All the kids and SyFy International Execs are doing it!  And they’d like me to join in, Monday July 20th at 9 p.m. U.K. time, 4 p.m. EST, and 1 p.m. PST.  As someone who can barely manage Excel, I look forward to winging it on the day.  I imagine I’ll turn on the live stream, do the Q&A, and then accidentally leave it on, allowing Dark Matter fans worldwide an unedited window into the fascinating life of an Executive Producer.  We’re talking raw, honest footage of me feeding my dogs a banana or me making frittata.  It’ll be like Big Brother without all the other people and the drama.  But with more counter top cleaning.

Remember!  That’ll be Monday, July 20th at 9 p.m. U.K. time, 4 p.m. EST, and 1 p.m. PST!

So, how will it work?  I don’t know.  I was hoping you’d tell me.  I downloaded the app and, as far as I know, I just press the “Start a Broadcast” button and we’re good to go.  I’ll answer your questions and chat about the episode airing on SyFyUK that night (Episode 106), giving you insight into various facets of the production: scripting, location shooting, delicious late night eggplant and veal parm sandwiches.  But I’ve said too much!

How will you find me?  No idea.  I assume that a link will magically appear on my twitter feed when things (are about to) get underway (@BaronDestructo). Will there be surprise guests?  Depends.  Do my dogs count?  If so, then yes!  Maybe there WILL be surprise guests! Spread the word.  This is a rare opportunity for you to see my kitchen!

July 16, 2015: Talking Dark Matter Live On Periscope!  This Monday!  Provided I Can Figure Out How It Works!

What at first I took to be depression has turned out to be, perhaps, something far more insidious as my french bulldog, Lulu, has gone from seemingly despondent to seemingly despondent – with diarrhea.  The antibiotics haven’t worked so she’s off to get an ultrasound on Monday.  Apparently, they’ll be shaving her belly and slathering it with jelly.  Jealous?

July 16, 2015: Talking Dark Matter Live On Periscope!  This Monday!  Provided I Can Figure Out How It Works!

So, how did the cast and crew feel about working with director Amanda Tapping.  This final day send-off sums it up.

July 16, 2015: Talking Dark Matter Live On Periscope!  This Monday!  Provided I Can Figure Out How It Works!

Awwww. Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) and Alex Mallari Jr. (FOUR) during the Episode 105 read-thru.  These scripts are exhausting!

July 16, 2015: Talking Dark Matter Live On Periscope!  This Monday!  Provided I Can Figure Out How It Works!

Big zombie infected guy!

A Dark Matter Episode 106 preview you should check out…


Calling Episode 6 a big one for Five is a bit of an understatement. Five is featured heavily in this one, giving Ferland the chance to show off her impressive acting chops.”

22 thoughts on “July 16, 2015: Talking Dark Matter Live on Periscope! This Monday! Provided I can figure out how it works!

  1. Yes, yes all the kids are doing it – including yours truly! 😉 I will check it out for sure…it is fun, actually if you are ADD but distracting to some degree if you cannot stop checking the comments! Good luck!!

  2. Poor little Lulu! Stomachaches are no fun. Please let us know what the vet says. Hopefully, they’ll just put her on flagyl and a bland food for a few days.

    Do you have a techy friend to help you? Wish we lived closer, I’d send over one of my boys (hubby or son) to do the computer stuff. Good luck, Mr. M.!

  3. Poor Lulu. I hope it’s nothing more than something she ate that she shouldn’t have eaten.

    I’ll be stuck at work during your Periscope, unless you can keep it going more than two hours. Good luck, though! I’m sure you’ll figure it out. 🙂

  4. Poor Lulu!! Please take care of her, Joe. You know how we worry!

    I have no idea what Periscope is or how to work it because, like you, I’m SLOWOLD. But that’s okay, I’m fine with it. However, I won’t be able to follow you on Monday as I’m away for the week in New Hampshire doing my hiking/volunteering thing. I’m rather looking forward to getting away after the last week or so. I’m be in Internet range now and then, so I’ll try to keep up. However, if you can get footage of the dogs making YOU a frittata, I will hike down specifically for that.

    Anyway, I’m starting to feel some better. I miss Bart terribly still, and will probably for some time. But my memories of the bad weekend are fading and starting to be replaced by the wonderful recollections of the other 14 years we were together. It’s getting better.

    Actually Big Brother 17 (on CBS) this year really sucks. It’s like they’re hardly trying anymore. BB Canada 3 that was just on in the Spring was far superior – I had hopes that it meant that they were going to spruce up the format of the US version, but it looks cheaper than ever. (Not that it was anything more than a joke really, anyway.)

    Looking forward to the show tomorrow!

  5. Didn’t know what Periscope was until two or three days ago, when the Planetary Society and others were using it for the Pluto “reveal”. It’s not hard to use, just a little startling when someone starts randomly broadcasting. 🙂
    Get well wishes to Lulu!

  6. I’ve seen that Periscope. I haven’t actually “seen” it, but I’ve seen it. I’ve tried clicking on it but it said something about the show I was trying to see wasn’t broadcasting anymore, so I haven’t seen it in action, but I have seen it. Whatever “it” is, it is “the thing” right now, I think, because I see it everywhere, without seeing it, a lot. Needless to say, I probably will not see you in it either, because I’m not smart enough.

