August 1, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 108 Reviews!

As promised, the twists, turns, surprises, and revelations are coming fast and furious as we barrel toward our BIG season 1 finale.  And, in addition, there are those wonderful character moments that serve to shed light on our crew and their respective relationships: the unlikely pep talk, the drunken dinner sequence, the hug!  Numerous individual fan contingents seemed particularly thrilled with this episode.  I’m talking about #FOURCLAN, #FIVEHIVE, #SIXPACK, and #FANDROIDS!

And they weren’t the only ones.  Check out some of the online review…

“Overall, I get the sense that the writers of Dark Matter know exactly where their characters and storylines are headed. They continue to dole out puzzle pieces in a deliberate and methodical manner.”

Oh, we know exactly where we’re going.  And, when this first season comes to its dramatic conclusion, prepare to have your mind blown.

August 1, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 108 Reviews!

“Slowly the first season of Syfy’s Dark Matter is developing to be the space opera that can actually replace Firefly and Stargate.”

I don’t think want to replace them, only stand side by side with them in the annals of SF television!

“However, while the mystery and intrigue will always be a major factor in why Dark Matter is so compelling to watch, it’s the small, happier moments that have maintained my interest. The cast has solid chemistry together and it makes scenes like their drunken bonding on the space station add a lot more vibrance to an already entertaining show. The darker moments may be imminent, but if we keep those lighter times along the way, it may be that much easier to endure.”

This.  One of the things I’ve mentioned time and again in interviews is that humor and character moments are so important to the show because they go such a long way toward humanizing our crew.  And the these lighter moments make the darker moments sooo much darker in contrast.  See next episode.

“Why am I asking so many questions?! Because Joseph Mallozzi likes it that way, that’s why! He writes it like this on purpose … and I not-so-secretly love it.”

True.  I love the theorizing, debating, and, especially, the “this doesn’t make sense” critical assumptions that inevitably get upended.  Early on, people were wondering how the show’s premise could be sustained for any extended period.  Well, whaddya think now?×08-its-official-four-is-a-reincarnated-ninja-turtle/

“Hands down the best episode thus far. The very breadth of Science-Fiction really saturates this episode and it’s mystery sub-genre attacks and reveals new elements to our amnesiacs that really sell the need to keep watching and find out the truth.”

Yes, layers upon layers.  Think you’ve got our “misunderstood”/”inherently good” characters figured out.  Let’s resume this discussion next week… 

Finally – hey, check out Akemi’s FIVE-inspired hair!

August 1, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 108 Reviews!

Today’s entry is dedicated to my sis!  Happy Birthday!

25 thoughts on “August 1, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 108 Reviews!

  1. Great episode! I’m really enjoying the revelations. Would have loved more Zobot though.

    Does anyone know how the ratings are going?

    Cute hair @Akemi!

  2. First, happy birthday, Sis!

    Yes, I absolutely loved this episode. It may sound like a cliche now, but this series really does just get better and better. That ending was pretty mind blowing in itself and I’m really anxious to see what that does to their relationship.

    On rewatching (did I mention how much I miss when I’m tweeting? Yikes!) I paused on the screen that ONE was reading at the end and there is some interesting information on there about actually being a CEO (I think) of one of the corporations that are so controversial. I wonder if that fact will also play into how things go with him in the near future. So many layers!

  3. Love Akemi’s hair! So what are those of us that love the bad boy Three called? Great episode last night

  4. Love the hair, Akemi. If I had any left I’d try that color.

    After processing episode 8 overnight I decided to take the time to re-watch the whole thing from the beginning. It was so worth it. Not that I know a lot more than I did before but all the clues along the way make more sense now. I am starting to believe that there exists no black and white where our characters are concerned. It’s all gray. Albeit varying shades of gray. The term squeaky clean just doesn’t apply to any one of our beloved crew. Except maybe the Zobot, but I’m really not sure if that reboot in episode one erased everything after that final exchange with TWO. Even our young FIVE is suspect. She’s way too smart. But I do believe that regardless of their pasts the Raza Raiders will do honorable things in future episodes. Violent, bloody things to be sure but ultimately honorable. I will be curious to see if this futuristic version of the Stockholm syndrome will suffice to bind them as a cohesive unit over the long term. It’s their reliance on each other and lack of external options that may keep the dynamic in balance. So anxious to reach episode thirteen since you’ve said it will be special but dreading the moment at the same time. As demonstrated by episode 8 literally anything can happen over the next 5 episodes. Hope it will be as mind bending as we’ve come to expect.

  5. Wait…THAT’S Akemi??! She looks 12 in that picture…and I’m calling the cops! 😉


  6. Happy Birthday Andria!! Seems like I just said that a of couple months ago. My how time is flying!

    LOVE Akemi’s hair. This one is even better than the last coloring. She needs to get some of the clothes style that FIVE wears too.

    I can’t believe your season is only 13 episodes long. If I was in charge, I’d renew immediately and order 18 episodes for season two. Season one has been a real treat.

  7. I loved this week’s episode. I’d say why if I had time. Tomorrow!

    Akemi’s hair looks great. :)))

    Happy Birthday, Andria! Hope you had a good one!

  8. So ONE is a rich boy who inherited a powerful position. I’d say he could still be a good guy. The meek shall inherit the Earth Territories, after all. However, I saw a bit of his management styling based on Jack Welch, so I say he’s a psychopath and he stole memories to keep THREE from being able to tell anyone what he really did to his wife.

  9. Personally I could see Dark Matter renewed this month. Just a feeling. I think August will be a great month for the show.

  10. I like that my review was first on the list this week. Plus this episode was the one I was on set for! It was difficult to keep the “transfer transit” secret from my friends who watched the show.

  11. Happy Birthday Andria,be blessed! Love the hair Akemi!!! And AWESOME reviews!!!
    I forgot to sign out of Periscope Friday night and sometime in the middle of the night my phone whistled, but I was way to not awake enough to care. But when I got up at 7:30ish maybe it was 8:00ish, there was a notification that you, Joe were on Periscope! It was what…4,5:00 your time?!! You are dedicated to the fans. Did you sleep between sessions?? You should be nominated for Best Sci Fi writer, Most Dedicated to fans… Thanks for doing those videos, blogs, and mailbags. Seriously are there any other show runners out there that do this???

  12. @Joe Mallozzi, small mailbag question:
    Are there any plans for a Blu-ray release of Dark Matter Season 1 yet?

  13. Overall, I get the sense that the writers of Dark Matter reviews have read a lot of this blog.

  14. Happy birthday Andria!

    I saw Akemi’s hair on IG over the weekend. It’s very cool!

    I had a very busy weekend, and haven’t had a chance to watch DM yet. Tonight!

  15. Akemi that hair looks awesome. Also for the latest ep all I could think at the end was, man i love this show. It just keeps getting better and better. I keep encouraging friends to watch, they so don’t know what they are missing.

  16. Already said Happy Birthday to Andria, but I like Akemi’s hair. It seems like a mixture of purple and blue. In two hair color trips (so about 2 months from now), I’m going LILAC. My hair needs time to take a little break before we do that because she plans to bleach a LOT of the color out to put the LILAC on.

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