you ever look like her ! Does that mean I just called you sweet? And no wonder you ate so much! Merry Christmas

  12. Another amazing spread, where do you find shrimp that big? I thought those were lobsters! I brought a responsible and healthy salad for lunch but after looking at these tasty pics it won’t be enough.

  13. Hello! I am catching up. Do remember that, with restaurant fare often, a salad has more fats in it due to dressing than soup or a sandwich. Or I think the plate of seafood you had. [I expect that salad was not as dressing-drenched as restaurant salads can be. 1 reason to have dressing on the side and treat as a crudités dip for ingredients in the salad.]

    With all those people-food recipes, I thought you might appreciate a doggie-treat recipe. Being USAm, it has Peanut Butter in it Maybe experimenting to replace that with nutella would smarten it up a bit for cooking in Canada. The recipe is here:

    [Ahhh, I can do a simple “paste” here unlike on YouTube comments.]
    What I do not recognize is whether these are tasty to people. Somewhere in there too is refrigerate to keep those not served immediately. And to not keep them for more than 3 days.[!?!?!] Therefore my question about human appeal. That page also has links to 11 other recipes.[ Like everything else, it probably comes with the cost of “subscribing” and getting eMails. Same stuff, different day.]

  14. How does your mom keep looking so young? I swear every time you take a picture of her she looks younger. Not even joking.

    Lulu does not look thrilled to be in a parka.

    I love the presents, particularly the keychain ones. They are beautiful.

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