How’s that for a sneak peek?  Prepare to learn the hitherto hidden backstories of three of the Raza crew as tonight’s episode of Dark Matter answers some long brewing questions:

How and why did FIVE end up on the ship?

What bizarre circumstances transformed a young prince into one of the G.A.’s Most Wanted?

What horrific crime did our big-hearted SIX commit that landed him on The Raza?

I will, of course, be live tweeting both east coast and west coast feeds, that’s 10 p.m. EST, and 7 p.m. AND 10 p.m. PST on SyFy and SpaceChannel.

Also, I’ll be doing a periscope event on Monday.  It’ll be my first time using the app and I’ve already screwed up by announcing the wrong times in yesterday’s blog entry (since fixed!).  So, I’ll live tweet the airing of Dark Matter’s sixth episode as it airs in the U.K. and Germany (8 p.m. on SyFyUK and 9 p.m. on SyFyDE), that’ll be 3 p.m. EST, noon PST.

The actual periscope event will take place after the episode airs (9 p.m. UK, 10 p.m. Germany, 4 p.m. EST, 1 p.m. PST) and should run approximately 15 minutes, possibly longer if I can’t figure out how to turn it off.  Come find me on twitter (@BaronDestructo) or seek out the hashtag: #AskJoeDM.  Yes, that’s Joe Doctor of Medicine.  Hop on and ask me your Dark Matter and health-related questions and I’ll try my best to answer them!  “Episode 10!  It was inspired by her second audition!  Eat more finer!”  Sorry.  Just practicing.

Check out:

This advance preview of Episode 106:

“In Friday’s episode, prompted by the crew itching to find out what’s behind that big door, Five decides to undergo a procedure to try and retrieve her lost memories, and to our surprise, it works! Actually, it works a little too well.”

This interview with actor Roger Cross (SIX):

“Given the scheduling, I figured I would have to pass on Dark Matter. However, TJ Scott was directing me on The Strain and he was going to be directing the pilot for Dark Matter. TJ told me, ‘Don’t worry, we can make this work.’ He ended up talking with the producers and they found a way to share me, so at one point I was doing both The Strain and Dark Matter, but it was all good.

This interview with actress Jodelle Ferland (FIVE):

“This is pretty much my dream role and one that I’ve always wanted to play. When I first stepped onto the Dark Matter set, it was like I was working on Firefly or Doctor Who. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Sometimes when we’re filming a scene and everyone is standing at one end of a corridor, I’ll turn around, look the other way down the length of the empty end of the corridor and pretend that I’m on an actual spaceship,” she says with a smile.

And another interview with Jodelle:

“And it’s interesting because every member of the cast is very different; I don’t think any of us are quite the same, and somehow we just work perfectly together. Our little spaceship family.”

This interview with yours truly – which includes a video interview with cast-members Jodelle Ferland, Anthony Lemke, Roger Cross, and Melissa O’Neil:

“Likeable bad guys are hard to pull off but, when you’re successful, they can be the most rewarding of characters.”

Tomorrow, we’ll be hitting Anime Evolution here in Vancouver where I’ll be on the hunt for some new anime-themed t-shirts…and such.  The event runs kicked off today and runs from the 17th to the 19th at the University of British Columbia New Student Union Building ( @animeevoluion  Who’s in?!!

13 thoughts on “July 17, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 107! Periscope Monday!

  1. So if I were to read the foreshadowing correctly I might guess that our crew are duplicates and the originals have been left on the photocopier, so to speak, in stasis behind the vault doors. It would explain the lack of memories and an original of 2 could have set the machines away hence we get the implicit/explicit impression that there is a traitor. One thing I was disappointed with was in the space station were corso found two of our crew. After gassing them HE could have posed as his own duplicate to find out what the crew of the Raza were upto. A missed opportunity methinks. Those scenes might have had a little extra richness to them with added paranoia and blurred original Corso with his duplicate.

    HOWEVER… ! What if our crew are actually the originals and the duplicates have framed them, put themselves into stasis and waited for them to take the fall for their crimes.

