21 thoughts on “October 27, 2015: Akemi’s fall doggy couture collection!

  1. Suppose to be a WET ONE tomorrow! Better breakout the rubber Booties!

    So, are there “PETS-IN-SPACE”..? ‘Cause She might want to open a shop at your next Space-Station!

  2. I’m curious, you’ve been talking about building sets and writing scripts, but.. how do you know what to build if you have no scripts yet? Don’t you need the scripts to know what specific scenes to build?

  3. So cute! I bet they love the attention.

    Sounds like all is well in the new/old apartment. That’s wonderful!

  4. I generally don’t like dressing up pets in costumes. The exception is sweaters for very short haired dogs in very cold weather. French bulldogs, pugs, miniature pincers, chihuahuas and dachshunds all qualify for sweaters. Thank you for our doggy fix. Cute pictures. 🙂

  5. Yes Joe, you captured their emotions well. Their faces a overflowing with excitement and glee with their new seasonal outfits. Can’t wait to see them in video as they maneuver “on the catwalk” with the upcoming seasonal foot (paw) ware.

    I have been looking at your previous posts from your trips to Japan. I am forwarding some of the restaurants you mentioned to her and the group of friends so they and maybe visit some to them. Thanks for that

  6. I was wondering where Lulu how carried her purse, in her mouth of course. She’s ready to hit Bloomies for the Fall sales.

    Today I used hand sanitzer. The alcohol in it made my eyes water, so naturally I rubbed my eyes, forgetting I’d just used sanitizer. Now enjoying the subsequent stinging. So instead of mace just squirt a little hand sanitizer at your opponents during soccer hooligan season.

  7. I can’t believe I missed this post, Akemi, the pups look adorable, I love it when the creative juices are flowing,, Great Job! Lulu’s pompom and Bubbas wizard are my favorite.

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