In addition to those mentioned in yesterday’s entry, we’ve got a bunch of great directors taking the helm in Dark Matter’s second season.  Take this familiar face…

October 25, 2015: But Wait!  There’s More!

John Stead: In his first major directing gig, Dark Matter stunt coordinator and second unit director John Stead delivered one of my very favorite episodes of the show’s first season, Episode 110 in which our crew must team up with a group of suspect mercenaries.  He did such a bang-up job that there was no doubt he’d be getting another episode in season 2.

Another round of auditions tomorrow which Vanessa and I will be personally attending (so that I can try out for the part of Arax Nero!).  Meanwhile, construction begins on our new sets.  What, pray tell, will they building?  Oh, come on!  Haven’t you been paying attention?

Okay, here are a few more sneak peek treats compliments of the Dark Matter Art Department:  Production Designer Ian Brock, Art Director Russell Moore, Set Designer Doug Slater, and Concept Illustrator Sanford Kong…


October 25, 2015: But Wait!  There’s More!


October 25, 2015: But Wait!  There’s More!


October 25, 2015: But Wait!  There’s More!


Can I just say how much love and appreciation I have for our illustrator, Sanford, and the rest of the Art Department?  No half-ass sketches or concept work here. These are downright gorgeous.


22 thoughts on “October 25, 2015: But wait! There’s more!

  1. Awesome!!! So when does DM premier? How’s the apartment Joe???Hope things are getting better.

  2. I remember thinking John Stead was extremely talented to do stunt coordinating AND directing. I was so impressed. Will TJ Scott be available for at least one episode? He was awesome too.

    Beautiful artwork!

    I hope that’s One back there in the towel… 😛

  3. Hi Joe
    Love the interrogation room! Is that supposed to be one of our people in the chair? Two or Five?


  4. Thoughts? I’m still pondering the possibility that a gentleman might accidentally drop his towel in the locker room. That might happen, right? RIGHT??



  5. Hi Joseph,
    Some outstanding artwork indeed. The Art Department have certainly gone above and beyond to deliver illustrations that capture the mood, the spacing and such visual contrast – thank you for sharing!
    And to speak to the addition of John Stead to yesterday’s incredible list of Directors, can I just say – what an outstanding line-up for Dark Matter’s second season!
    With such a strong Sci-Fi pedigree in the mix for season 2 – from the tips of my toes to the top of my head, I am tingling with anticipation.
    Robert C. Cooper, Will Waring and Peter DeLuise were some of the biggest names that stood out for me, coming from a long love of Stargate SG1, some of my absolute favourite episodes came about out of the magic worked by these men.
    I’m glad to see some returning favourites from the first season and I am absolutely beside myself with excitement at the inclusion of Amanda Tapping and Mairzee Almas – two exceptional women in Sci-Fi behind the camera, and also in front of in Amanda’s case.
    I want to thank you for so diligently posting updates here as the news of season 2 unfolds.
    I look forward to the next instalment.

  6. Thank you for the “hints”. Seriously! Interrogation room. Locker room (by the looks of it a GA locker room), and prison food & drink dispensers. Color me intrigued. How long will our heroes be “guests” of the GA? So excited about Season 2!

  7. Can I just say how much love and appreciation I have for our illustrator, Sanford, and the rest of the Art Department? No half-ass sketches or concept work here. These are downright gorgeous. Thoughts?

    Definitely with ya on that one! Even with her strapped down to a chair Sanford managed to make sexy Boss lady appear as if ‘she’ is sitting front and center ‘Large and In Charge’ and her so called interrogators are just standing around awaiting ‘her’ command!

    Hey! Is that Jeff Tav. waltzing around in that locker room towel? Bet he’s blushing now! Uh -Oh!! -Does his ‘wife’ know you posted that?? 😀

  8. I would hardly call those sketches. it reminds me of the artwork of a well-drawn graphic novel!

    Things are super busy the last while – between the new house and finally starting to get ready to move, and this musical that I got myself involved in, I’m going non-stop – and exhausted. I sometimes wonder what I was thinking with both of those decisions!

  9. Thoughts? That you have a very impressive cast/crew! Thanks for the behind the scenes look.

    How’s the apartment? Everyone settling in? The weather here is rainy but a little warm. What’s the weather there like?

  10. Brill illustrations – fantastic detail 👍
    Very tech-advanced interrogation room – looking like there’s going to be some serious ‘chatting’ going to be happening in there!

    Hyperion locker room – cool, complete with half-naked tattooed guy (a teaser?) 😚

    I’m liking the design of food dispenser No 3

  11. Oooooo, new ships! 😀 “Interrogation room?” I thought it was a control room to a mfg plant, or type of ship. What do I know? Anyway – BEAUTIFUL!

    So, how did you get out of the lease for the crap condo? Congrats, btw.

  12. Hi Joe
    I can’t see you spending huge amounts to build those sets for one episode. How many episodes are our crew going to be locked up?


  13. Man, absolutely love the concept art. Is there any chance of an artbook publication a few years down the line, perhaps after the series concludes? As a (low-budget, teenage) collector, I would LOVE that.

  14. Great job Sanford and friends for making us beautiful things so watching Dark Matter is both unique and very real to us.

    I secretly hope the interrogation room has an Aurora chair in it or some version.

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