52 thoughts on “November 19, 2015: The Ishida Imperial Shuttle!

  1. I feel as though a Japanese shuttle would be somewhat simple and smooth. I’m picking #11. #6 is a possibility.

  2. Fantastic design work and lots to choose from.

    Opinionated- here goes!
    I’m not keen on the shuttles with the circular shape at the top.
    I prefer the sleeker, rounded look than the box-like bodies.
    Some of the drive-pods seem too bulky.

    My preference is either the body of 3 or 5 and the drive-pods of 7 😊

  3. I’m liking 3 and 7. Thanks for the opportunity.
    coooool sketches to choose from too.

  4. I like 2, 3, 4, and 11. I find some of the other ones a bit too reminiscent of either the TOS Star Trek shuttles or the more modern ST series “runabouts”. Not that that’s a bad thing in itself – I loved the design of the runabouts, but I’d prefer something fresh for DM.

  5. Hi Joe
    I’m thinking #11 or #4. Unless the plan is a short stay at a ski planet, then #7 is good.


  6. My favorite is #3; however, I’d like to go out on a limb and suggest that it should look like the Marauder shuttle currently docked with the Raza. I realize the fact that Six knowing how to fly it implies that it belonged to him prior to joining the crew of the Raza, but it could be a cool backstory that Four stole the shuttle to escape the treason charges and Six helped because he’s a good pilot and was able to fly it.

  7. #1 for me. The landing arms are suggestive of swords, I like the detail on the engine pods, and the front of the shuttle is a good balance of elegant and aggressive.

  8. #2 is the most unique, #6 is insectish and cool in its own way, and #8 is the most badass.

  9. Oh my goodness!! How can you possibly decide? They are all excellent designs. No wonder you needed our expert opinion too. I’m going to have to study on them awhile.

  10. Gorgeous artwork!
    Number7 looks quite sleek and business like but would an Imperial shuttle appear more threatening to impose respect? If so then I’d go with the crouching preying mantis number 6…

    This is great fun! Thanks Joe 😊

  11. Those are beautifully detail drawings! Of the above drawings, 2, 4 and 11 are more compact and streamlined. Those are my favorites but really, they all look very good.

  12. I’m favoring 1 and 11, and betwen those two, I think #1 has the edge.

    Also, the bottom view of #1 has a rear slope that is reminiscent of a Stargate Atlantis Jumper. Does the rear open down into a ramp? Might be a nice sendup to Stargate fans…

  13. Great artworks.
    I like 1, 6, 8 and 10.
    Dont use 4 (tube) and 11 (looks like snowmobile, not a shuttle… sorry, guys :)).

    I wonder how much time we will see this shuttle on screen… 🙂

  14. I like number 1. The points on the front give it a sinister feel and kind of remind me of a scorpion. Sleek and sinister.

  15. I like # 4 & 11 because the skids are more aerodynamic looking, being attached rather than jutting out as in the other designs. I have to agree that the others look more like futuristic snowmobiles….can’t have that. Fantastic artwork, though. But why do they have to have skids? I liked the Star Trek and Stargate shuttles too.

  16. Part 2 of comment for my liking 3 and 7. Don’t think this is a full time of peace and calm, so it should look badass.

  17. I don’t have a sense of scale for these or know if they are meant for travel within an atmosphere or not. They look scary, if that’s what you’re going for.

    Are 11’s skids continuous with the hull? I would just want a high-wear part to be easily changeable.

    Does imperial mean for the Emperor? Here’s where the scale comes in–if it’s as narrow as it looks, that’s not a very luxurious ride. Ever cross someone in a hallway that’s not wide enough for two people? It’ll all sort out if both people are friendly and humble. Or maybe it’s bigger like the Captain’s yacht from Star Trek? While I’m being opinionated, “yacht” is a prettier word than “shuttle”. Yyaaacht.

    I think it’s bold to draw a futuristic vehicle that looks like it could get snagged on a fence. Nobody’s supposed to be flying into stuff anyway so sleek is overrated.

  18. This is a really hard choice because they are all so good. But I think I keep going back to #1. It’s cool looking. But I certainly understand all the love for #11 too. To me that one is sleek and reminds me of Air Force One, the President’s plane. But I like them all. Wow, that was hard!

