July 21, 2015: Lulu Update!  Another Periscope?  More #darkmatter Episode 107 Photos!

Thanks to all those who asked but, sadly, Lulu isn’t doing any better.  Yesterday’s ultrasound offered up nothing in the way of answers, so she’s going in for an endoscopy on Thursday morning to test for something called stand lymphagectasia. If that too comes up empty, then next week it’s a colonoscopy to check for granulomitis colitis (aka “boxer colitis”).  Hopefully it won’t come to that as that would mean not feeding her for three days prior to the procedure.  THREE DAYS of nothing but broth!  At first, when we thought she would have to go in this week, Akemi suggested we adopt the same diet in solidarity – but I dismissed the notion on the grounds that we already had lunch and dinner plans.  But next week is wide open!  Akemi is already simmering the chicken necks!

If nothing else, this past week and a half of Lulu’s “intestinal issues” has sharpened my instincts to razor focus.  My reaction time is unparalleled.  At night, the merest cliquey-clack of Lulu’s nails on the hardwood floor will snap me out of the deepest slumber, out of bed and throwing on my pants, racing downstairs to open the backdoor so that she can go outside and relieve herself before it’s too late.  I’m like a soldier deep in enemy territory, sleeping yet always fully aware and fully prepared, his ears attuned to the slightest noise, ready for trouble.

I’m thinking of doing another Periscope Q&A, to run 15-20 minutes after each of the North American broadcasts of Dark Matter Episode 107.  The episodes air at 10 p.m. EST and 7 p.m./10 p.m. PST and I would jump on at approximately 1 minute after to field your question.  Who’s in?

Speaking of Dark Matter Episode 107, here are a few more intriguing sneak peeks for you to check out:

July 21, 2015: Lulu Update!  Another Periscope?  More #darkmatter Episode 107 Photos!
You’re doing something new with your hair. I love it!
July 21, 2015: Lulu Update!  Another Periscope?  More #darkmatter Episode 107 Photos!
There’s a new android in town!
July 21, 2015: Lulu Update!  Another Periscope?  More #darkmatter Episode 107 Photos!
Looks like THREE’s had a bad day.
July 21, 2015: Lulu Update!  Another Periscope?  More #darkmatter Episode 107 Photos!
Something’s up with SIX.

Trying to book a trip to Tokyo for late September – and considering whether to go to L.A. for some agent-shopping next month.  Might be a good idea to have someone on board.  You never know…

30 thoughts on “July 21, 2015: Lulu update! Another Periscope? More #DarkMatter Episode 107 photos!

  1. Sorry you didnt find anything out about Lulu and I dont envy you with the chicken broth for next week. Hope she gets to feeling better soon

  2. So sorry about Lulu! I’ve never heard about those conditions before. I’ll look them up tomorrow, when I have a real keyboard. I hope both conditions are easily treated.

    Loved your nighttime descriptions. Reminds me of Harry’s last few months. I slept lightly to listening for sounds of vomiting or litter box activities. Ready to clean him or give him medication.

    Lulu’s so young and before this, so healthy. Sending prayers and positive thoughts to y’all.

  3. Expanding on DM broadcast times as a public service. 😎
    Info from TV GUIDE listings & Syfy.com
    10 PM (2200) Fri. & 1:01 AM (0101) Sat.
    9 PM (2100) Fri. & 12:01 (0001) AM Sat.
    8 PM (2000) & 11:01 PM (2301) Fri.
    10 PM (2200) Fri. & 1:01 AM (0101) Sat.

  4. Aw, poor Lulu!!! Is she on a gluten/grain-free diet? When I gave my indoor cats food with grains in them (specifically wheat or barley) they start having bowel issues, and Julien would get ulcers in his mouth or on his lips, and he’d also get big pimples on his chin. Switched them to grain-free foods and voila! No more icky poops, mouth sores, or pimples.


  5. 🙁 Very sad about Lulu. Hope they figure it out fast and get her back happy and healthy.

    I am enjoying the series more each episode, btw.

  6. Adding Lulu to my prayers and well wishes! Get well soon Lulu!

    Akemi is already simmering the chicken necks!

    That reminds me! I need to schedule time to visit the Crab Shack while in Savannah in September! Hmmm….Crabs! (Said in my ‘Homer’ voice).

    Sorry, I won’t be able to join in on the Periscope session on Friday night. I’ll be driving back late from the AirVenture show in Oshkosh Friday night, and then early Saturday morning I drive David down to his CAP encampment in Springfield. Hopefully I can get to Dark Matter on the DVR on Saturday night.

  7. Hey Joe, sending all my love to Lulu. I hope it’s nothing serious and she’ll be her usual self soon. I know it’s impossible not to worry, just try to get some sleep in between. Three days without food is tough… I wish you all well.

    I should be able to make the Periscope Q&As.

    Cheers, Chev

  8. My Mum used to make the best chicken broth. She would cook up some rice separately and put that in the bottom of the bowl. I miss that. But just plain broth is lovely too.

    Cheers, Chev

  9. Feel better Lulu! I’m going through the mystery illness with my dog Sam. Three weeks of vet trips and short nights. It wears on you.

    I’m all in for the Periscope dates. Should be fun.

    Would it be too much to hope for that when the locked cargo door is opened we find the crew of Destiny?

  10. I’m in. You got it figured out, but any instructions for this side of the computer? You do use a computer right? I’m not the brightest in this bunch of light bulbs.

