September 7, 2015: And The Winner Is…!
Deleted reveal – photo c/o Melissa O’Neil

Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner!  A little over a week ago, I offered fans a chance to win a signed, annotated script of Episode 13.  All you had to do? Guess Answer the following questions:

  1. In the season finale, who makes known their intention to go their own way?
  2. Who wiped the crew’s memories?
  3. Who should the crew fear in the season finale?
  4. Which crew member will NOT survive the shocking season one finale?

The answers:

  1. FOUR
  2. FIVE
  3. SIX
  4. They all survive.

As reader Nicola Prigg pointed out in this blog’s comment section, the chances of guessing correctly were 1 in 4096 or 0.0244%  – but your odds improved dramatically if you were able to make some educated guesses (i.e. All clues pointed to FIVE being the author of the mind wipe program; The only crew member with a reason to leave this ship is FOUR as he has a throne to recover; And come on, did you really think we’d kill someone off in the finale?  Well…maybe.).

In the end, the prize goes to ceresis64:

September 7, 2015: And The Winner Is…!

Congratulations!  I’ve sent you an email for your mailing address.  And I’ve finished annotating that script!

September 7, 2015: And The Winner Is…!

September 7, 2015: And The Winner Is…!

As for the rest of you – don’t feel bad.  Even the cast had a helluva time trying to figure out the answers to these various questions – something I made all the more difficult for them by keeping the identity of “the mole” a secret until the very last scene on the very last day.

And, when the time came for the big reveal, I gathered them on the bridge, like the suspects in an Agatha Christie whodunit, and tortured them a little.  Check out the behind-the-scenes video (and pay extra close attention to Melissa’s reactions throughout!)…

20 thoughts on “September 7, 2015: And the winner is…!

  1. I adore this video. Alex wants so bad to be the bad guy! And everyone else is so into the process. Roger’s happy face at the end. Seriously, love it!

  2. Question for the Q&A:
    If One is an imposter, how is he a good fighter, he was holding his own in all the fire fights, yet if he was a businessman who impersonated Jace to kill Three, why is he a good fighter. This is the only thing I haven’t figured out yet and is driving me crazy

  3. Whooohoo ceresis64!
    Now that is a 30th wedding anniversary gift! 😆
    Congrats girl!!!

  4. Joe Mallozi, you are one mean boss. in the nicest possible way.

  5. Congratulations cerise64!! Way to go!

    I love it when you torture the cast like that! Keep filming those behind the scenes for us. That was great. Sad though none of the girls almost got to be the mole. It could of been the android. Congrats to the mole winner – Six!

  6. Can I have one of those hundreds (thousands?) of mystery cubes that I don’t remember seeing in any episodes? Please?

  7. Have just watched the finale in the UK last night and can now read the blog !

    The last episode was tense , twisty and turny all the way though – kudos.

    I never saw that coming 🙂 Six is the “bad” guy !! such an OMG moment

    Now hurry up and write/film season 2 please 😉 !!

  8. Congrats cerise64!

    That was a fun video! The buildup was killer!!!! It looked like they wanted to be the bad guy.

  9. Squeeeee! Awesome!
    Many thanks for the congrats – I’m thrilled 😄😄

    @BettyManders It is indeed a fab 30th Wedding Anniversary gift.

    Working out the answers to the questions and especially the traitor was great fun. Four made a ‘statement’ when he murdered his mentor, he was going for his throne. Early on, I had Five as the one who’d wiped their memories (I previously posted about this in the comments).
    I believe I know when Six became the traitor (again) after their memories were wiped and I have a theory as to why.
    The Season was brill with so much happening, twists and turns. And from the start, ‘the clues were there’ you just had to re watch episodes to catch the clues, with a ‘how did I miss that before’ look.
    Your hints on this blog, helped! Agatha Christie – the culprit is usually the one you least suspect – right? And, on your entry where you posted the photos of the crew from the finale, you (deliberately?) omitted to include photos of Android and Six (as you love to tease, Joe, I took this as a hint – could have been wrong!) I’d already discounted Android, so this, for me solidified my thoughts that Six was the traitor.

    The finale brought so many reveals but also more questions – bring on Season 2 👍

  10. Congrats to the extremely lucky and fortunate to now own a Dark Matter script winner 🙂

    @of mystery cubes that I don’t remember seeing in any episodes? Please?

    They were there, in the background. Also, Four had one too I believe in an earlier episode.

  11. Hi Joe
    Congrats, cerise64.

    You have way too much fun to call that ‘work’, Joe


  12. Not sure if you saw at the time, but someone had quite a hilarious name for the old guy in the bed in Episode 12. They called him “Bed Vader” on twitter. I genuinely found that funny.

  13. @ponytail Hmmm? I wouldn’t be so quick to write off one of the girls as being the ‘true’ mole just yet.

    Based on what 5 pick pocketed that caused her little friend to get shot and, once on the ship, we learn 6 has medical training and 5 has vast encyclopedic knowledge of medical conditions, she’s looking kinda intewesting to me

  14. Totally had me.The last scene in slow motion and that electronic music is soooooo good! Love 6 and the GA man!

  15. I love that mole video! But I do not believe Six is it. I think he is pretending so he can get something. It is part of his revenge plan. He will end up saving the others and breaking everyone out. I think Two is the mole!! I think Joe is trying to deceive us!! Two went straight to the stunner and said “who took it!??”. Well…, she did.

    Love to watch Alex so animated and smiling. Could you work that into Season 2? Maybe Four gets drunk or something and lets loose.

  16. Wow … congratulations ceresis64 on winning one hell of a prize! And also on some amazing detective skills. If you ever need someone to, um, hold the script and keep it safe for you, just give me a buzz. :o)

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