  19. I vote #2, just because it reminds me of a kendo mask, which seems appropriate for the Ishida.

  20. I’m digging #3. There’s a sweep to the lines that really appeals to me. #1 would be my second choice because those little pointy bits in the front look cool and threatening. 😀

  21. I like #1, #7 and #10 as they all seem to be rather small, quick and easily maneuverable, i.e. good for avoiding being hit in space battles. #11 looks like it could be a transport shuttle for convicts.

  22. If we’re talking the Emperor’s *Personal* Shuttle, then #1 sorta has a Samurai-ish style to it… And if the side-struts can do any “transformer”-thingy, then even better!

    But, if it’s to be a generic use one, then #11 looks to be more structurally streamlined for multi-environmental conditions.

    BTW, just make sure they come WITH an actual “toilet”!! – [And not just a funnel & jug!]

  23. i like number 4, it looks sleek enough to fit in the belly of a big galaxy cruzer 🙂
    although the resemblance with the star trek shuttle is kinda obvious like Gforce said. But hey what’s not to love about that shuttle!

  24. I like 9. I’m imagining the ski-like bottoms moving from angled to flat to gently settle the ship.

  25. Okay, after a quick look – just to capture initial feelings:
    1 – like the sloping uplift in top front & pointed ends in rear, elegant
    2- reminds me of a hairdryer on steroids
    3 – I see a preying mantis and they are creepy
    4 – kinda like an old time breadbox, meh
    5 – definitely a snowmobile – do they work in space?
    6 – another version of a snowmobile
    7 – bulky, non-sleek, a bit too compact
    8 – another grasshopper, ew-w
    9 – kinda boxy with odd skid design
    10 – neat rear-facing gun turrets! Yeah!
    11 – sleek looking pointy bits on rear top, more sense of everything fits

    So, overall I agree with JeffW that #1 and #11 beat the rest but ALL of these were fabulous designs, obviously crafted with much though and attention. Wow, DM has some wonderfully talented pros at work. We are Blessed.


  26. Right off the bat, #1 looks really good as is. Maybe just make the pods/nacelles a little wider, it kinda looks like it might be underpowered. Might look good with a nacelle style like #5, just don’t know if they need to be moveable/rotatable.

    #5 isn’t bad at all either, but if it’s an imperial shuttle, I’d think it’d have more flat, finished surfaces and have less of an industrial/functional look and more of a regal, “we have all the money and you don’t” look, n’est–ce pas?

    #6 Has a lot of good going for it, especially with all the surfaces that allow for some very specific iconography that can be displayed on it. Plus, I like that it looks “sneaky”. It looks like it’s largely a transport shuttle, but also looks like it can hide some serious artillery. Retractable skids looks like it’d work on this one really well, too.

    #7 is pretty much what I’d imagine if Neill Blomkamp did a Robotech movie. (The artist should take that as a compliment because I think that NB would be the obvious choice given the look of his previous movies!)

    I like #9 and #10, too. I like #10 because of the contrasting bit of tech running down the spine on top. A great visual cue that has lots of possibilities for both a symbol of some kind that is also some sort of weapon, if you can look past the corny-ness of that and make it functional/believable. 😉

    #3 looks a little too Star Wars-y for me.

    These are truly tough choices when the artist is so damn good!!! At least I’m not the one who has to pick one….

    -Mike A.

  27. My nephew would look at No 8 and instinctively know it would require the most teeny tiny Lego parts and therefore cost twice as much and be way cooler, plus it has spidery robot legs like something from Halo. Robot spider legs that say “I’m so boss I can rock robot spider legs” combined with Halo references and multiplied by Lego equals awesome, so I chose 8.

  28. #4 is cool
    but if you want ominious and menacing, albeit totally impractical, i’d go for something more like this

    [img src=http://www.ilikewallpaper.net/ipad-wallpapers/download/8336/Blue-Sphere-ipad-wallpaper-ilikewallpaper_com.jpg]

  29. 8. Because it looks good, and looks the least like a shuttle from Star Trek or Atlantis.

  30. I saw the final rendering and your choice of #1. Look great and love the concept artist’s work. In case the information is useful, I was stuck between #1 and #11. 11 won in my mind, at the time, because ‘imperial’ made me think #1 was small for an emperor and retinue. Of course with these spare deadly warrior types they might not want much pampering. In any case very cool.

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