14 thoughts on “September 6, 2015: The Dark Matter set tour! Part 1!

  1. The graffiti wall from Lost Girl! That’s awesome

    Nice tibit about the underbelly, mess hall, & training in one room.

    Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Very cool! Thanks Mr. M. and Bubba for the tour. It seems a waste to pack everything up. Is that normal or because you didn’t know about a renewal yet?

  3. What an enjoyable treat Joe! I love these kind of videos. I’m definitely a BTS kind of guy. The idea of using one room as 3 areas of the ship is ingenious! Please show more!!!! I’m gonna do another marathon on Tuesday.
    What’s the time frame from the start of filming to airing? How many pies you got your hands in during that process….hmmmmmm pie!!!!

  4. Ok, so cool, and glad to see Bubba getting around there. So the fish (looks like a tank on the wall) in the show, special effect? Take it all apart, mark it, store it and put it back together again,(glad we are putting it back together again!!) whew,, the crew sure does earn their money. Joe, thanks for sharing. and yeah!, just saw it said part 1,,there is more,,yippee!!

  5. That is awesome! Looks like Bubba liked it too. Everything is made of plywood?? Wow, so real. Just keep these type of videos coming please. Super cool. Are you busy writing season 2 now?

  6. Great tour! More please!? Bubba did a great job too. And I too, like Tam Dixon want to know why do the sets have to be packed up until used again?I think in another post you did say November starts production on S2?

    My guess is that rent and storage has to be paid and no one is using them right now – yes?
    This was in Toronto though… and you’re now back in Vancouver, so I’m confused. You must have shot this video earlier, before coming home.
    Okay, I’ll leave it to you to explain, I’m digging a hole here.


  7. It’s amazing how time flies, it wasn’t that long ago when you documented the humble beginnings of the Raza sets on here prior to filming Season 1. Now you’re all set for Season 2 in the near future. It’s no Destiny, but you still have an amazing looking ship on screen.

  8. Great stuff! I love the behind the scenes stuff too. It fascinates me how a show comes together technically.

    Bubba’s looking good there!!

  9. One of the dangers of allowing the mind to venture into far fetched whacky theories is serendipity’s child spontaneously grabbing ya by the hair to drag you off to a rather strange dark scary forest where the trees all have morbidly twisted limbs and lions n tigers n bears oft prove to be the least of ones problems.

    Emergence from my nap time today was topped with a dollop of not so delicious sweat as I inhaled the aroma of an absolutely horrifying thought: “Oh Noooooo! I hope this isn’t gonna turn into the movie Ground Hog Day set in space!! Where each season opens with the crew emerging from TT receiving/stasis pods – to start the same exact series of events over and over again. Only changing one or two small actions each time, hoping for it all to somehow magically end better in ep 13!” (although, -it would save LOTS! of money not having to buy new props, costumes and set designs for each season!)

    O’ goshems! Can ya tell I spend waaaay too much of what little downtime I’ve got daydreaming!

    DAMN YOU! Joseph Mallozzi!!!!! If it wasn’t bad enough Akemi managed to get me addicted to experimenting with creating 3 ingredient, no bake truffles, (that is going to absolutely destroy this ballerina’s figure!), Now ‘YOU’! have got me hooked on that mind puree-ing new street drug going around called Dark Matter!!!

    Geeeez!!! You Dang Canadians got some FRIGIN! NERVE! eh!, Thinking u can bend us smart proud Americans to your silly ways n whims!! 😀

    Thanks for part 1 of the set tour and Glad to see ya reading Time Travelers Almanac. Mee thinks you shall likely find a few ideas in there for DM that can be merged with other themes. And No!, ….. I aint gonna explain how Gosh-ems is short for Gosh-shucks! – Just go look up synonyms for words of surprise and the lite blushing kind of embarrassment, then close your eyes and click your heels together three times while saying Gosh-Golly-Gee!

  10. mailbag question: On 9/3 @Bill, Cranbrook BC mentioned “many of us do not want the series to trot out some lame aliens, played by humans with crazy makeup. A smart take on aliens? That could be OK.”

    So, –> Are we gonna get to see Lulu n Bubba in Season 2 guest starring in the role as aliens? I can think of no smarter take on it and it would certainly remedy some folks weariness of seeing humans in crazy make up. (besides it’d make for one helluva! comedic episode, no one would have seen coming!!!!)

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