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November 7, 2015: Memories Of Dark Matter’s First Season!

Line Producer Norman Denver at the controls.  As usual.

November 7, 2015: Memories Of Dark Matter’s First Season!

The initial version of the Corporate Guard uniforms.  Deemed a little too colorful.

November 7, 2015: Memories Of Dark Matter’s First Season!

We ended up going with basic black.  Always stylishly nefarious.

November 7, 2015: Memories Of Dark Matter’s First Season!

The Android’s severed hand was a realer than real-looking synthetic duplicate of actress Zoie Palmer’s actual hand, painted, textured and weighted to perfection. Alternately amazing and creepy.

Alex Mallari Jr. runs through his very first sword choreography with second unit director John Stead.

I went shopping with Akemi today.  At one point, she stepped out of the changing room and modeled a potential new purpose.  “Love the top,”I said, “but don’t like the pants.  They’re a little too big and frumpy.”

She frowned.  “They’re my pants.”

Oh.  Upon further consideration, they looked great!

14 thoughts on “November 7, 2015: Memories of Dark Matter’s first season!

  1. {{ She frowned. “They’re my pants.” }}

    Zing! LOL.

    I hope you have a comfie couch Joe as I think you may be sleeping there tonight.

  2. Alex handles those swords so eloquently and beautifully. He is so good.

    I heard Dr Phil say just this week, when your wife asks you, “do I look fat in this?”, do not answer. Don’t play that game. You’ll lose.

  3. @ Peggy – Ha! Since the dogs sleep in their bed, Joe doesn’t need the couch. He can curl up in one of their comfortable doggie beds. Push two doggie beds together and there you go… 😉

  4. Its too bad that little incident didn’t happen before Paul’s podcast. Then you would have had a real doozie of a faux pas to share, eh! 😀 Well, hope you bought her ‘two’ new outfits, a dozen roses, and wrote her an epically sweet brilliant haiku about how beautiful she really is to make up for the atrocity.

    @PBmom Hilda, It’s so good to have ya back on the blog! Things haven’t been the same around here with ya! xo And I’m glad I could lend ya a bit of laughter. After all you’ve been through of late you definitely could use some more of it!

    Finally got around to catching up on all your back posted comments. (Happy belated anniversary, by the way) 🙂 So what happened with your hands?? Was it surgery for carpal tunnel? or something else??

  5. Oops.

    Had the last performance of our musical tonight – they all went really well and tonight was no exception. Went almost perfect, really. It was an absolute blast and despite the time and effort it was well worth it. I’ll post some pics when I get some, and if you’re nice maybe even some video.

  6. Talk about faux pas eh! LOL! I meant to type things haven’t been the same ‘without’ you. Sorry its just my usual over worked and too tired to type & proofread properly human flaw rearing its head again. Albeit actually I blame this one on Joe! ( power of suggestion about faux pas)


    pictures!…Pictures!….PICTURES!….PICTURES!! 🙂

    O’ perty, perty pwease! xo

  7. ohh, Joey… [sigh] – THAT faux pas *will* leave a mark!
    BTW, I do hope your couch is comfy and, that your new MONK’s robe doesn’t get “a little too big and frumpy” when you’ve completed your bento-box-FREE diet?!

  8. @ Ponytail

    That is true about the doggie beds. Many’s the time last year when I would push 2 large dog beds together to sleep on the floor with my elderly dog, Copper, cuddled up next to me. He’s past on to the bridge now but my Chihuahua, Buddy and I still sometimes take a nap on the large dog bed during the day.

    Dog beds can be very comfortable.

  9. I’m shocked you fell into that rookie mistake about the pants. 😉 At least, you still go shopping with her. I released my hubby from that hellish experience years ago. We get along better if I park him somewhere with his cell phone game.

  10. My husband is great for shopping with me, he has an eye for style and color, and says stuff like, “Maybe that isn’t the best choice for you” or my favorite, “whoever designed that didn’t have human women in mind”.

  11. THe sword movement was absolutely amazing. But just found Four’s dance of the day on youtube.. You guys should do more of it! Loving it 😀

  12. Aw, Akemi has amazing rockin’ style, maybe you need new glasses, Joe.
    My new favorite Netflix docu is the story of these adorable twins separated at birth, both leading fabulous amazing lives who found each other on FB:

  13. @Drea I actually read it as “without” so no worries. My hand: I had a left de Quervain’s tenosynovitis and a left middle trigger finger and they had to surgically fix both. At least its the same hand. I get my compression bandage off and sutures removed on Friday. I have no idea what it looks like underneath which is probably a good thing. I went back to work today. Hard to take care of cats & dogs with one hand. But I had 4 days off (basically, just one cat and my husband drove me to that one). That is more than I get anytime ever. And of course despite my sending two emails out, one a full 6 weeks before my surgery and then the day before my surgery that my surgery was a “go” and I’d be back to work on Monday, I get a call Wednesday night from two clients asking me if 1) I could care for their dogs Fri morning & evening and another 2) their 2 cats Sat, Sun and Mon evenings. Within 2 hours of getting my email that said I am not working again until Monday. It was hard but I held firm on that. I was thinking–wow, I only asked for 4 days off the entire year. LOL. But today hurt. It will take awhile. I don’t forsee me getting 200 Christmas cards out this year.

    Poor Joe. I hope you didn’t have to sleep with the dogs.

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