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mannas7mom writes: “Whaddya mean??? Dark Matter got a second season, and presumably you did, too, or you wouldn’t be heading to Toronto. If you got a 2nd season, why can’t you move to Toronto? What was it that didn’t work out? And is that why you were shopping for an agent in LA? You know we all pick up on these things…”

Answer: Well damn, there’s no getting anything by you.  In truth, I approach every season like it’s the last – or my last.  Great for fans of the show because it means that, creatively, I’m not holding anything back.  The show’s first season was a terrific experience.  I had a great time, told the stories I wanted to tell, and we were lucky enough to get picked up for a third season. If the same holds true this second time around, you can be sure I’ll be back for a third season.  Ideally, I’ll have the opportunity to bring you the entire five season arc I have planned.  Just in case though, it’s always a good idea to hedge your bets.  Thus my search for a new agent.

dasndanger writes: “1. How many months are you going to be living in the Bates Motel?”

Answer: I’m out of here by November 1st.

“2. What’s your mailing address now?”

Mail me at the production office c/o Prodigy Pictures.

“3. How’s Lulu’s tummy issues?”

Answer: Better.

“4. How’s your lung?”

Answer: Better?

“5. How’s mom and sis?”

Answer: Both are great.

Ponytrail writes: “In Dark Matter, what is that “trough” running down the middle of their dinning table for?”

Answer: It’s a leftovers and dirty plates/cutlery trough.  What did you think it wa

Tom Gardiner writes: “1) ‘Fess up. You secretly used the Aquarium Channel on the Raza, right?”

Answer: Also the desert and arctic channels.

“2) Will you be watching Big Ass Spider (the movie, not the houseguest) any time soon?”

Answer: Probably not.

“3) What comes next for season 2?”

Answer: Next comes the building of the sets!

“3a) Is it mainly writing for now or are other processes running in tandem with it?”

Answer: We’re writing while our Production Designer, Ian Brock, and his team design and start building sets.  We’re also finalizing our directors’ schedule and started auditions.

“3b) When is shooting on season 2 planned to begin and how long is it expected to last?”

Answer: Shooting will begin in mid-December and should wrap in early May.

“4) Has Jodelle given back the goggles or are they now part of her permanent wardrobe?”

Answer: She gave back THOSE goggles – but I’m sure she has her own pair.

“5) Who’s adjusting to Hell Home better, you or Akemi?”

Answer: Oh, definitely the dogs.  They’re pretty chill.

“6) As someone who owns an older dog, but has always lived in the same place, how do you accustom yours to a new place and routine?”

Answer: They adjust pretty quickly on their own.  No assembly required.

“7) I’ve seen a few sites saying the DVD release of season one was October 12 (not sure what country/countries), but can’t really find much information beyond that – you know, like where to buy it. I’ve not even seen any press releases, so I’m hoping you might have some insight into when I can relieve my grubby hands of this filthy cash and replace it with a shiny box of Dark Matterness.”

Answer: Hmmm, can’t help you there.  Not sure of the various release dates.

shyone65 writes: “1)When does season 2 start filming?”

Answer: Mid-December.

“2)What were the last flavors of the cola tasting?”

Answer: I believe it was Ranch Dressing.  Not good.  Not good at all.

“3) How is Lulu doing?”

Answer: She’s doing better – but is definitely more needy in unfamiliar surroundings.

bambamfans writes: “1. Have you told everyone here to VOTE for Dark Matterfor Favourite SciFi/Fantasy show at People’s choice? You can vote multiple times.”

Answer: I have – and I’m reminding them again here.  Vote for Dark Matter!

“2. Do you know if the featurettes Ivon shot that were only available on the SyFy site solely for people in the US will be available on the DVD?”

Answer: Yes, I believe they will be available on the DVD.

“3. Will the Raza become property of the Galactic Authority?”

Answer: It was at the end of season one.

“4. Are there still more past secrets that the Raza crew don’t know about themselves?”

Answer: Yes, definitely, many more secrets to be revealed.

“5. If I sent something to the studio in Toronto (like a birthday present) would you get it or is it too soon?”

Answer: No, I’ll get it.

jorie74 writes: “1) Aren’t tenants allowed to change the curtains or put up curtains in a rental space? Or did the apartment not come with a curtainrod?”

No curtain rod.  Or anywhere to put a curtain rod.

“2) Would pretending the new-to-you place is an “undiscovered until now” section of the Destiny (or the Raza) help with your writing?”

Answer: Alas, no.

“3) Are you going to try and find a few culinary spots in the area you’re living in and perhaps blog about those (when not writing scripts) along with pics and/or a “pass or fail” report on them?”

