In case you missed it, here are Jodelle Ferland (FIVE), Alex Mallari Jr. (FOUR), and Anthony Lemke (THREE) and yesterday’s FanExpo Dark Matter panel in Toronto. Video via AdamMethos (Thanks!)

Some of the highlights:

A recent interview I did with

And here are some more behind-the-scene photos from Dark Matter Episode 1.10…

September 4, 2015: Dark Matter At Fanexpo!  More On That Season Finale!

Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) armed and ready to do some ‘sploring!

September 4, 2015: Dark Matter At Fanexpo!  More On That Season Finale!

Running through a bridge scene with director Andy Mikita.

September 4, 2015: Dark Matter At Fanexpo!  More On That Season Finale!

Checking out SIX’s ouchy in the infirmary.

September 4, 2015: Dark Matter At Fanexpo!  More On That Season Finale!

Dark Matter’s dynamic duo: Roger Cross (SIX) and Jodelle Ferland (FIVE).

September 4, 2015: Dark Matter At Fanexpo!  More On That Season Finale!

Sleep it off, buddy.

We have our Fantasy Football draft tonight!  The Snow Monkeys are gearing up for another run at the championship!

September 4, 2015: Dark Matter At Fanexpo!  More On That Season Finale!

The team’s General Manager completes his research!

15 thoughts on “September 4, 2015: Dark Matter at FanExpo! More on that season finale!

  1. Hey, Joe!
    1st off, congrats on the season 2 pick up! So proud of u guys.

    Mailbag question(s):

    If Dark Horse decides to do another limited series comic of Dark Matter would you & Paul write a whole new story line with our favorite space faring crew or use some of the tv scripts? Also, illustration wise would you use the look of the crew from the original comic series or incorporate the look of the actors?

    Thanks so much, Joe, for bringing awesomeness back to tv! I cannot wait for 2016 because of Dark Matter (I seriously need to invest in a flux capacitor).

  2. Zoie Palmer is everything you said and more – gracious, friendly, and just fantastic.

    Another Zoie Palmer fan here.
    Akemi is a Great Judge of character.

  3. Very fun and happy FanExpo in Toronto judging by that warm welcome for the Dark Matter cast. Anthony’s girls were adorable sporting their “Five-a-like” hair color!
    Alex seems like such a sweet guy, I think that was the most I’ve heard him speak. Loved when Jodelle got in that Stargate plug working with David Hewlett. Lots of interesting behind the scenes stuff — lov’in it all.

    So, they called you sneaky and secretive and a puppet master. I’m sure you relish those sentiments Mr. M. They all did seem to enjoy all your little plot twists & turns and being kept in the dark about their characters. Less prep as Anthony put it – ha! Really good stuff this Dark Matter show!! I’m hooked.

    Is it summer 2016 yet?


  4. My son is home from college this weekend. He finished watching DM and started yelling “Noooooo, he can’t end it like that. It will be months!!!” I think he liked it. 😊

    @Debra: Amazing how we can get attached to a pooch we’ve never met. There it is though. I hope Lulu is back to her flirty self!

  5. I enjoyed that interview with some of the cast, they really are a great bunch. Thanks, for the bts photos, loving it! The sets on this show are amazing to see. Again, congratulations on getting a S2.
    Is it just me or is that snow monkey (General Manager) holding that electronic device in a telling manner?!?

  6. Ah I forgot to add a few questions for the mailbag thing.

    1) Will the Android take on more human traits as the show goes on? You know, like aspiring to be more than just a regular Android and maybe, you know, be more human like?

    2) Any plans to do an episode based around any spatial anomalies, like say something that makes time go all funky aboard the ship or something? could be fun!

    3) How do you feel about alternate universes with relation to the show?

    4) Can we expect any more revelations regarding Derrick Moss?

    5) Now that Six has betrayed the crew, can we expect some heated discussions between him and the remaining crew when everything has settled down?

    6) I’ve wanted to know more about Three prior to the lost memories, will his backstory be touched upon more next season?

  7. That Toronto Fan Expo was a lot of fun. Jodelle, Alex, and Anthony did a great job and are so cute. Thanks for posting it.

