“Oooh, is she old?”asked the fellow dog owner, looking on as Lulu trudged her way along the gravel.

“No,”I told him, “just dramatic.”

I swear, she only does this when she’s at the dog park.  She otherwise walks perfectly fine…

Further proof that the “cleaning” of our apartment prior to our arrival was less than thorough, I discovered this in the freezer today –

October 15, 2015: Lulu Demonstrates Her Distaste For Gravel!

Varied mystery meats!  I’m, admittedly, and adventurous eater, but I even I have to draw the line somewhere…

Hey!  Speaking of eating, look at who Akemi and I had dinner with tonight.

October 15, 2015: Lulu Demonstrates Her Distaste For Gravel!

It’s belated birthday boy and former Stargate writer, director, Executive Producer Robert C. Cooper!  What’s HE doing in town?

37 thoughts on “October 15, 2015: Lulu demonstrates her distaste for gravel!

  1. LOL!! Lulu is a crazy girl. She is hoping Ivon will see her and pick her up.

    Happy Birthday Robert C Cooper October 14!! He followed you to Toronto for Dark Matter too! Just like Ivon.

    And I’m really mad at you Joseph you didn’t mention your birthday on October 6. Happy birthday to you and many many more! Birthdays are a good thing!

  2. Honestly, Lulu’s trudging reminds me of how one of the longcoat Chihuahua pups my mother had when I was growing up. He was very lovable and the like, and of course, Mum was a breeder (but only sold one due to a lot of the farm-folk in the area we lived in not realizing the value of the breed!). Jimmy (the pup in question) was about 8 – 9 months old at the time, and I’d grown very attached to dear little Jimmy-Wimmy, so I was pretty upset. He was too and put on a crippled act unlike no other I’ve ever seen from a dog since, when the (rather miserable) lady finally came to pick him up, he behaved like his back was broken in several places, and did a walk very similar (but much slower and more labored) to the one Lulu did on the gravel. We did also have a shortcoat Chihuahua who was miserable and had been bullying the longcoats, so we brought her out, and the customer fell in love with her.

    Needless to say, Jimmy did not get sold, but the rather miserable Midget did.

  3. Joe, I will only say this once…YOU NEED TO GET OUTTA THAT NASTY PLACE!!! I am concerned for your well-being!

  4. Poor Lulu! She must hate the feeling of gravel shifting beneath her little toes. I had a border collie who hated crunchy leaves on the sidewalk, tried to hop/walk through them–people would always ask if he had a bad leg.

    You had a birthday? Happy Belated Birthday, Joe! Wishing you good health, much happiness and an amazing year!

  5. I’m in utter shock that somebody would rent out this place and not even clean anything even more so that they wouldn’t let you out of the lease personally I would have taken pictures of the disgusting disease infested apartment and given them my middle finger and found something more suitable but hey that’s just my humble opinion.

  6. Happy Birthday, Joe – 50 years young 🎉🎊🎈🍰

    You, Robert and Ivon, the boys are back in town? Looking forward to hearing more…..

  7. I agree with you, Joe, that you need to throw out all that mess. I am in favor of not wasting food, but my health is always number one. I worry about the poor cleaning that was done and the unseen germs lurking in that place. Low standards. I bet akemi will whip that place in shape in no time.

  8. sooo… “WHY” did the previous Tenant leave..? Died? Was arrested? – If so, does he KNOW that he *doesn’t* live there any more? Do his “Friends”!!? – You might want to have the locks CHANGED! #JustSaying

    And, perhaps arrange a PLAY-DATE for THE DOGS with a Canine from the DRUG-SQUAD.. Along with a FORENSIC-TECH! — Does MOLLY-MAID offer a “BLUELIGHT”-Special..??


  9. Poor Lulu! It’s not easy keeping up that level of drama, you know.

    Maybe Rob’s in town to help celebrate the special birthday of a certain someone…

  10. Nice to see Rob again. What a happy coincidence! He just happens to be in town while you are starting up Season Two of Dark Matter!

    And Happy Belated Important Birthday, Joe! I hope it was a good one.

    Lulu is funny.

    I need my coffee now.