Answer: I’m revisiting a number of the culinary spots I discovered last time I was in town – and, hopefully, discovering new ones.  There’s a soft serve place right around the corner we’ve been meaning to check out.

“4) How are the pups taking to the new neighbourhood?”

Answer: They’ve settled in quite nicely.  I’m sure they appreciate the extra walkies.

Scott writes: “!. What do you think of The Expanse? From what I’m hearing and seeing, it seems like it’s more soap-opera-y, like Ascension… and that show failed… On another note, I thought I read The Expanse was the most expensive show Syfy has produced to date, so does this mean it’s more expensive than SGU was?”

Answer: Don’t know anything about it.  And, yes, definitely more expensive than SGU.

“2. What are your thoughts on the Star Trek situation? Do you think we will ever see another TV series in our lifetime, or are we pooched because of the split between Viacom and Paramount, and the fact 10+ years have passed since Enterprise ended?”

Answer: I didn’t realize there was a “Star Trek situation”.  Haven’t seen the movies.  To me, Star Trek will always be an awesome television series.

“3. What do you think about the “Pick and Pay” situation the CRTC is enforcing on all cable/satellite providers starting December 2016, where you can pay for individual channels instead of being forced to subscribe to bundle packaging? Do you think the CRTC’s decision played a part in Verizon deciding to offer ‘Pick and Pay’ with their Fios setup?”

Answer: I think that consumers are already picking and playing through alternate viewing streams so it’s time traditional viewing caught up.

“4. Do you agree that ‘simultaneous substitution’ sucks, when it comes to Canadian networks (CTV, Global, City) being intentionally substituted over American ones (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX) by all cable/sat providers in Canada, thus making Canadians miss the American show promos, episode previews, and commercials?”

Answer: I really, really, REALLY HATE missing this Super Bowl commercials.

“5. I think gforce brought this up before, but… any plans for a time travel episode in the future, similar to SG1’s Window of Opportunity… with… you know… lots of humor involved?”

Answer: I can’t comment on particular episodes, but we do have some trademark SciFi stories in the works for season 2.

“6. Has anyone ever accidentally associated the name Dark Matter with something else entirely? I just recently found out there’s a movie called “A Dark Matter”, and also that the science channel has a series called “Dark Matters”. Wonder if anyone’s ever gotten confused between the three…”

Answer: Oh, all the time.  There was a blurb in a local Toronto paper last year about all the productions in town.  It listed our show, Dark Matter, and then proceeded to offer details on a completely different production.

Johan Backman writes: “1) Any word on when the next DM cast Q&A will be held?”

Answer: As soon as Alex Mallari Jr. answers the batch of questions we already sent his way.  Head over to twitter and bug him about it!

“2) Do you know if DM season 1 will be available as Blu-ray as well? If so, when?”

Answer: I’m not sure what is being released or when.  Sorry.

ceresis64 writes: “1) Directors ‘some new yet familiar faces as well’ – David Hewlett, please?”

Answer: Some new yet familiar.  Alas, not David this year but I would love to find a way to get him in for an episode sooner than later.

“2) Can we have just a few ‘more’ wee teasers about Nyx, Arax Nero (love that name!), Devon, Kierken, Shaddick, Treihan, Reynaud and Misaki?”

Answer: The first three are potential allies, the next five definitely not.

“3) How many of Season 2’s scripts have you completed?”

Answer: Depends what you mean by “completed”.  We have about four rough drafts.

Shinyhula writes: “So what new projects can you tell us about; short story anthologies, movie projects? I’d love to see Blumhouse put out a cool horror flick of yours.”

Answer: Funny you should mention horror – I do have a script I’ll be going out with…along with three new pilots when the time is right.

“Are there new faces in the writers room? Any familiar faces lined up to direct and/or star this season?”

Answer: Yes, yes, and, hopefully, yes.

phil_jack writes: “1.) Any news about Brad Wright or Robert C. Cooper? (Scripts, upcoming projects?)”

Answer: Brad is hard at work on several projects that we’ll hopefully be hearing about soon.  As for Robert Cooper, he was in the writers’ room with us and is, no doubt, hard at work on his script.

“2.) Was Anthony Lemke your first choice for the role of “Three”? (brilliant job)”

Answer: Yep.  Anthony ws a slam dunk for the role.

“3.) Do you have any former Stargate actor in mind to for an upcoming role in season 2?”

Answer: Yes.  I actually wrote the role for this individual.  Hopefully, it all works out.

