Our season 1 finale ran overlong and, as a result, we had to make some trims. One scene – a late addition dream sequence – didn’t make the final cut.  While not crucial to Episode 13, it does explore two of our pre-amnesiac crew members, and sheds light on the fate of Hrothgar and co. while letting us now how that mysterious pendant came into ONE’s possession (Episode 1)…

Deleted scene Episode 13 (dream sequence):

September 2, 2015: Dark Matter Deleted Scene!

September 2, 2015: Dark Matter Deleted Scene!

September 2, 2015: Dark Matter Deleted Scene!


16 thoughts on “September 2, 2015: Dark Matter deleted scene!

  1. Is there any chance we might see that scene or something like it in the next season? I was also curious whether there are any plans for another encounter with the real Jace Corso. After the last time he and One crossed paths I think they have some unfinished business

  2. Just how much does/did FIVE know about each of the Raza crew members? Did she really write the program that erased their memories, or was it SIX? (He did mention how crudely the program was written, an easy way to pin it on her if he secretly was working for “someone else”)


    -Mike A.

  3. I can see why that scene was left out. Over the course of the season, you’ve built One quite well and have shown the audience that he isn’t a killer like most of the crew, he doesn’t have it in him. He’s just a regular, but wealthy guy who through extraordinary circumstances found himself among a crew of mercenaries prior to losing his memories.

  4. Interesting! But, if that was a dream sequence, was it actual memory from before or in fact, just a dream? Nothing is as it seems on this show!! 🙂

  5. Great to see a few pages of screenplay that didn’t make the final cut. I’m guessing in every production it’s a finely tuned process of writing, rewriting, shooting, editing, and (rinse, repeat).

    What’s the best way to send you something, Joe?

  6. One of Five’s dream/memory/flashbacks? Interesting, but I think the episode worked fine without it. And it answers where it came from, but that’s not the whole story.

  7. I’m thinking she wrote the program for Six. He might have been trying to tell her something, see if she remembered when he mentioned looking at the corrupt files on her computer.

  8. How did you celebrate your renewal? Will the same writers and directors be back next year?

  9. Joe, Im really happy the show made it for a second season. Its up there with Firefly and Farscape. I look forward to watching the show every week. Id like to know more about the universe in the show, seems like the corporations are pretty powerful but there are planetary governments and territory as well. Is The Galactic Authority like the UN? Seems like corporations can go to war with each other like Ferris and Mekei and not answer to anyone. Do you have maps of the systems in your comic/script? I love worldbuilding.

  10. Did I miss the announced winner of the signed & annotated finale script? There must have been someone here who got those questions correct. It wasn’t me, sadly.

    Is there anyone in our fandom willing to create a Dark Matter fan site? Maybe in the style of GateWorld (but not as large — yet), give it time, give it time…

    Any update on Lulu? I hope she’s feeling better by now. Is Bubba doing well too?

    2 cats =^-^= =^-^=

  11. So was Six faking his memory loss because he’s still a bad guy? Or will there be some twist and Six is really a double agent? We think he’s the bad guy but he’s really protecting his shipmates by keeping them in the dark. I hate waiting so long for the next season…… 🙁

    Did you make any decisions on moving? Lulu news? She can’t have been sick for this long!?

    I found a new show on Netflix that’s cute. “Doc Martin”. It reminds me of “Northern Exposure” but it’s set in a costal English village.

    Also, “Longmire” has a new season premiering soon. Love that show! Surprising, but the Longmire books are just as good as the series. How often does that happen?

  12. Always sorry to see scenes cut from the show even when it’s necessary. Little things like this offer valuable insight into the characters. And what you writers are thinking.

    Do you think that SyFy will keep the same schedule next season? I hope they don’t start ‘experimenting’ with time slots. That never seems to work out well for them. New time slots have killed a lot of decent shows.

    Will the entire crew be back next season? Will you be bringing us some super directors like you did with season 1?

    I was reading your interview on Talk Nerdy and was reminded you’ve been putting up with all of our questions on your blog for 8 years. And you haven’t missed a day. That is amazing. It seems like yesterday we were discussing renewals for SGA or SGU and here we are celebrating your well earned season 2 for Dark Matter. We grow and evolve and move on to new and wonderful things.

    Now, time for you to embrace your inner foodie, take some well deserved time off and play with the dogs. Don’t know about you but I never seem to have enough play time with my mutts. It saves my sanity and soothes my soul. Of course it empties my wallet but it goes with the dog owner thing. My favorite dog quote:

    ‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read’. Groucho Marx

  13. I have only just started watching Dark Matter on Netflix, binge watching for about three days now.

    I’m rather disappointed to find this is what you had planned. I had hoped One was also Hrothgard, working to take down the Corporation system that he was born to lead, mirroring Four’s desire to reclaim his thrown and save his empire.

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