December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!

It’s a Christmas holiday tradition.  I let my sister know when I’m coming into town and she books a bunch of dinners at some of Montreal’s best restaurants.  Last night, we kicked things off with a tremendous meal at LeBremner in Old Montreal.  The place is owned by celebrity Executive Chef Chuck Hughes with Top Chef Canada competitor Danny Smiles overseeing the kitchen action as Chef de Cuisine, and it’s one of Akemi’s favorites.

We were four and, since we were sharing, I opted for a thorough approach, pretty much ordering one of everything on the menu…  December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!

Raw scallops on the half shell.   Sweet, clean, and delicious.  Given the choice, I’ll always pick them over oysters.

December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!

Brown butter lamb heart, remoulade, bitter greens, and slaw.  Thinly sliced with a texture and flavor akin to gyu-tan (thinly sliced tongue grilled over charcoal).

December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!

Butter-poached whelks with Jerusalem artichoke chips and puree.  Akemi’s favorite.  We’d have ordered a second plate if we didn’t have so much more coming.

December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!

Chips, labneh, lobster rosamarina.  The only misfire.  A pretty plate but the sour labneh thoroughly overpowered that subtle lobster flavor.

December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!

Pickled herring.  Surprisingly good.  As my sister put it: “The best pickled herring I’ve ever had.”

December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!

Fish sticks with tartar sauce.  This was a revelatory experience for Akemi.

December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!

Wild mushroom risotto.  Great.

December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!

Rib-eye with new potatoes and sauce aux poivres.  Since having wagyu in Japan, North American steak has rarely impressed – but this was one of those rare occasions.  A nice seared crust with a perfectly pink medium-rare center.

December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!

Hake, clams, and maple dashi.  My second time having this dish with its luxuriously rich broth.
December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!Lamb neck cavatelli.  My second time having this dish as well.  The texture of the cavatelli is what puts this dish over the top.

December 23, 2015: Dinner At Lebremner!

Whole roasted sea bream with rapini and salsa verde.  My sister loved this one.

We ended the meal with four handmade Ferrer Rocher-like truffles stuffed with what tasted like warm Nutella!

Another day, another restaurant.  Looks like octopus is on the menu tonight!

11 thoughts on “December 23, 2015: Dinner at LeBremner!

  1. Wow, all that food looks (and sounds like it was) amazing. Well, except for that Nutella reference. That would be off-putting for me, as sacrilegious as that sounds. I would be so uncomfortably full after all that! I probably couldn’t eat for three days afterward.

  2. OMG! ….. What an AMAZING menu … !!!
    I’m speechless 😶
    . . … and a tad hungry 😋

  3. The food looks wonderful but I’d still chose your mom’s dinner.

    @Maggiemayday: Hope you’re feeling better!

    The tornados went around us. Prayers to anyone out there that was hit!

  4. Wow!!! Where does it all go? You have the metabolism of a hummingbird Joe. Glad you’re having lovely time.

    Our celebrations start this afternoon and evening (Christmas Eve).

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

    Cheers, Chev

  5. I have to admit, I needed to google some of those things, l think the fish that had the teeth was the most scary, but otherwise it all looks pretty good and I am not an adventurous eater. thanks for sharing, and party on !! I have been baking all day, cookies brownies, blonde sandies, fudge, I am wore plum out, glad I only do this much once a year. Time for a nap.

  6. Dang! That looks good. But even with four of you sharing – how the heck did you eat all of that?

    What am I doing for Christmas? Mom is staying with me until after Christmas. I really need to take her shopping for a hearing aid!

    On the culinary side: I just finished making the stuffed calamari for Christmas eve dinner. There will just be 9 of us this year. Tomorrow I’ll make the frittata, fried shrimp, salad, spaghetti aglio e olio and fried bread. Christmas day I’ll bake croissants for Christmas dinner with friends.

  7. Well, the images are very good, but as I am not an adventurous eater, probably will never taste any of it. Very glad you, Akemi and family enjoyed it though!
    Onward to more restaurants!

    Off to my nephew’s home this evening to partake of a simplified Italian Christmas Eve dinner of fishes (and pasta). I’m going to eat but am also bringing wine (wink-wink).

    Merry Christmas to all and Blessings of the season for a happy and healthy New Year! Is it going to be 2016 already?! Yikes!!

    2 cats =^-^= =^-^=

  8. Fish sticks and tartar sauce!! Now your talking Joe, now your talking!!!! Rib-eye with new potatoes, also right up my alley!!

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