September 8, 2015: I’m Back!  Dark Matter Set Tour Ii!
I return from my Toronto trip – three hours after leaving for the airport.

I left the house at 10:30 a.m. this morning and arrived at the airport just before 11:00 a.m.  About a half an hour before departure, I picked up a take-out burger and a side of jalapeño poppers, met up with my writing partner, Paul, and patiently waited to board.  If all went according to plan, we would get into Toronto for a 8:00 p.m., get a good night’s sleep, and then spend much of Wednesday talking prep and production before catching the 6:00 p.m. flight back to Vancouver.

IF all went according to plan.

But, of course, we were flying Air Canada.  I didn’t the first announcement in its entirety, but caught the words “cancelled” and “broken”.  Broken?   Broken?!  What were the chances that, of the four dozen or so flights on the board, OURS would be the one that was cancelled.

As it turned out, pretty good!

It was confirmed.  Our flight was cancelled.  But arrangements were being made to put people on flights leaving later, throughout the day.  Priority, however, would be given to those catching connecting flights.  “Who’s catching a connecting flight?”asked the woman behind the counter, prompting fully two-thirds of the people at the gate to throw their hands up and step forward.  “We’re not getting into Toronto until after midnight,”Paul predicted.

Of course, that wold have entailed our leaving Vancouver sometime in the next four hours – which, honestly, didn’t look like it was going to happen.  So we called it a day and went home, out the $60 I’d spent on transport, airport bottled water, and lunch including those jalapeños poppers that, in hindsight, should be eaten immediately and not left to cool and congeal in their own little grease jackets.

Let’s  celebrate my return home with Part II of the Dark Matter Set Tour!

20 thoughts on “September 8, 2015: I’m back! Dark Matter Set Tour II!

  1. That sucks. You could look at this way, whatever broke could have happened AFTER you left! 🙂

    Could you have got a refund and gotten a Westjet flight? I suppose by that point everything is pretty full.

  2. Sorry about the flight. Better cancelled than crashed though.

    Those vents looks smallllll. More Bubba in the videos please! 🙂 Thanks for posting these videos!!!

    Found a new show on Netflix, “Luther”. Very good so far.

  3. I can’t believe you were fixing to board a plan and ate jalapeños poppers! Brave man Joe. Or cast iron stomach. I drink very little and eat nothing before boarding. The goal is to keep not visit the bathroom until landing.

    Well let me tell you about my recent, equally pathetic!, completely! devoid of any resemblance of customer service! story. I’m in Texas. I have counterpart co-workers in New Jersey. One was retiring last week. So myself and another co-worker in TX decided to send flowers. I go online and arrange for FTD to make a delivery. The day of delivery, I’m patiently waiting for the retiree to call me and tell me she got the beautiful flowers. I don’t hear anything, but I am very busy that day, so never stop and call her… “did you get anything yet?”. When I got home that night, I had gotten an email at 5:30 pm from FTD cancelling my order because they could not find a florist in the area. Order refunded. And here’s $10 off your next purchase. What??!!! They cancelled my order???!!!!! OMG!!!!!! She didn’t get any flowers??!!!!!!!! Stupid FTD!!!! So I go online that night and order again from Telefloral. They delivered beautiful flowers the next morning around 9:30 am. FTD sucks!

  4. “Their own little grease jackets.” – I think I just snorted a jalapeno out my nose when I read that.

    Oh, and Tam, I agree. Luther is an excellent series! But that can be said of much of what Idris Elba has done.

  5. well at least you weren’t going to Vegas to scout locations with your man Martin. You mean being a big shot tv producer you were not flying first or Netjets standing by?
    I guess you just helped answer my question on now that you have successfully finished Season 1 and are waiting for production to begin next year for season 2, what does a producer/writer do for the next few months?

  6. Random thought: when you were making the ice cream with cereal a month or so ago, you couldn’t find Coco Puffs. Did you look under the Nesquik brand? It’s sold in Canada, Mexico, Latin America and few other places under that. General Mills in the U.S. Yup, I looked it up.

  7. Hey Joe is know this may be a long shot but by any chance do you know if amazon is going to put Dark Matter on prime for their instant video service? I’ve been wanting to do a rewatch of the first season and Amazon is the only place I could find the entire season at least where I have an account that is.

  8. Next time, look into any connecting flights via Calgary!
    Obviously, none of the Clerks were sci-fi fans! — Seriously Joe, you need an airport “contact” to FIX things for you…

  9. Transmutations of musical delight

    And there was Joe

    now prepared to catch that bird in flight!

    ~Kalimera, kapetanios pollon oneira And may this day prove far more worthy of such wondrous stories.~

    Spent last night casually glancing a marathon of the original outer limits with Kostas while we played with the HO gage choo-choo trains that run all over his house.

    Mailbag Question:

    You’ve merged in pieces of themes/concepts & characters from many beloved shows. How much of the original Outer Limits factor into or otherwise influenced DM?

    BTW: Have you ever watched that Don Adams Spy Tech comedy “Get Smart”.

    Everyday items served double duty as either a communication device or weapon or sometimes both. i.e: His shoe was a phone. Agent 99s lipstick was a gun. His pen shot trank darts. Heck!, in that show, i bet even a child blowing ordinary soap bubbles could probably blow one big and strong enough to capture a spaceship inside it if the soap mixture was made in the CONTROL HQ lab.

  10. I very much doubt you’ll see the show on Amazon Prime Shane. However, every little helps and as with pretty much most Syfy shows on Amazon, you can buy the episodes individually or get a season pass and support the show 🙂

  11. On second thoughts, I’m probably wrong there lol. I don’t use Amazons streaming service, and after viewing it for a short while I can see older Syfy shows(Seasons) with Prime attached. I guess it’ll appear eventually.

  12. The set looks expensive.i love it. I would spend an entire day exploring it. I love the textures and lighting.

    Sorry to hear about your travel plans. I think you guys need to break up with Air Canada. Something always happens. Of course I’m glad you didn’t get on a broken plane.

    Cheers, Chev

  13. Joe how is lulu doing? I went through the whole antibiotics aren’t working can’t stop the nasty orange yellow runs by adding in a teaspoon of plain pumpkin purée morning and evening. It worked. As a admin and moderator in a Cushing dog site I can say it works great even if she has IBD or another gastro intestinal problem. Hope to hear she is doing much better.

    Aren’t you super elite with air canada? With all the flying you do I was thinking maybe so. Even if not there is a phone number for concierge service. It’s on the I think super elite card. Call as soon as there is a problem. Even if you are standing near the ticket agent. That service can and will work miracles on AC that no one else can. My hubs flies weekly and swears by it.

    I am thrilled to hear season two is a go for both Dark Matter and Killjoys.


  14. I had this happen once on a trip to Jeff’s parents when we were engaged I think. The plane out of Islip, NY was cancelled. We were the very last people in line to get our reservations changed. The poor attendant had been screamed at by very, very irate people. We told him we were going to finish his day off on a positive note because we really don’t want to be on a plane that has mechanical issues and we would be very happy to return tomorrow to board another plane. We got a bump up to first class. 🙂

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