“While all the mysteries presented in Dark Matter have me clawing for an answer, this “sub-atomic, sub-dimentional” mystery is the one I’m currently most interested in because it has the potential to take us in directions we don’t yet know exist.”

“Episode 10 was an action-packed, drama-filled season high for the series, bringing us the high-octane and emotional moments we’ve come to expect from Dark Matter. We hit the ground running, to put it lightly, with the surprise attack from Ferrous, followed by an exciting heist sequence and ending with a dramatic double cross. We were also introduced to another group of criminally-inclined misfits, including The Listener‘s Ennis Esmer as the group’s despicable leader, Wexler.”

“There are so many things that I loved about this episode. It moved at breakneck speed from minute one and it left me screaming at the screen with its cliffhanger. That’s one thing Dark Matter has always been good at: making 45 minutes feel a whole lot shorter.”

“The stakes are high, the cliffhangers are satisfying, and the characters have well-established arcs at this point. Occurrences from earlier episodes have had their payoffs, and any loose ends that remain appear to have the promise of being tied up neatly. As the summer season comes to a close for many science fiction offerings, I hope I’m not proven wrong in having high hopes for Dark Matter.”

“Dark Matter is part of SyFy Friday and ranks as one of the best shows on television do not miss this show.”

“Esmer’s Wexler is arrogant, opinionated and devious, the perfect formula for scene-stealing and out-loud laughs.”

“This show is getting tighter, and is at it’s best when the crew is working together and getting each other’s backs, and the addition of these obviously bad thieves and criminals has given them the contrast they didn’t have on their own to basically prove that whatever they all were before?”

GeekonReivew weighs in:

And check out this exclusive interview with Dark Matter’s FOUR, Alex Mallari Jr.:

“The legend of the weapons training continues to shock and awe, I see. I have an extensive background in martial arts and am an expert at hand-to-hand combat but weaponry was a whole new beast for me. That said, for some reason, the weapons that were placed in front of me, I always understood very quickly. The blind dual-katana scene was the scene that took the longest to learn. One reason was because I’ve never held weapons prior this show, another reason was because I was to do the scene with my eyes shut, and the last reason was because the aerial kick was new to me and required me to gain some extra athleticism. That scene I had a couple of weeks or so to have camera ready.”

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Elminster.  Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!  (P.S. I dropped you an email!)

20 thoughts on “August 16, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 10 – reactions!

  1. Hey Joe! It’s been a looooooong time since I’ve posted but I just have to chime in to say how much we’re enjoying Dark Matter. These last two eps in particular have been really great on a number of levels.

    Episode 10’s combination of action, “Uh oh!” moments and showing us how valuable Five is to the rest of the crew was so nicely done and so enjoyable.

    As soon as it was over, Amy said “Ok, put on the next one!” and then I got the stink eye when I told her we were caught up 🙁

  2. @Elminster: Somehow I totally missed your post about having a stroke! I hope you’re feeling better soon. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  3. Does live tweeting by the fans help the ratings? Some weeks I live tweet and sometimes I don’t . As much as I love live tweeting and the interaction with other fans, the cast and the crew, I find that I miss quite a bit when I tweet. My husband really appreciates it when I don’t because last week I almost gave him a heart attack with the Squeeeee when Anthony Lemke retweeted something I wrote. But if it helps rating and renewal, I will Live Tweet.

  4. In that Geekon review they had a good point. TWO’s secret has been needing to come out and now next week it should. And that she was the perfect person to jettison.

  5. You know Joe, episode 10 had a Raiders of the Lost Ark feel for me. Maybe it was the team going in to steel that item from that high security room, pushing that cart/box, and when they got back, pushing that box into the room behind the big door where they keep their special finds.

    I hope you don’t kill off Wexler and his team. As much as I don’t like them, they are a strange bunch and I do like them. I’d like to see them again. As long as TWO keeps Wexler in line.

  6. This really makes me crazy!!! I read the daily posts and am not able to see the show on Fri nights. AND the best time to catch up? Like, now. BUT thanks to my seriously mangled spine, I’m in bed by now, using the Fire tablet and for some reason, SyFy doesn’t allow viewing of full episodes on this device. Joe, make them fix it!!!!

  7. I think Wexler & Co. are in for a very rude surprise when Two comes back and kicks their butts.

    She’s also going to have some explaining of her own to do to the rest of the crew about just how she survived being spaced. Especially since she’s the one that keeps harping on how none of them can be keeping secrets from the others because keeping secrets jeopardizes all of them.

  8. Hi Joe
    Thanks for the dedication, it means a lot!

    @ gforce & Airelle Thanks, I’m getting a bit stronger everyday.


  9. I see we’ll now have Roger Cross full time on Dark Matter! Reggie Fitzwilliam (SPOILER) was infected and subsequently beheaded last night on The Strain. Good news for us!

  10. Allo,
    l’épisode de vendredi dernier est de loin, tant au niveau des dialogues, du scénario et de la réalisation, le meilleur de la série à date. Félicitations à toute l’équipe.
    Torri Higinson a livré une excellente performance; son personnage étant bine différent de ce à quoi nous étions habitués dans Atlantis.

  11. @Elminster, so sorry to hear about your stroke, wishing you a speedy recovery and sending positive energy your way! {{{{}}}}

  12. Elminster: I’m glad you’re coming around so fast! I’ve heard some of the new stroke treatments work wonders if given early.

    Sorry Mr. M., for the jumbled sentences yesterday. I woke up with a headache but thankfully, it’s gone now. I’ll re-submit my question: My hubby wanted to know “how much weight was Melissa bench pressing?”. Lucky lady to combine working out and work! 😉 I hope she didn’t have to repeat that scene too often.

    I agree with all the review comments you posted above! Very intriguing stuff coming up… My favorite scene was when One kicked butt! Oh and Alex sure impressed in those fight scenes too.

    We would love any Lulu news, if you have it?

  13. 😳 I mean when Two kicked butt. I’m getting my numbers confused 😯

    “G-day” Y’all!

  14. I had a feeling that Two wasn’t completely human, after that scar healed up. But seriously Joe, you’re killing me here… it was another episode that could’ve been an epic space battle, but yet again, it was diffused right from the get-go, and money saved on special effects. Sigh… at this rate, it’s not looking like there will be any real space combat in Season 1. Closest thing we got was that one-time shot by the Ferrous Corp ship in episode 2, and that was it. 🙁

  15. Dark Matter Episode 10 ratings 0.84 million(Series low), 0.21 18-49 however it was the highest rated show of the 3 in the 18-49 demographic(Which is a lot more important anyway) by a small margin.

    Absolutely nothing to worry about there. Being the best performing show on a bad night is always a plus. I’m sure you’ll rebound, you always do Joe lol.

  16. Now I’m thinking: setting Two’s past to have much bigger impact than anyone else’s was kind of a bad idea. The problem lies mostly in the pacing: with the others, you can always put in a bigger or smaller bit of background info without shaking things up, spread it evenly so people don’t get annoyed waiting to learn another thing about their favorite character. With Two, we get the revelation that she’s immune to the super scary zombie virus and regenerates quickly, and then nothing. The longer we wait, the more obvious it gets that she’s a few cuts above, spoiling the surprise a bit.

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