Production on Dark Matter’s second season commences Wednesday, December 9th with the ever-awesome Amanda Tapping at the director’s helm.  Amanda has been BUSY these last few days, scouting, meeting, selecting, and generally prepping her vision of our big season premiere.  The cast and crew are thrilled to have her back!

As we barrel toward our first day of principal photography, the final pieces are slotting into place…

December 4, 2015: Counting Down To Dark Matter’s Second Season!

Oooh.  The roof in Gen. Pop. is coming along nicely, as is the rest of the structure.

December 4, 2015: Counting Down To Dark Matter’s Second Season!

I’d describe the cells as austere-Spartan chic!

December 4, 2015: Counting Down To Dark Matter’s Second Season!

As I’ve often said: “It’s the small things” – in this case, all the tiny details that make up the wall elements on Hyperion-8 – that lend the show that depth of realism.

Hyperion-8 training room playback.

Meanwhile on the home front, Akemi is getting into the Christmas spirit…

Much to Bubba’s chagrin:

December 4, 2015: Counting Down To Dark Matter’s Second Season!

December 4, 2015: Counting Down To Dark Matter’s Second Season!

December 4, 2015: Counting Down To Dark Matter’s Second Season!


17 thoughts on “December 4, 2015: Counting down to Dark Matter’s second season!

  1. Sets are looking awesome, so cannot wait for season 2. Bubba looks adorable. I tried dressing up one of my casts once, she just fell over and refused to move. So wish she’d let me put on an outfit or two once in a while.

  2. Joe? Without giving too much away, about how much of S2 will occur on Hyperion 8 directly? Will we also see the Raza interiors/exteriors and some planet-side scenes or episodes too?
    Just wondering since you have been sharing awesome new Hyperion 8 sets in such great detail.
    They are truly amazing as are all of the playbacks, production sketches and modeling.
    A multitude of thanks ring out to the super creative and hard working people of Dark Matter! Let’s go team!!

    Hey did we all ever decide on what to call our fanbase for DM? If I remember, there were some great suggestions. Was there ever a poll conducted?


  3. BTW, Bubba and Lulu look so adorable in their outfits! Way to go Akemi!
    My cats won’t even allow collars, never mind something festive for the season. “I” will wear fuzzy brown reindeer antlers to work on Christmas Eve however…

    2cats =^-^= =^-^=

  4. on coast2coastam….

    Thursday, December 10, 2015: First Half: Writer, producer, and director, Marc Zicree will talk about the latest happenings in the entertainment industry and what it takes to break into writing and producing films, documentaries, and television shows. He’ll also discuss the body of work that was created by the late Rod Serling, as well as the television industry standards he helped to form.

    2nd Half: While he is recognized as one of film’s best-known tough guys, Robert Davi, has been winning the respect and admiration of fans, critics and fellow artists with his expressive singing. After working closely with the legendary Frank Sinatra, Robert will share an intimate view of the man and the impact he has had personally, musically, and socially. Hosted by George Noory.

  5. I like the second outfit. Kinda looks like a cookie monster inspired reindeer 😀

    Loving that the snow follows my mouse around the page. O’ Goodness! Don’t think I actually even noticed it before. Its so much fun playing with it!
    I can even move my mouse back and forth just fast enough to make it blizzard!

    Well, Joe, its been such a very long time coming to get to this point of finally having something to truly call your own eh!. You must be all at once beyond thrilled and shaking in your boots! -so to speak- at the approach of season 2.

    Dark Matter is indeed the reason why thru all these years I never bothered to throw in my two cents worth. (Because I didn’t think adding my comments to the blog (despite being one of its regular readers since the beginning) would lend any difference what so ever. But I was so incredibly proud of you when I discovered you had managed to get DM onto television and I wanted to show my support and be of assistance in your journey any way I possibly could. Even if it be just in moments of lending laughter to a stressful day.

    I’ve said it before and dare I say it again.
    Long live Dark Matter and long live you, Joseph Mallozzi phd. xo

    ~Merry Christmas~
    ~Joyeux Noel~

    ~Nollaig Shona~
    ~Buon Natale~
    ~Feliz Navidad~

    ~Kala Christou genna~
    ~Frohe Weihnachten~

  6. Joe, glad things are looking good for DM and the pups! I don’t know if the idea bothers you or not but there is a Kickstarter for a Stargate Atlantis Season 6 comic (evidently with MGM approval). Would you be willing to let me post the link: . If not, and this is bad form for me to be asking you this, I understand if you don’t approve this post. Happy Holidays regardless. 🙂

  7. Those sets are looking FANTASTIC. Actually, if you just through a camp mattress on that cell bunk and I’d be totally happy there – if I could come and go as I please, that is.

    Bubba looks none the worse for wear, but how did Lulu escape all the festivities?

  8. Amazing sets & designs! Thank you for feeding the Dark Matter monster until the actual S2 begins. Will there be traditional prison garb? I’m sure Three will just love & Two will turn into a fashion statement. Looking forward to discovering more about our character’s backgrounds & how they will overcome the dasterly GA. Thank you for all the pics! Excited to have Amanda directing S2Ep1! Happy Holidays!

  9. gforce, when mom starts dressing up Bubba, Lulu knows how to look invisible and when to quietly walk away and hide.

    @ Shana – 😆

  10. I take it Lulu ran fast when she saw the outfits coming….? 😉 Hence no outfits on her, lol…

    Just getting my final film project ready for the Wednesday night deadline, thankfully with my recovery from my concussions, the other two group members have agreed happily to do the editing for the project. I wrote it, did half of the camerawork, did the casting, locations, and the directing, so I am fine with the division of labour! 😉 Certainly that was my favourite class this semester, and I will be taking more film making classes after Christmas (Advanced film making and animation, to be exact). Still, will be looking for actual work in real (paid) film projects, haha….

    And naughty me, will be procrastinating a bit on getting an essay done and prep for a final exam on the 18th, as I have some pick-up shots to try and get for my little webseries Preflight Launch…. Season Two has basically come to a screeching halt due to both my lead actor and I being in school right now (Evan Wilson, my lead, is a brilliant actor, easily as good as Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black) so we’ll ge getting those shot after his exams are done and before I take mine. Should be interesting!

    Long story short, may season two of Dark Matter go smoothly!!!

  11. Playback looks awesome. Is that Seth’s work? He’s my fave.

    Will the Raza prisoners be separated?

    I like the dog clothes… Very cute.

    Cheers, Chev

  12. That cell looks doable. Just add wifi and a curtain.

    The pups look adorable!!!

    When do you start filming S2?

  13. Bubba is indeed the fashion plate, he does wear whatever Akemi puts on him so well, good model choice. Are some of the outfits her sewing creations? She has the talent. Has mom started her holiday cooking yet? I can not wait for those delicious food pictures. Have a good weekend.

  14. @TamDixon I was thinking more a toilet. Now that would add some realism. Can you imagine? This prison would have to have a guard just for bathroom duty, taking inmates to and from their cells to go to the bathroom. Even prisoners on death row have toilets.

    Love the pictures of the set, and especially love the pics of the dogs. Bubba really could be dog supermodel of the year.

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