    Hope Lulu gets to feeling better.

    I’ll be ready for the show tomorrow night. It comes on at 9 o’clock here. At 8:55 pm, I plan to take Maggie the Beagle outside for a tee tee so she won’t bother me to go out for a least an hour. And I will give her a peanut butter stuffed bone to chew on to keep her occupied. In the SGA days, I use to turn the back porch light on and send her out to chase June bugs. That was good for about 30 minutes, but she is older and wiser now and won’t fall for the old June bug trick anymore. Those things are nasty. Talk about little zombies. They fly blindly around, bumping into things, until they bump into you, and cling to you with those gross sticky legs.

  7. Actually, I’ve only just heard of PERISCOPE myself this week… [Orwell must be turning in his grave!] – Sounds a lot like the NANNY-CAM NETWORK to me! – I rarely view YOUTUBE, let alone “Streaming”… So you can forget this latest Paparazzi-Progeny! – Besides, I’m still trying to cope with having been weaned off of DIAL-UP and hoping that I don’t get Ear Lobe Cancer from my SMARTassPHONE! – [which I pay more for than my CABLE!]

    BTW, does Anyone know what amount of DATA-USEAGE this thing eats up? – [Alex Bell is probably doing the “happy dance” in *his* grave!]

    And speaking of Worldwide TMI exposure, today [16th] was MY 5th Bloogiversary! – woohoo. I’m celebrating with chocolatey “junk food” as I type right now..

    Whatever, REMEMBER to check your Battery Levels and, for embarrassing reflective surfaces in the area… AND “sensitive” info plastered about, security systems, doors, windows, mail, Akemi’s Top Secret Bento and Dog-Cookie Recipes…

    Anyhoo, hope LULU gets better! – Has she been to the dentist lately..?

  8. I just heard about periscope in our local news. Some kids broke into a parked semi and stole tubs of ice cream, while on periscope. They left the ice cream on neighbors’ porches as “gifts”. Riiiight. They were promptly arrested and are being held in juvvie. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  9. Alas poor Lulu. Hopefully it will be an easy fix. Bilo, my shepherd, was severely depressed for over 4 months when his mini schnauzer pal passed away. I finally relented and got another puppy to get him out of his funk. Bella, the new shepherd pup, certainly kept him busy by constantly stealing his beloved Frisbee and he seemed to bounce back a bit. It wasn’t until about 4 years later when I got another schnauzer pup that he really was himself again. Looking forward to tonight’s episode and as my husband said isn’t that show on again soon??

  10. Gforce: I’m glad you’re feeling better. 🙂

    Ponytail: 😆

    {{{Hugs}}} to Lulu!

  11. Ponytail – “And I will give her a peanut butter stuffed bone to chew on to keep her occupied.” Please check the label to see if there are any artificial sweeteners in the peanut butter portion of that bone. Some peanut butters are turning out to be poisonous to dogs. Please Google it for more information.

  12. Add me to the list of folks hoping Lulu is okay!

    I’ve not aired a Periscope but I’ve viewed several live and afterwards. Usually what happens when someone I follow on Twitter starts up their Periscope broadcast I’ll get an alert on my iPad as well as something on Twitter. When I open Periscope, I’ll see who ever is live. Once you have some magical number of viewers (I’m not sure what the number is) they stop allowing people from commenting. People can keep joining and watching but they won’t be able to comment, ask questions, etc. But the first couple hundred or so will be able to interact with you. After the Periscope broadcast is over I imagine there is some option for you to set how long the broadcast is available to those who might have missed it. Sometimes I’ve gone back and broadcasts that ended 5 minutes prior are already gone but other times broadcasts that ended 10 hours prior are still available. Not sure exactly how that part works.

    I look forward to the Periscope on Monday!

  13. Just saw the latest Dominion numbers, 1.02 million and a 0.3 with Wrestling as a lead in(Terrible considering Smackdown is the networks highest rated show). Hopefully Dark Matter holds on as is and gets renewed, there’s literally nothing on Syfy doing any better.

  14. I hope Lulu gets better soon and its nothing serious. And if its just depression for whatever reason, I hope she cheers up soon too 🙂

  15. Joe those lucky Brits . I have seen a few Periscope things with a few of your acquaintances. Zoie Palmer’s movie Patchtown did their screening thru it, maybe she could join you for this Periscope event, on Twitter she said she was in Ireland, so she could watch it live. @Dennydenn also showed a part of the autograph session with you DM folks at SDCC last weekend. Also believe TJ Scott uses it also. So maybe they could help you out with the ins and outs. Unfortunately I will be working and will not be able to participate, but you my like it and decide o do another for the other side of the pond.

  16. Wow my typos in the previous comment are terrible it should be “may” not “my” and “to” not “o”. Honestly I am a little more intelligent than the comment would suggest geez lol

  17. 🙁 I feel like I am often giving you unasked for doggie advice… but if what Lulu has is something like pancreatitis, she could be dead before Monday. If you can get her to a vet tomorrow, try to.

    I say this after begging an appointment last friday thinking my basenji may have it. Caught early, pancreatitis is treatable. Sadly she had gone into complete kidney failure and not options for any quality of life so we had to put her down. She is the most visible one in my profile. 🙁 12 1/2 yrs isn’t enough.

    And on a lighter note, kelp that tastes like bacon? I am off in search of a source:

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