19 thoughts on “September 10, 2015: The Dark Matter set tour – finale!

  1. Hi Joe
    Thanks for the BTS tour. It is wonderful to see how the magic happens.


  2. That is so cool. A neat place to work. Who was your camera operator? Where does everybody go when production stops? Bubba looks so small. I think my beagle Maggie could take him. At least bark him to death!

  3. Great set tour! I really do like that “underbelly” set – so big yet detailed, and clearly a versatile space. Bubba did a great job as your sidekick too!

    Also, excellent camera work by your assistant (Akemi, I think based on the reflection?)

    Season 2 will be here before we know it! Or at least the production will.

  4. Joe and Akemi…

    Thank you VERY MUCH for the extensive BTS video tour of the various DM sets.

    I found it all to be interesting and very informative.
    You were able to answer a number of lingering set related questions that
    I had been meaning to ask you about.

    PLEASE keep up all of your great work!
    Good luck with everything that you have going on.

  5. Thanks for the set tour Joe! So whose idea was it to give the bridge the feel of ST Enterprise? I especially love them windows! xo

  6. BTW: If you guys are meeting next wk
    maybe you can talk to Trevor about the wise cracking ‘3’ accidentally inheriting invisibility skills while stuck in a time loop?

    Yeah, I know ‘its a been there done that from SG1 But it’d make for an absolutely hillarious episode, if you guys can manage a sweet new spin on it. I still remember when Anderson got to do that stuck in a time loop day at the SG1 base. I laughed my ass off! And the Day Shanks was accidentallly made invisible by that alien device was really pretty great as well.

  7. Another fab BTS tour. All the areas of the sets are great, my personal favourites are the floors and ceilings, check out that patterning!
    I guess it won’t be long before the crew are setting everything back up? All systems go, bring it on Season 2 😄

  8. I forgot to add: and the technical crew (builders, painters, green-screen artists, etc) that bring the designer’s ideas to life are incredible! If “all the world is a stage” then the technical crew are gods.

  9. Thank you for the tour, and for including Bubba. I have a whole new respect for the people in props and continuity now that I know that the one crew cabin is used for all the characters and has to be redecorated each time. Also interesting was how the underbelly is used in reverse to create the illusion of the large cargo vault. Fascinating tour. Enjoy your down time between seasons. Really looking forward to season 2. BTW, how’s LuLu?

  10. Excellent tour of the sets! Very enjoyable and enlightening. I cherish understanding the importance of a good set design to help set the tone, put everyone in the mindset to suspend the audience’s disbelief, etc. And I certainly second Sparrow_hawk in thanking all the folks involved with creating those sets and props and designs. Great work all!

    Um-m… Bubba was a handsome co-presenter, but maybe needs a toenail clipping? Heard the clickety-clack on all those gorgeous floors. 😉

    And a note…
    Prayers offered today in remembrance of the Sept. 11th attacks on NYC Twin Towers, the Pentagon in DC, and in Shanksville, PA and for all of the heroic rescuers, victims and survivors. May God Bless us all. It’s been 14 years and still feels like just yesterday…


  11. I love the practicality of the Raza interior. These ships aren’t built for luxury, they’re basically enough to keep the crew alive and safe. You could say the same about the Destiny too.

  12. @I still remember when Anderson got to do that stuck in a time loop day at the SG1 base. I laughed my ass off!

    I’d love to see a timeloop episode too Drea. That was mostly why I aimed a time related mailbag question at Joe a short while back. Some funky space that affects time on the ship and causes all sorts of weird goings on would be hilarious.

    1. “Are you doing another mailbag for Dark Matter questions?”

      Yes! I’m overdo! Always feel free to post questions here and I’ll answer them when I get the chance!

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