Well, this marks the first year in over a decade that I won’t be visiting Japan.  🙁

Here are some of the new or limited-time-only culinary marvels I’ll be missing…

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!

The Aka Samurai Burger!  You have a choice of fried chicken or a beef patty served with lettuce, tomato and “red” cheese served in a “red” bun – the red hue courtesy of tomato powder.  It’s served with a red hot sauce.

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!

Ben & Jerry’s Strawbearry!  Strawberry ice cream with white chocolate polar bears and marshmallow sauce.

The insanity of Taco Bell Japan!

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!

Lotteria’s potato chip burgers!  You have choice between the Zeppin Cheese Potato Chip Burger and the Salad Chicken Potato Chip Burger.  Top with you favorite shaker flavors: Wasabi Beef, Consommé with Punch, Rich Salt, or Dark Nori Seaweed Salt.

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!
via rocketnews24

Ramen ice cream topped with freeze-dried beef!

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!
via JapanToday

Ice cream cigares!  These pricey ice cream-stuffed cookies come in a box of twenty and will set you back about $50!

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!

Unagi (grilled eel) soda!

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!

Salmon-flavored soft candy!  With real salmon flakes!

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!
via JapanToday

Tom Yum Pizza!  Apparently, it tastes just like the Thai soup!

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!
via Eater Japan

Burger King fondue burgers!  Choose between the chicken or beef.  Both come with a side of melted cheese.

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!
via RocketNews24

Momotan Aged Meat-Flavored Snacks!  A manju cake that tastes like old meat!

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!
via RocketNews24

Kimchi-flavored Ramune soda!  Apparently, it’s great!

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!
via JapanTimes

Super Sour Lemon Potato Chips!

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!
via Eater.com

The Mos Burger/Mr. Donut collaborative French Cruller Burger with Chorizo!  The chorizo spiral sausage is topped with hot sauce!

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!
via Eater.com

Pizza Hut’s cheddar cheese crusted dessert pizza topped with mini marshmallows and milk caramel sauce!

August 15, 2015: Japan’s Culinary Marvels…i’ll Be Missing!
via delish.com

Waffnuts & Chounuts!  The former is a waffle/donut hybrid that comes in three flavors: strawberry, chocolate-frosted almond, and cereal-coated Uji Matcha green tea.  The latter is a cream puff-donut hybrid comes stuffed in double caramel or lemon (cream) cheese.


25 thoughts on “August 15, 2015: Japan’s culinary marvels…I’ll be missing!

  1. Now you’re just (mostly) making me hungry and giving me another reason to visit Japan. I’m sorry you won’t be able to make it this year, but at least the meat will be even older when you do go back. That’s a plus, right?

  2. Cultural questions for Akemi.

    Does the Japanese public generally “have a sweet tooth” (like sweet, sugary foods)?

    If yes, is this a recent (20th-century) development, or has the Japanese diet historically included sweets?

  3. Hi Joe
    I’m so sorry, Joe, for the first time in seven years I missed 4 days worth of posts. I had never missed one let alone 4! But that’s what having a stroke and ending up in the hospital will do…
    Anyway, I hope to start another streak now!


  4. The Burger King fondue burger has grabbed my attention. How can you not like a burger with that much cheese? 🙂

  5. Most unfortunate about missing out on the Japan trip, but given those menu selections – perhaps just as well. I think the grilled eel soda and salmon flavoured candy would be a great combo… if you wanted a REAL cleansing.

    Wow, when BK says those burgers come with a side of melted cheese, they really mean it literally.

    The Tom Yum pizza does sound a bit intriguing.

  6. We get the Ramune sodas for the kids at a local sushi place. Not kimchi flavored. The bottles are fun for kids (there’s this marble that rolls around) and they don’t have artificial dyes. They use something from tomatoes for dye in one flavor.

    I have two of three kids who are sensitive to artificial dyes. Nobody told me letting babies suck on markers could go so wrong.

  7. I think I’ll take a pass on all of these, except, maybe, the Ben and Jerry’s and the Samurai Burger. The Burger King burger looks messy, and the Momotan looks like those crunchy cat treats I can’t think of the name of. As for the rest, definitely a pass.

    So, is it just scheduling conflicts that are preventing you from going?

  8. Consider yourself lucky that you will miss those limited time food offers. I say perfect timing. But quite frankly, my entertainment is more important than your weird food fetishes. You just concentrate on writing and producing season 2 of Dark Matter and it will be time to go back to Tokyo again before you know it. I was watching that Taco Bell commercial? and fell asleep. Woke up 30 minutes later… hungry.

