November 17, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Casting News!  We Have Our Nyx!

The news broke just a few hours ago.  Actress Melanie Liburd (High Priestess Kinvara in this upcoming season of Game of Thrones) joins the cast of Dark Matter in the role of Nyx.

So who is Nyx?  Is she friend or foe?  And what’s her secret?  (I only ask because, well, it would seem that every member of our crew has held some sort of secret.) For now, all I’m going to say is this: Galactic high security detention facility’s make strange bedfellows!

I’ll also say this about Melanie – she absolutely nailed the audition.  We had a lot of strong candidates for the role, but she delivered like no other and I immediately knew SHE was our Nyx.  Talented, yes, but also downright lovely.  We are lucky to have her.

Kind of reminiscent of the excitement I felt after watching the audition of a certain Melissa O’Neil last season.

More exciting casting news to come!

Things continue to ramp up on the pre-production front.  This morning was all script work; this afternoon, meetings and grand tour of our new sets-in-progress.

November 17, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Casting News!  We Have Our Nyx!

The new stage is only a five minute drive (15 minute walk!) from the production offices and our standing sets.  Early still, but the structures and details are looking great.

November 17, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Casting News!  We Have Our Nyx!

Also today, I was deliberating over gruel:

November 17, 2015: Dark Matter Season 2 Casting News!  We Have Our Nyx!

I preferred the goopier consistency of the one on the upper left, but kind of liked the alarming off-brown coloring of the one on the upper right.  I’d also bring down the mystery particulates by sixty percent.

Show running!  There’s no job like it!

14 thoughts on “November 17, 2015: Dark Matter season 2 casting news! We have our Nyx!

  1. Gruel. Yum. I think the mystery particulates add a certain charm. In the upper left, I think they are a bit too large. The balance is best in upper right. The gray goop is downright off-putting.

  2. She’s so beautiful. I’m just curious for her secret. And I hope that she be a great bedfellow(Better than bullshit anyone) but if she try to bullshit 6ix. Ho Ho Ho… \o/
    I can’t do nothing. \o/
    Just kidding! Welcome to the show, dear Nyx. <3

  3. i’m afraid to ask what they tasted or smelled like?

    I’d also bring down the mystery particulates by sixty percent.
    or at least reduce the size of them.

  4. Melanie looks great! Sassy but I bet she could look quite hard n mean if needed.
    The gruel to the top left is surely yummy Spotted Dick before the custard is added! 😋 The bottom one is the chocolate custard with choccy drops we used to get at school dinners (not as tasty as it may sound 😐) So for me it has to be gruel #2 which does look like its been scrapped off the floor … 😶

  5. If she’s has “GoT” on her resume, then Casting-Coup to you!
    [Your MALE DEMOGRAPHICS will be going ballistic to be sure!]

    So, the GRUEL… Try POI. — It’ll give you that greyish/purple shiny goopy texture, but still be healthy for people. And, maybe add in some dried berry bits in it for sweetness and grit… Along with some green food colouring to give it that soylent look.

  6. Pretty lady, icky goop, looks like cream of wheat and raisins or blueberries, and chocolate chips, or stuff shoveled off the cell floors,, yea, off-putting is a good word, is there a food fight??, that stuff smeared would make a cool mess. Joe you have all the fun!!, thanks for sharing.

  7. I think the bottom middle with the gray pasty (glue-looking) appearance with what looks like blueberries added in makes you wonder where are they getting glue. And it sure would help the actors not have to make up their feeling of disgust just looking at it. That’s the winner.

    Welcome Melanie! We may not have the same numbers of rabid social media as fans of GoT have, but we hold our own. 🙂

  8. I vote for far upper right. It looks darker, like it started with a rue. In order for the actors to “pretend” eat it, it must be somewhat tasty. Who makes the show’s acting food? Also, I’ve read that lobsters were so plentiful in certain areas, that it was a main staple of prisoners. Are there no edible goodies on the prison planet?

    Melanie Liburd is gorgeous!

    PBmom: Welcome back! Sorry about Sparky. That shows you’re a good pet sitter, when you morn their loss. Good luck in your search for homes. That sounds exhausting too.

  9. Welcome aboard Raza, Nyx! Its honor… and stress. 🙂

    My first idea about her:
    – she will befriend the heroes to get out of prison, but later she will use them
    – is she the same kind of “human” as Two? Maybe previous version with more errors.

  10. I like Farflame’s thought about Nyx being an earlier “version” of TWO. But I also like the idea of TWO being the only one they’ve done this to, since it makes the deed and the company all the more dastardly and evil.

    With all that set building going on, I can imagine it smells absolutely heavenly in there. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh cut wood!

    -Mike A.

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