The twists, turns and revelations come fast and furious as we pick up speed and hurtle through the back half of this season toward our big BIG season finale.  So, what awaits on tonight’s episode of Dark Matter?

July 31, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 108!  Tonight!

“There’s plenty of action, suspense and, best of all, another big bombshell awaits fans in the episode’s final moments.”

July 31, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 108!  Tonight!
DARK MATTER — “Episode Nine” Episode 109 — Pictured: Mark Bendavid as One — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

“This week Syfy’s Dark Matter will see the crew making a Space Station stopover for some drunken bonding, a little home cooking, and a spot of old fashioned revenge.”

“Back at the end of episode 6, we knew Six would eventually try to track down the General, the leader of the Protheon Insurrection. This is the man responsible for the destruction of a space station which killed over 10,000 innocents. At the time, Six was a member of this group, but he believed they were fighting for the betterment of his fellow human beings, not killing innocent people to make a political statement. Ever since he found out the General was just fine with collateral damage on such a horrible scale, Six has been planning on finding him and stopping him. That begins now.”

Some behind the scenes pics of Dark Matter Episode 8…

July 31, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 108!  Tonight!
The crew of The Raza catches up on 200 year old episodes of Game of Thrones.
July 31, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 108!  Tonight!
Director T.W. Peacocke, prepped and ready to go.
July 31, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 108!  Tonight!
Help yourself!
July 31, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 108!  Tonight!
Jodelle enjoys a break in the action.

Welcome to Vega 5…

Who’s up for a little post-episode Periscope Q&A?

27 thoughts on “July 31, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 108! Tonight!

  1. I was invited to attend a soccer game tonight from the VIP suite, everything comped. I asked if I could watch SyFy on the TV in the suite and they replied with a simple ‘No’. So I’ll be ordering pizza and watching episode 8 from the comfort of my recliner. Priorities.

  2. I hope those extra viewers Ruby Rose brought in stick around for tonights episode. And yep, just 5 episodes left after tonights ep. This season feels so short, it’s over way too soon 🙂

  3. I will be on Twitter. My internet just came back up. I’ll try to download Periscope. I still need to watch last week’s episode. I will try to get that done before tonight’s episode. I have exactly 2 hours.

  4. Looking forward to tonight’s episode. I’ve given up commenting on Twitter or here during the show, because I always miss vital plot points.

    Just read back through the posts I’d missed. Is there some kind of curse on everyone this month? Sorry you had to abandon your plans to visit Japan. Should make the anticipation for April all the sweeter, though. 🙂

    I downloaded Windows 10 yesterday. Late last night I got a critical error. Fairly easy fix, thanks to my geeky friend doing the research for me. Win 10 is all right but I’ve gone back to 7. There are some little things about it that I like better. The Edge browser is faster and I wouldn’t mind using that but I’m a fogey and I like familiar things.

    My cat hurt her knee yesterday when her brother chased her down the hall, she pivoted and popped it. Again. I think this is the fourth time in the last six or seven years. It’s her left hind leg, which to me isn’t a knee but a hock. I guess she’s not a horse or a cow, though. The tendon is loose and there’s too much wiggle room for the knee resulting in pain. The adrenaline wore off for her about 1 a.m. I followed my unhappy, growling little ball of fluff around the house for 10 minutes in the middle of the night to make sure she wasn’t actually sick. Debated calling a vet but remembered the last time it happened and she never presented any pain or symptoms for the vet until we got home and I let her out of the carrier. Decided to wait until this morning to take her in. I hate that she was probably hurting, although she didn’t complain after the initial ten minutes. She’s on metacam now for three days. Again. After telling the vet we could go with the meds that I can administer, because she’s so easy to medicate, she fought me a little. Once she tasted it she was fine. I ordered Chinese take out for supper. I think I deserved it. She got a wee bit of chicken as a treat. Next she goes on a diet.

    Dental surgery at the beginning of July for the pesky, pesty brother kitty who caused all of this, the brakes broke on my vehicle. Is it August yet? Will someone give me some money to pay for all of this? ;-p

    I love SIX and wish him a good episode. 🙂

  5. Periscope sounds cool…but it’s been a long day and I’m fighting back sleep as it is. Of course, the beginning kinda woke me up… so you know I have to wait to see the whys and wherefores!