    @ Elminster – Elminster!!! Are you okay?? You sound okay. That’s terrible. Hope you get fully recovered real fast!

  9. i’d try lotteria’s potato chip burgers, Ice cream cigares, burger king fondue burgers (what kind of buns are those?) and the waffnuts & chounuts. why can’t the U.S. have interesting stuff?

  10. I am not interested in any of these but the very last. Everything else looks and sounds entirely unappetizing. But I am sorry you won’t make it to Japan! I always enjoy your trip posts.

  11. Hi Joe
    @ Ponytail Ya, I’m doing all right. It was a ‘small’ one. I got my eyesight back first, then the sagging on my left went away and with that my slurred speech. By Thursday I was running around without the walker, running up and down stairs and getting into showers. Still can’t walk ‘heel to toe’ but they said how often does that come up everyday? So they let me out. Mentally I’m fine. Don’t think I lost anything there. Just gonna take it easy.


  12. Elminster: How are you doing now? Hope you get your life back to normal soon!

    Gforce: (from a few days ago) That is a lovely spot your house is being built on. I bet you’ll love it there!

    Sorry about your trip! Can’t you find another destination that’s doable? Some of that food doesn’t look half bad but the other half…. Not for me.

    Lulu news?

    Loved the episode! Is the second Zobot coming into play soon? Oh, and my hubby wanted to ask how much weight Melissa O’Neil bench was bench pressing?

  13. Poor Joe. 🙁 Some of those (but not the fish-flavored candy and eel soda) look pretty tasty and it’s too bad you’re going to miss them. I hope they have even more interesting and delicious treats when you go to Japan in the Spring!

    I found out that Syfy does not work with Chromecast, but fortunately I found the most recent Dark Matter on my On Demand from Comcast. Quite the cliff-hanger there, Joe.

  14. @ Elminster – Glad it wasn’t any worse and glad you are quickly getting better. Take care and take it slow.

  15. Those foods remind me of the tuna fish and After Eight mint sandwich that I ate (on a dare) so many years ago. It actually wasn’t THAT bad. The vastly conflicting flavours cancelled each other out so much that it was kind of a bland mush.

  16. @Tam Dixon: Yes it is a beautiful view – if I can ever get to move there! It seems like it’s taking forever but really it’s right on schedule. Where I’m living now gives me such a feeling of temporariness that I never feel settled. I’ll be glad to get moved and have it all finally over with.

  17. Hi Joe
    @PonyTail & Sparrow_hawk & Tam Dixon Thank you for your well wishes. It could indeed have been very bad.


  18. Again I’m perusing on an empty stomach and now craving potato chip burgers and wafflenuts. This week I am on a almond milk ice cream kick, with fresh raspberries and orange wafer cookies; it’s almost too pretty to eat. I got into Strange Empire briefly but it got so depressing I had to stop; there were so few wins for the heroines and so many women getting beat up that I’ve opted for more sassy Cedar Cove. When I win the lottery I’m moving into a gorgeous Vancouver beach house.

  19. Aren’t you forgetting about the 7-11 chocolate eclairs? I know you’ll miss those the most! 😉

    -Mike A.

  20. You have to draw the line somewhere. Put a kibosh on the Unagi soda and salmon candy, ew! The rest looks good, sorry for your loss. 🙁 You can eat twice as much next year.

  21. @Elminister WHAT? Wow! I saw the follow up that said you were mostly better, but wow, how scary. Please take care of yourself.

    Echoing on what Baterista was asking Akemi, are all these fatty foods affecting people’s health over there?

    As far as what I would be willing to try — the Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream cookies, Waffnuts/Chounuts might be interesting. I like cheese, but fondue is just too much cheese. The aged beef snacks look like something I’d give to Boomer.

    I’ve been meaning to tell you–I found real, real macarons here. Not the frozen kind I found that were better than the chewy awful ones I found “fresh”, but a real, real macaron. I got brave and tried the rose and lavender. Big step for me. I brought some to book club which I finally got to go to this past Sunday night. I haven’t seen those ladies in almost a full year. I’ve missed out. It was hard trying to get caught up on what’s been going on in their lives. Only had 2 hours versus our normal 4 because I sat in traffic for 1 hour and 45 minutes to go what should have taken me only 40 minutes. No accidents. Don’t know what was going on. I also found something VERY INTERESTING at this store I’ll share with you about some other time. (Snicker, snicker). It’s a mystery.

  22. Sorry that you wont be making it to Japan this year. You’ll just have to go for twice as long on the next trip! And the food you are missing…. hum…. yeah such a same…. hu hu, ugh.

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