    Poor Lulu. I can’t imagine not feeding her for 3 days. My dog would eat me on the second day.

    Tokyo sounds like fun. That is just right around the corner. Looking forward to Friday’s show!

  11. Poor Lulu. I guess depressed dogs could have bowel issues, too. Hopefully it is just that and nothing bigger. Food intolerances and allergies can appear too so maybe it will be as simple as that.

    Life is cray-cray. I’ll catch up soon. Unless else someone calls for service, I should be home by the time Dark Matter airs Friday. HOWEVER, I thought that about last week and by all rights I should have been, but I got stuck at a railroad track. For 10 minutes, and then I came across an accident that I had to detour. When there is clearly a NO LEFT TURN sign and people ignore it and try to cross 6 lanes of traffic, well, yep problems. If they would just take 3 minutes to go to the street attached to the fast food place and use the light to make their turn, they could avoid this. They need to just close this possibility to people. It’s just not worth it. Then I get home and Jeff wants something and then Patrick was still up and Boomer was busting my chops, so I threw in the towel. I still haven’t gotten to see it. Heavy sigh.

  12. I hope the Lulu thing doesn’t snowball into something more serious and that she starts to show some signs of recovery soon. I guess it’s one of those worrying things when you don’t know what’s wrong and when you do it could be something major. Let’s hope it’s not that kind of situation.

  13. I looked up those conditions and I vote for boxer colitis. It looks much easier to manage. Fingers crossed, prayers said, salt over the shoulder, and etc….

    Das: I’m trying a gluten free diet for one of my cats that has an auto immune disease. It’s not any worse but his paw is still hurting. We’ll see. That would be an easy fix because I can’t give him steroids.

    JeffW: I’ve got another friend in Oshkosh for the Air show. If you see a guy in a blue hat that says “I don’t give a” then it has a picture of a rat and an ass. That’s Abe. 🙂 You guys would hit it off. He’s always working on an airplane or a helicopter. Have fun!

  14. All my love to Lulu, feel better puppers!

    Turns out I do not have a broken foot, I have tendonitis, which I find worse, as it can take a long time to heal. Yeah, don’t use my foot. I have a blister after half a day in the brace. Gah.

  15. Let’s hope the doctors are able to find out what’s ailing Lulu. To quote G.I. Joe, knowing is half the battle!

    I didn’t get to view the Periscope live but I did get to watch it on your youtube post. I did skip a few sections as there were some questions I didn’t want to hear the answers to, but it was fun to watch. If you do another one, record it as well. Also, for that possible next Periscope, make sure Akemi has a quick guest appearance. A simple wave hello would suffice. She is the source of a lot of fun and funny posts for you on this blog and she did dye her hair as inspired by FIVE. 🙂

    I think it’s safe to say Jodelle LOVES her DM costuming. It looks like it’s right up her alley. When the show’s done, years down the road, I think her wardrobe will mysteriously disappear from the facilities.

    As for DM, like I’ve stated before, I’m trying to take it in more than anything and let the show speak for itself. The only thing extra I’ve really been paying a lot of attention to are the deleted scenes and info about them that you’ve shared. Those have really helped explain a couple of things that felt like they got glossed over, so thank you for those. Once this season is over, if you haven’t already answered them, I’ll have some lingering questions for you.

    -Mike A.

  16. Oh, and for the record, I’m usually fairly good at figuring out the underlying story, reason, sub-plot, secret, or whatever in a show or movie fairly early on.

    I have NO CLUE as to who, or what, these people truly are yet!

    Well done, sir.

    -Mike A.

  17. @Tam Dixon:

    I’ll be at Oshkosh On Thrusday and Friday. I’ll look for Abe, but with about 1/2 a million people attending the airshow this week, the odds may be slim. 😉

    Now I need to check the weather…I’m hoping the campground won’t turn into a mud-pit like it has the past few years.

  18. Oh, dear…hope that you get some answers and good news for Lulu soon! In the meantime, her diet may definitely be a factor–it might be a late developing food allergy. There are a number of quality grain-free and low-allergen foods for dogs. I’m partial to The Honest Kitchen, which offers a variety of dehydrated raw food preparations (look them up online)–used to get it for my cats before they had to go to prescription food. It’s one of the more affordable raw food options. There’s also Champion Foods, who happen to be a Canadian manufacturer–they offer a variety of grain-free dry foods.

    And Dark Matter–wow, what a ride so far! Love the show, and hope you get good news on a Season 2 pickup soon! Thanks for coming to Comic-Con! 🙂

  19. Sending you best wishes for Lulu’s health (and your sanity). Poor girl! Hope she’s back to her perky self soon.

    The Periscope was hilarious. I’m really glad you recorded it, as I couldn’t watch live. And since Robson Square thoughtlessly scheduled their free summer ballroom dancing lessons for Fridays when DM airs, I won’t be watching live for a while. (Heartless bastards!)

    So the big door password is “Maplethorpe”? How the heck did you pull that name outta your bum?

    Why would Other Android be locked away in there, while Our Android was just lying around waiting to be found? Curious.

  20. Oops. That lack comment was mine. But it’s not showing “Kathode” anymore, since I had to sign in with my WordPress account for some reason. I’ll have to figure out a way to fix that. “motownfilly” is my rap name, not my commenting name. 😉

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