November 20, 2015: Today In Dark Matter News!

Well, well, well.  Look who came by for their season 2 fitting.  Why, it’s none other than Alex Mallari Jr. (Dark Matter’s FOUR), back from a multi-month working vacation in Russia…which might explain the shoes (provided he didn’t steal them from the costume beside him).  Also in for a fitting following an equally busy hiatus was Melissa O’Neil (Dark Matter’s TWO).

We’re getting the band back together!

Yesterday was our first Episode 201 Preliminary Playback/Graphics/Rear Projection meeting of the young season.  A few of the visual delights we discussed:

November 20, 2015: Today In Dark Matter News!

What are you in the mood for?  A Binary Burger?  Hyperion Hen?  Some cosmic kebabs?  Just make your selection, slide your plate under the nozzles, and Bon Appetit!

November 20, 2015: Today In Dark Matter News!

And, of course, you’re going to need one of these in Hyperion-8.  Your money’s no good here!

November 20, 2015: Today In Dark Matter News!

One of the honking big-ass wall monitors in Warden Treihan’s office.  On Sunday nights, all the guards come over to watch The Walking Dead on the big screen.

Looking ahead to next week: Preliminary episodes 201/202 schedule meetings, set walk-thru #2, background inmate photo look-see, and, of course, I continue work on five different scripts.

14 thoughts on “November 20, 2015: Today in Dark Matter news!

  1. That food dispenser looks cool, but it’s hard to imagine any food coming out of nozzles being exactly good. I don’t even like that cheese stuff.

    I love that big fancy TV!

    Don’t work too hard! You’ve got to pace yourself if you’re going to keep it awesome for the full 13 episodes!

  2. As a fan of 3D printing, I’m looking forward to seeing your futuristic take on it. I’m not expecting it to be programmed to produce gourmet, or even palatable, meals since it’s prison and all that.

    BTW, those nozzles look like robotic udders.

  3. The warden’s speakers have a heat exchanger. Dude knows how to party. Can the Raza crew take him with them when they, what? Skip bail?

  4. So, I take it you slide your plate under those nozzles and it fills it up with gruel-like patties that taste like a burger or chicken, etc, but it’s not really? Because how else could it work? Or maybe it pops out little poops that taste like actual food? This should be interesting…

  5. Joe, much as I love the show, I don’t think I would like living in the Dark Matter universe…unless I was rich. Then, it might be okay. I enjoy my democratic, police backed, safety too much.

    1. Glenn’s fine. Though they had better come up with a great explanation of how he survived…

  6. Glenn had better be fine, holding you to it. 🙂

    I am so happy you are working on another season. So deserved… quality and fun and tension. Can’t wait for next shows.

  7. As an indy filmmaker, I cannot quite to even begin to afford any single one of those props. Goals for the future!!!

  8. Hey Gang! Ok Am back. Many thanks to everyone who helped me with the WSB/EnableTheFuture joint fundraiser this wk! xo

    its #16 of the 32 matchups.

    ~Sweet dreams everyone~

  9. I second what Ponytail said – what the food dispensed will resemble, will indeed be interesting!

    I like the food ration cards. Do they denote different food options available or are you only choosing one of these designs for everything ‘on the menu’?

    Nice wall monitor in the Warden’s office. Is that a gun…..a big gun on the screen? 🤔

  10. Your food station looks like a scanning electron microscope. Is that the gruel dispenser?

    I was out of town to fetch my daughter home for Thanksgiving break so I’m just checking out the shuttle designs now. I like #1. Not crazy about #6 – sort of looks like a frog.

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