  6. Joe – this was the best ‘Oh, CRAP!’ episode, ever! I must’ve said it about a hundred times! Totally awesome!! 😀

    Also, check yer e-mail…sending you somefink. 🙂


  7. What was TWO saying? Something about… “If we are going to survive we have to trust each other! No more secrets!”… yada, yada, yada, and she has that bandage on her neck…

  8. I think we’re all just starting to realize how short 13 episodes really is. If you can believe it, Space is already advertising the Season Finale of DM.

    By the way Joe, thank goodness the editing team got tired of each episode starting with the line “We all woke up, no idea who we are or how we got here”, cause tonight was the first episode with an opening recap that didn’t start off with that line from the series premiere. After 6 nights of hearing that, it kinda wears a bit.

    The space station was beautiful in tonight’s ep. Glad it got several sequences of several seconds each, to let the imagery sink in. I’m still waiting for some space battles though… last time there was one, was in episode 2.

    Downloaded Windows 10 and installed it in the day of release. Cortana is amazing. Being able to use my voice to open programs on my computer and search for stuff in Edge is crazy… only downside to Windows 10 so far is that sometimes I’ve found that it freezes when I restart the computer, and it takes a few seconds longer to shut down than it did with Windows 7.

    Overall though, it’s very similar to 7, so at least I’m not completely lost with where everything is.

  9. The crew of The Raza catches up on 200 year old episodes of Game of Thrones.

    even after all those years george r.r. martian is still not finished with the series.

  10. …as soon I saw that floor-level shot of ONE coming out of the pod, I just *knew* that we’d be seeing a ONE.1 version!

    BTW, how OLD is that space station..? [re: the antique stairwell fire door!]

    And nice twist with THREE at the end. Although, wouldn’t having TWO instead make for more inner-turmoil?

  11. Hey Joe,

    Loving Dark Matter! Wasn’t a huge fan after the first episode, but now its by far my favourite show on TV. Just a quick question: Do you have a rough guide as to how fast the FTL drives are? Just curious! Thanks.

  12. What a wonderfully mind-bending episode. There were some great reveals and beautifully acted moments from the cast. The only glitch in my evening came when my mom called about 9:30. Aside from the fact my 82 year old mother should be in bed at that hour it’s my mom so I have to answer. ‘Are you busy?’. My response should have been ‘Kinda. I’m tweeting some kickass WTF moments with the cast and crew of Dark Matter and we’re gonna periscope later’. I settled for ‘A little’. I turned it into an opportunity to rewatch and tweet the later airing. It was worth it as I caught a few things the second time around that I’d missed.

    When you announced we’d have thirteen episodes way back when I was elated. Thirteen whole episodes in space! That’ll work. I’m afraid when the credits roll on the finale I won’t feel the same way. I hope we do hear something on season two next week so I can stop my annoying #RenewDarkMatter tweets until well into the second season.

    Gotta say, you’ve made good on your promises, Joe.

  13. “Muff Finn’s daddy wrote this one??!!”

    I thought her name was Euphemia? Oh well.

    BTW, that episode was fantastic! Funny, full of twists, turns, revelations and clever bon mots. And THREE continues to be my favourite. Anthony L. clearly has so much fun with the character that it comes right through to us having fun.

    I’m pretty tired from staying up so late last night though for the show and the after-Periscope. My repair nanites work more efficiently when I’m in sleep mode, you know.

  14. Nice, Joe, niiiiccce. Sweet, sweet episode. When do we get to Two’s backstory? I’m thinking she’s a Wraith of Khan type, genetically engineered to be a warrior and able to heal herself. 🙂 I have no idea about Five, she’s a mystery. Thought she might be an android, but no, she’s been on the med table.
    It’s all coming together and falling apart at the same time.


  15. I loved “Star Wars 36 – It’s been enhanced.” That cracked me up. New actor “One” is cute. BTW, I love it that your scripts have got the male actors taking off their shirts. Thank you. If that makes me sexist, then so be it. 😉
    I also loved the Zobot telling Two that she, too, needs to be honest with the crew. BAM! Nailed it.

  16. I lurk here way more than I comment, but just had to come on and say how much I love Dark Matter! Every single week I say, “This is my favorite episode” and I said it again last night. You keep coming up with these great WTF moments. I love it! Thank you for creating such a wonderful show!

  17. Great episode last night! Loved the last scene. Just keeps getting more interesting. I enjoy the music also.

  18. @ gforce – Yes, you’re right… Euphemia Finn is her name. I call her Muff because Euphemia is just too disease sounding and Muff was one of my suggestions. Trevor calls her a really weird name like Eva or something like that. 😉

  19. Each episode is better and better. There has to be more than ONLY 13 episodes.

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