One of the many, many things we’re looking to accomplish in Dark Matter’s second season is to introduce cool new futuristic energy-based weapons along the lines of THREE’s Bubba –

November 16, 2015: In The Works – Dark Matter Season 2!

Well, we’ve got a lot of terrific concepts in the pipeline – a couple of which have already advanced to the design stage.

This afternoon, Props Master Victoria Klein dropped by my office for her daily show and tell…

November 16, 2015: In The Works – Dark Matter Season 2!

“What,”you may be wondering, “is that?”.  Well, does this inspirational photo I posted to last week’s blog give you a hint?

November 16, 2015: In The Works – Dark Matter Season 2!

No, of course not.  Anyway, it’s a component to one of those cool new futuristic energy-based weapons I was referring to.  So what does it do?  Well, you’ll find out right off the bat in Dark Matter Episode 201!

November 16, 2015: In The Works – Dark Matter Season 2!

November 16, 2015: In The Works – Dark Matter Season 2!

This one’s another non-lethal work in progress.  The finished version will be sleeker with a black anodized barrel (presently the silver component).  This one will also be making early season appearance.

19 thoughts on “November 16, 2015: In the works – Dark Matter season 2!

  1. It’s what the no-ship from one of the later Dune books looked like in my head.

    I know what it does. It reduces the risks of fighting causing damage to surroundings by knocking heads together.

    BTW, the last episode of Doctor Who had some sleep pods that held people or monsters at a 45 degree angle like some of your drawings. A vision of a merge of futuristic Japanese and Indian cultures was well represented in the sets and props.

  2. Making prop weapons is always soooo much fun, lol…. will be making a human-cattle prod type of prop weapon for a studen film I’ll be shooting next weekend, using a busted-up hockey goalie stick as its base. We have the chalenge of making a 4 minute long dramatic-style film, mine is kind of a kids’ one, with the usual element of sci-fi that’s been so incorporated into so many of my projects as of late. Should be fun!!!

  3. I think the fancy walnuts are aerial prison guards, flying around, spying on you, ready to shoot at you if you get out of line.

    I think that is a stun gun, ready to zap you if you get out of control.


  4. Dear Mr. Gaijin:

    As an in your face, rock n roll rebel rouser but otherwise non violent, peace loving soul, I cannot in good conscience condone or comment on these weapons you have openly posted to your blog. And if you, sir, were ‘really’ “truly” ‘genuinely’ aspiring to be the change you hope to see in the world You would immediately and completely rewrite ALL of DM’s season 2 scripts, remove all mentions of any physical altercations and begin encouraging your RAZA crew to model themselves after the cast of Little House On The Prairie or The Partridge Family.

    Thank you. That is all.

    Sincerely Signed,
    Agent: [REDACTED]
    of The FBI (Feline Bureau of Instigation)

  5. I love cool new weapons! Thanks for all the teasers without spoilers Joe. Your people are doing an amazing job!

  6. Personally, I thought Bubba was a pretty useless weapon. Huge and unwieldy and seemed to only have a couple of shots in it before the batteries went flat.

    Plus, what’s the deal with non-lethal weapons? This is a band of cut-throat mercenaries. What are they doing carrying non-lethal weapons?

    And don’t get me started on the armed guards who choose to holster their weapons and attack our heroes one at a time with their bare hands . . .

  7. OMG Joe! Ya gotta see this! science gov posted it in twitter. At first i thought it was just a fun joke tweet like my silly passive aggressive joke comment about not being able to ‘comment’ on the weapons posted to the blog while I was busy ‘commenting’ on it, but apparently this is for real.

    Might actually be a cool idea in there somewhere for
    season 3 or perhaps even the current season if it can be done mostly by the visual FX team without any special props

  8. I’m thinking that the non-lethal weapons are for the prison? Or those times when you bounty stipulates “alive”. I like ’em! And I like the little walnut-bomb thingies, too.

    Hey, gforce! How’s the new house? I hope the move went off without a hitch and that you are settling in and enjoying the view.

    @DP: I liked the Japanese/Indian fusion on Dr. Who. And the evil sleep pods (not a spoiler, it’s clear from the start – hey, anything that aims to reduce my amount of sleep is evil).. And the sandman.

  9. Finally caught up again. I finally got my compressive dressing removed on Friday and now have Steri-Strips for a week so I have much more access to my hands and typing. We’re about to get a storm that will drop our temperatures 20 degrees (F) and of course its arrival time coincides with my afternoon pet visits. Looks like I’m going to have an easy work week but MAN oh MAN, do I have a LOT of things to catch up on. I could have 6 weeks of no work and I still would not get caught up. You know my 250+ Christmas cards I send out? Yeah, I may need to get them out after Christmas.

    On Sunday I found out the dog of my friend of 23 years had to be put to sleep. I just watched Sparky in September. He looked fine for a 15 (almost 16) year old Westie. But he developed kidney issues. I have had to say goodbye to TOO, TOO many fur babies this year. But I did make a decision not to take any new clients for the rest of the year, and I may extend that into the first part of next year. I have a lot of things I have to get done for Patrick — like visiting potential group homes for him to live after he finishes school at age 22 — among other things. My house is a mess from all these things that went on (still have about 50 boxes of stuff to put back into my house from the flooring going in). Today or tomorrow I need to fill out paperwork to let Patrick go to an overnight camp (for 4 days) in July. They specialize in people with disabilities and my friend who has a son who is worse off than Patrick gives her seal of approval so that is good enough for me. This is a big step for all of us. If I don’t get that done in the next few days I will miss out. The spots fill up fast.

  10. The biggest problem with Bubba the energy based weapon was that it was only good for three shots, and then it was out of juice. Therefore, you’ll need to include a line of direction here and there about putting it on the charger, and carrying spare power packs.

    Ever since Star Trek invented the “stun” setting on their phasers. I’ve felt that this was a brilliant idea. It really shouldn’t be necessary to kill everyone in a building or on a ship in order to break in or break out of some situation. Putting someone to sleep for, say…15 minutes, should be more than sufficient. Then, you don’t have the revenge aspect of the friends, families and crew mates coming after you because you killed their mates. And, it allows you to get out of a situation without adding more dead bodies to your criminal record.

  11. I like Ponytail’s suggestion of aerial prison guards 👍

    The walnut shapes – a power source for a hand-held weapon? Or, the fired projectile which on impact gives off an EM pulse or a stun pulse?

    Somewhere in the arsenal of new weapons, maybe a smaller, compact hand-held weapon (easily concealable) that when activated becomes a larger, more powerful hand-held weapon!

  12. When does the first episode of season 2 air? This waiting is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Easter Eggs! You’re giving us Easter Eggs! Um…you are going to have an episode comprised entirely of Stargate characters. Awesome idea!
    Question, if you have another mailbag – how do you decide how many characters you will need to carry a story arc?

  14. @Sparrow Hawk: New house is great, and the move went well although it was exhausting. Now I just have to get stuff unpacked, which is proving to be just as huge a job as packing.

  15. what I’m talking about is like in an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show, when he dreamed about alien walnuts. Each one had an eye in it. So your walnuts would be like this… the “eye” would be a camera. Your “walnuts” would fly around, watching everyone. That’s it, isn’t it?

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