    Nah! I think it is more plausible that our crew ARE the duplicates and are independent, breaking with their origin, sometimes capitalising on it but ultimately challenging the nature nurture debate. I do like the idea about the alternative timeline hypothesis. What do you think?

  2. So many things happening and to keep track of.
    Waiting to watch the repeat to try to catch what I missed.
    Of course will have to watch the DVR a couple times as well.
    This episode had many “wow” moments.

    Jodelle had to flip into/out of switch to deal with all the variations encountered. Awesome.

    Having to wait for another episode is torture.
    Sure…people can binge watch after the season…but we cannot do that now.

  3. What a performance by Jodelle. I would say Emmy worthy but with the disappointment of yesterday’s announcements I guess we will have to hope that some other type of awards can be found for Dark Matter.
    Also, why no previews for next week’s episode? They had the same teaser that had been airing before the series premiered.

  4. Poor FOUR. He has a crappy family. Great, jam packed episode. Very interesting. However, I was thinking that we are finally finding out about FOUR and his background and will be able to see and hear more from Alex Mallari Jr, but FIVE plays the part (Jodelle was awesome). I hope we can see more of Alex in future episodes. So if FIVE was FOUR, and FIVE was FIVE, how come FIVE was not SIX during his background story? Why did SIX get to play himself? Oh, maybe it’s because SIX went in after FIVE and that’s when we find out about him?

  5. Joe, since FOUR has a bad family, I would like to see this group become his family. Maybe over the next season you could make it to where FOUR opens up and really starts to care for the others like they were his brothers and sisters?

  6. Why don’t they all do what SIX did and follow FIVE into her memories? That way they can experience and learn about their own pasts and FIVE would not have to tell them. I wonder how far back her memories go for each person?

    @ MrsTigercat – I googled, then checked my jar of Jiff Smooth Peanut Butter and found no artificial sweeteners. I only use about a teaspoon each time I stuff some into the cracks of a rawhide bone. So I believe little Maggie is okay to keep eating my peanut butter. If I took it away from her, she would be very mad at you. 😉

  7. For the mailbag re Ep. 106:
    Considering recent revelations, how did FIVE accumulate such a fabulous, albeit limited, wardrobe?

  8. Wow! I watched ep 106 real time, then again at 1:00am that night when SyFY reran it and now again on Absolutely jam packed and revealing! Jodelle did a wonderful job throughout. Kudos!

    So the mystery door code has been revealed! We discover what drove Six to land among the desperadoes. Four has been guilt ridden for naught! We now know the damage that mysterious key card has wrought for Five & friends, and how she & the dead boy got aboard the Raza. Yowsa, lots and lots of stuff. And more David Hewlett – hurrah!

    Will the crew and Talbor meet in person at all this season? Perhaps in ep 1.12?

    I’m lov’in it all! More please!

    How is little Lulu doing/feeling? Her blog family waits to hear. 😉

    Dark Matter rocks!

  9. Just rewatched ep 6 on PVR. Man, you sure miss a lot while monitoring Twitter at the same time. I think I missed half the dialog – and it was STILL good! But on rewatching it, it really is an exceptional episode. Jodelle just knocked it out of the park, but Roger Cross was no slouch either. That scene with them in the barn, which clearly was the emotional peak of the show, was just perfect. They work so well together.

    I’m somewhat convinced that the boy in the barn was indeed THREE and not ONE, and her comments were just a little redirection. Something very, very bad happened to him, which I expect we’ll find out… sometime.

    Speaking of THREE, I’m assuming when he was threatening to “space” her, that they were still in FTL. Wouldn’t that have been ill-advised? Although, obviously for one reason or another he didn’t go through with it. Change of heart? Someone else intervened? I hope we find out eventually!

    I had to laugh at FOUR’s reaction to the news about the Empress. After all his talk about leaving the past behind and moving on, he’s all “that BITCH! I’m off to kill her. Don’t hold supper.”

  10. Fantastic episode! I especially liked the One & Two scene. “Complications” she says. And of course the Five & Six barn scene. Awesome.

    Loved Four’s backstory. The show just keeps getting better. Well done, sir.

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