  11. ~~Hello to Rob Cooper and belated Happy birthday to him!! He is probably in town to celebrate your day,
    ~ Happy Birthday to you Joe!! I hope you get to do more to celebrate than cleaning out the freezer, and that the garbage pick-up is included in the rent.
    ~~Glad to see Lulu slogging thru the (probably) deep gravel, she is such a cutie, and very talented to get the sympathy. Has she had acting classes? She gets my vote.
    ~~@gforce, what a beautiful location and love the new house, thanks for sharing.
    Is there an air date for the new season? Who has to come back to work first to get ready for the production? I hope craft services(again with the food).
    Have a great day!!

  12. I’m hoping we have chosen well as we have just entered into our first foray into Airbnb – we have rented a lovely looking apartment in Downtown Vancouver for the whole of September 2016 – yep planning that far ahead already – and cannot wait…close to Coast, Joe Fortes, Urban Fare & other favs I am already really looking forward to shopping at Granville for seafood, fresh fruit & veg and exploring all the markets and little deli’s that are cropping up …with our Gatecon Tickets secured & the apartment paid for it’s all looking rather real…I have missed Vancouver this year – first time in 10 that we haven’t visited – and cannot wait to return…we might even fly by way of Toronto first and have a couple of nights there, not decided yet…but those Pea Meal Bacon Butties from Carousel at St Lawrence might have bearing on these plans!

  13. Perhaps the mystery meat was not left by the former tenant, but rather IS the former tenant. Buwahahaha….

    Facebook tells me today is Baron Destructo’s birthday. Many happy returns to him. Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, he got coffee from Kona Joe’s, and I got a new mu’umu’u.

  14. Robert Cooper is writing a DM script? Or talking a Stargate reboot? Or a brand new show you guys are collaborating on? Interesting, oh to be a spider on the wall. Actually you guys were probably chatting the menu for your next Turducken feast.

  15. Thanks for the smile today Lulu! Her hips and knees look shot in the video. Thank God she’s ok though.

    Is Mr. Cooper working on DM?

  16. The IMDB lists TODAY as your birthday, not the 6th. If that is not correct, please let us know. So Happy Birthday to you and belated one to Rob Cooper. Isn’t he back in town for the same reason you are – to work on Dark Matter.

    LuLu clearly has tender foot pads. Poor doggy is not used to roughing it on gravel. Properly pampered doggies like soft grass. 😉

    Remember the line from SGU “Volker: Mmmm, botulism.”

  17. Well, consider those mystery meats a fun surprise birthday gift. (Happy Birthday! What did Akemi get/make you?)

    I truly enjoy those little idiosyncrasies that dogs have that make them so unique. It’s hilarious to me and I find it extremely enjoyable to watch them act out their weirdness.

    Oh c’mon, we all know why Rob is there…. how many episodes is he writing this year? 😉

    -Mike A.

  18. Oh…, I don’t know about drama. Lulu looks like she is walking in pain on that gravel. Did you check her foot pads afterward? Poor baby.

    Happy belated birthday to both Joe and Rob! Many blessing the yearlong and always!

    @gforce Dear me, that’s a whole lot of energy in that Happy B-Day video. Very eclectic imagery. I started watching it at work and forgot the headphones weren’t on, so my PC speakers starting blasting it (until I muted). I got lots of unusual glances after that! Kinda cool though!

    I sure do hope Rob C. is in town to write a little something for Dark Matter… that would be splendid!

    And I agree with many on this blog, that you should shame that condo landlord for not cleaning up between tenants. So much crap was left behind, makes you wonder if the previous person had to leave in a hurry due to the mob chasing after him. Good grief!

    Hope you’re feeling better Joe… 😉


  19. There is nothing more to say other than I wish you the birthdayest birthday ever, whether it’s the 6th or the 16th!

  20. maggiemayday said: “Perhaps the mystery meat was not left by the former tenant, but rather IS the former tenant. Buwahahaha….”

    Well, that would explain why all their stuff is still there! 🙂

  21. Happy 50th Joe!!!!!!! I sense a big birthday bash with Akemi, Ivon and Rob… Maybe Carl? 🎁🎉🍷🎈🎁🎉🍷🎈

    Cheers Chev

  22. Hey Joe, maybe you could offer your landlord a background walk-on part to let you out of the lease…

  23. I would have boxed up the trash in the apartment and mailed it to the landlord with charges on delivery (C.O.D.) If they do that anymore. But the foul meat would have been funny enough to send just regular mail.

    Poor Lulu. Now this would be a great place to put down a mat of fake grass.

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