  8. Yume no naka de miru yume and Hi to the always wonderful Akemi! (Such a rare treat and delight for us all to have her post on your blog) ! xo

    When ~All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream~ E.A Poe

    “Vague” 113 Spoiler alert, Beyond whacky & far fetched conspiracy theories and YUP!, even got a mailbag Question for ya Joe!

    Ok sooooo, went back to re-watch 101-113.

    O’ Goshems!, (short for gosh-shucks), How wonderful that you read so many Agatha style mysteries in your youth. Loved the subtle trail of bread crumbs you left for us and all the unusual twists n turns.

    Theory Alert! ha-ha-ho-ho-hee-heee! :Based on what went down, I piece-emed together a plausible explanation about the whole transfer transit thing, (a theory Mrs Tiger Cat -Dallas Marshall, and I both had swirling in our heads about 6, …. though I’ve now expanded the theory to the whole crew!)

    Yeah, I can see and understand Why she (who shall for the moment remain nameless) might have proposed and programmed a memory wipe of the incident. Why ‘he’ ( who shall remain for the moment blameless) might have agreed to and uploaded it. Then of course the ship falls under attack, takes a direct hit while they are in the stasis pod, things break down and back fire and voila 101 opens showing them with their entire memories accidentally erased, emerging from the pods.

    And yeah -I can basically understand why, when it all went to hell a second time around, he felt he had no choice but to turn them all in and start all over again …. And I get that monsieur swordsman was likely in on it, or perhaps even the puppet master, (by the way, those stasis pods make for great TT receiving beds!? -We’d been wondering where the TT receiving beds were hiding on the ship. Gee- am I close????), ………………..But Why is it? I am starting to feel like you’ve sucked us all into an Edgar Allen Poe Poem or perhaps a theme from that movie What Dreams May Come?
    —> That no one is who they are pretending to be!!

    (Perhaps more than one crew member is donning a facial plastic surgery mask??) -or- Maybe they’ve all been taking part in either a grand experiment, and were fed false identities just to see if they might become those people (believe it) via a neural brainwashing or nano implant?? -Or- Perhaps? only one of the crew members are simply taking part in a transit transfer fantasy game adventure??, ( the rest of that crew have merely been duped/hypnotized or fed false memories, (like total recall) tricked into believing they were on board the Raza and in the end we’ll find out that Two is really just a sweet gentle stay at home mom and homemaker, and 3 is actually just a quiet, shy,
    completely lacking in confidence, maintenance man/janitor. A lackey who works for Calchek!!!!

    Hmmmm, I would not put it past ya to pull something like that off! 😀

    Can’t wait to find out in Season 5, if my theory is even close!!!!

    Okay! 2 part Mailbag Question:

    1. Trevor did an absolutely amazing job with writing the transfer transit episode and the U.S viewer ratings for Bob Coopers Wendy bot episode definitely put the show on a lovely upward path, Which leaves me wondering if there are any plans to let them write two episodes each in season 2 instead just the one apiece?? Hoping you will at least consider it for sake us poor, deprived, science geeks who enjoy futuristic hi tech concepts. oh pwettty pwettty pwease!

    Part deux: In the SG series seems most of the very best episodes, resulted from a writing collaborative … So am naturally wondering why the decision to have you each take turns writing individual episodes on your own instead of working together? or at least have you all collaboratively consulting on most of the episodes?

    While I can understand why “you” would want to write the 1st, middle, & last episode on your own and why Paul needs a few to write on his own as well, being the basis was conceived by you guys and the over all storyline needs to remain intact, but that still leaves a handful of eps that could be achieved via collaborative writing, yes ????

  9. Feeling sorry I missed out of the FanExpo. But I would feel a bit uncomfortable as some sort of gawker. Not that I wouldn’t mind buy the guys a beer (He–, I would buy Ivon one), I just an not a big star gazer. If I were to meet Melissa or Zoei I would be a babbling fool if I could say that much. However, it would be a nice excuse for going back to SOMA and getting a nice supply of their Hot Chocolate, Mayan. It is like crack but in a good way. Need some more, man.

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