Ponytail writes: “Where is our Alex Mallari Jr Q&A? Did I miss it?”

Answer: This is a question for Alex!

Keith writes: “Did a large chunk of season one’s budget go towards building the sets?”

Answer: Indeed it did.  A large chunk went toward our standing sets: the bridge, corridors, quarters, infirmary, mess, underbelly.

“Will an equally large chunk go towards more new sets for season two, or will it translate into more guest actors / location shoots / special effects?”

Answer: I’d say that, in season 2, it will be a more even distribution.  The guest stars will be bigger, then visual effects more spectacular.

Elminster writes: “Is Robert going to do some writing for you???”

Answer: In fact, he is.

19 thoughts on “October 18, 2015: Let’s hit the mailbag!

  1. Long mailbag, thanks for the answers again!

    …I was going to say something else, but now I’ve forgotten it…

  2. Hi Joe
    Once production gets into ‘smooth sailing’ I have a small bribe for you;


  3. “Head over to twitter and bug him about it!”

    I will. I’ll tell him you sent me! 😉

    I’m glad you got Robert C Cooper writing for you again this season. He is a fantastic writer!

    “It’s a leftovers and dirty plates/cutlery trough. What did you think it was”

    I thought it might be a little space for plants, like a spice garden. I did think maybe it was to throw their dirty dishes in there but every time they eat, they stand up and take their plate with them, presumably to a sink. Or do they jettison their dirty dishes out into space. That’s what I’d like to do! 😆

  4. Very glad to hear you have decided to just get out of that nightmare of an apartment. ( And yes, promise to send complete details w/ links to look into for better housing for S3 forward as soon as I possibly can.) It includes being able to go look at some of the available homes and neighborhoods before returning home to Vancouver in 2016 so you wont have to move into anything ‘blind’.

    Not really a question, but have you seen the follow count for the DM twitter page?. Its follow count has been on a steady daily increase over the last several days! YAY! GO @Dark_MatterTV!. 🙂

    link to go vote at PCA’s –>

  5. No doubt, you’ll probably leave Casa Diablo *CLEANER* than you “found” it. And considering that the Owner didn’t much the LAST time, it might just be “safe” to leave a HIDDEN “WARNING” message for the NEXT VICTIM on an SD card… And, instead of “leftovers” in the fridge and/or cupboards, perhaps the odd grocery “coupon”! Or, Emergency phone numbers to HAZMAT-Hazel, BLINDS-TO-GO, the Ontario Rent Control Board…

    BTW, “who” was it again that *PICKED* THIS “place”..??

  6. Speaking of Brad I know you can’t tell us about what he’s working on specifically but can you tell us what genre hopefully it’s sci-fi and I your opinion the likelihood of seeing whatever he’s working on getting the greenlight.

  7. ” I had a great time, told the stories I wanted to tell, and we were lucky enough to get picked up for a third season.”

    I know it is a miss type, but lets hope this can be posted here in about a year to!

  8. Thanks for the Q & A! I’m out of here by November 1st. I hope the next place suits y’all better.

  9. Another great mailbag, Joe. Many thanks for answering our questions.

    It’s getting closer to shooting Season 2 – starting on 9 December (until 9 May)?
    #BringItOn 👍

  10. I sure hope your putting Mr. Picardo into season 2 somewhere! He’s due for an appearance on DM. I can definitely see him as the head/president/whatever of the Galactic Authority. He plays a great bad guy, he’d be great in that kind of a nemesis-type role.

    Thinking back to the talk of a Killjoys crossover, I don’t think it’d work out too well, story-wise, for both shows. However, it would make more sense if either of the shows’ main casts showed up on the others’ show as a competing group of some kind(as completely different people, of course) chasing down the same bounty or tech or something.

    How are the Snow Monkeys doing? I’ve got one league I’m dominating in and one league where I’m one win above last place. I’m a bit torn, you could say…

    -Mike A.

  11. Thank you, Mr. Mallozzi. (I’ma gonna start calling you Mr. Mallozzi now that you’re too old to call Joey. 😉 )

    Where do you go on November 1st? Another apartment? Are you sure you’re not jumping from the frying pan into the fire? Do I have to wait for the next mailbag to get my questions answered?



  12. I know I should have asked sooner but kidney stones and vacation time were clouding my judgement. Would like to ask what is your favorite Japanese whiskey? And do you have any alternate suggestion? I will be passing through Tokyo in a day trip.
    Good to here the dogs are fine.

  13. Well today is November 1st when I’m commenting so I’m so HAPPY to hear you are getting out of that place. Don’t mess with Joe. A kindred spirit.

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