July 15, 2015: Dark Matter Mailbag!  And Such!

Dark Matter Episode 6 approacheth! What are we in for?

July 15, 2015: Dark Matter Mailbag!  And Such!


“The episode is jam packed with reveals and new details about the crew. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to watch this episode, especially if you’ve been waiting for some answers.”

July 15, 2015: Dark Matter Mailbag!  And Such!


“In this sneak peek, we see her relive a memory from Four’s past. If this brief encounter with his young self is any indication, he didn’t have a very happy childhood. This little scene alone goes a long way toward explaining his dour mood … and his fighting abilities.”

July 15, 2015: Dark Matter Mailbag!  And Such!


July 15, 2015: Dark Matter Mailbag!  And Such!


Glenda writes: “Will there be any future scenes between David And Zoie?”

Answer: Not this season, but if we get that second season pick-up then plans are already in motion.

shaneac1 writes: “Ps any word on season 2 yet after all the Expanse hasn’t even aired yet and they just got greenlight for season 2.”

Answer: Actually, The Expanse writers have been given the go ahead to start developing scripts for season 2 – which is not the same as getting a green light to go into production on a second season.   It’s not uncommon.  Jay (Firestone of Prodigy Pictures) has already given us the go-ahead to start scripts for season 2 in advance of – hopefully – an official pick-up.

scifikriss writes: “Are you talking about this periscope? https://www.periscope.tv/ If so it is fun… I haven’t used it yet but I do have it on my phone.”

Answer: Yep, that’s the one.  I’ll be joined by my assistants, Bubba and Lulu, to help field fan questions.

Marisha Ferland writes: “I’m confused about Three being in Two’s quarters. Is it supposed to keep us guessing?”

Answer: Not really.  Given how the episode ends, it’s pretty clear what was going on.  But it’s something that will be addressed next episode.  (No dragging things out for this show!)

fsmn36 writes: “Not a question, but I have to say, I was sad at the Syfy twitter’s lack of Dark Matter coverage. Shame on Syfy for not promoting DM as hard as other shows.”

Answer: Members from the SyFy PR & Marketing team who have worked hard to promote the series did also show up to support our panel and that was much appreciated.

Randomness writes: “Given how well Dark Matter does with DVR viewers, how confident are you that Dark Matter will get its much deserved second season?”

Answer: Ah, I’m not going to jinx it.  Let’s say I’m cautiously optimistic.  But we still need fans to get the word out!

kabra writes: “Ok so I am just a little confused about One. Who is the clone? The one we knew first or the second one? Do we know where the clone came from? Did I miss something? Or we just don’t know yet?”

Answer: Answers coming your way soon.  Clones?

kabra also writes: “…if DM goes into a second season could you cast Jack Donnelly and /or Robert Emms and /or Ayisha Hart??? ”

Answer: Guest casting for season 2 should be very interesting.  I already have a couple in mind…

dannyfleming94 writes: “Hi Joe, now that it’s became really popular for shows to be binge watched after being aired, other creators of shows such as OSTNB, GoT have stated the have changed a lot of how they design a season of a show. I was wondering if this trend has affected the way you have made shows, such as Dark Matter since the stargate days? ”

Answer: Absolutely.  Back in the Stargate days, the emphasis was one standalone episodes that would allow new viewers to jump in anytime.  Now, with the popularity of netflix and screening, viewers can easily catch up if they miss an episode.  It’s the age of binge-watching and serialized shows are king!  Which is why we crafted Dark Matter to be a high serialized, binge-worthy series.

JustLookAtTheFlowers writes: “are the characters ever going to use their real names? ”

Answer: TWO made it clear off the top of episode 2 that their names represent who they were, not who they are moving forward.  For the time being, they’re keeping the numerical designations.  And nicknames.

jimfromjersey writes: “Is that an engagement ring on Akemi’s finger? =)”

Answer: Nope.  My, aren’t we impatient? 🙂

Shana writes: “Did you end up needing those earplugs?”

Answer: No.  Tylenol did the trick.

2cats writes: “Glad that Dark Matter is doing so well, but sure wish SyFy would promote it more. You have to scroll down to find it on SyFy’s site while Defiance, Killjoys and Dominion, along with idiotic Sharknado 3 have prime placement. What’s up with that?!”

Answer: Any support is appreciated and I think SyFy PR & Marketing have done a great job promoting the show.

2cats also writes: “1) Why does everyone wear their weapons strapped to their legs while on board? They are rarely without them, except to work out or sleep in quarters.”

Answer: Paranoia?

“2) Why are there so many scenes of everyone standing equally-spaced apart in whatever part of the ship they’re in, on the bridge, in the infirmary, etc. I’ve only noticed Three leaning against something on occasion.”

Answer: The big group scenes are always a challenge to shoot and I think our directors have done a wonderful job keeping each of our characters “alive” in the scenes.  They’re the biggest challenge but, also, the most rewarding for fans who enjoy the group dynamic.

“3) Will there be a blooper reel? I know the fans would love it!”

Answer: Probably.  I’ve always liked a good blooper reel.

“4) Since they all seem to be denying their past evil lives as more is revealed, will they turn from being mercenaries to being champions of good by act of pure will power?”

Answer: The fact that they’re turning their backs on their pasts doesn’t mean they’ll be “champions of good”.  Change doesn’t necessarily mean a complete 180 degree.  And, in fact, a few of our characters will have problems with even the smallest of adjustments.

“5) Is it possible that the One on ship really is the original and the duplicate that found him is the impostor?”

Answer: Sure, it’s possible.  This is scifi after all!

Randomness writes: “1. Will the Galactic Authority have any prominent figures that have a strong interest in hunting down certain individuals from the Raza crew, almost like a personal crusade of some kind?”

Answer: Eventually, yes.

“2. Any plans to separate the Raza crew for long periods, such as one or two members being captured or arrested?”

Answer: Again, it’s possible.  There will be times when they’ll split up – and, in those instances, will prove more vulnerable.

“3. Any plans to do an episode entirely focused on a single crew member of the Raza, with the rest of the cast being mostly background level(In terms of importance to the story) or maybe one or two crew having more of an input in the story?”

Answer: Yep.  Episodes 108 and 109 will each spotlight a different character.

“4. Could the Raza ever get a job that involves hunting down a ghost ship of some kind? Like a long lost ship, it’d be quite an adventure for them I’m sure, especially if there were multiple groups with a vested interest in finding it.”

Answer: Er…sure.

“5. Hypothetically speaking, would you ever expand the main cast of Dark Matter and add an additional crew member to the Raza? I know 6 human crew + an Android is enough, but say if the opportunity ever arises and you had the perfect idea to add someone new for a season, would you do it?”

Answer: Most definitely.  If the opportunity presented itself.  And the opportunity may well present itself…

Kathy C writes: “Is Dark Matter coming to New York Comic Con? Please pretty please?? ”

Answer: It’s schedule-dependent.  And whether or not we receive an invitation.

Marsha R. writes: “Did you revisit the downtown jail environs this year?”

Answer: Ha!  I have found memories of the two of us walking that neighbourhood, looking for somewhere to eat and only finding bail bondsmen offices.

arcticgoddess writes: “What were the criteria for choosing the actors for Dark Matter?”

Answer: Talent and a good attitude.

Ponytail writes: “Joe why did you say this would be your last con?”

Answer: It was awesome to meet the fans but I think I’ll let the cast take it from here.

2cats writes: “This blog is a highlight of my day and I appreciate the effort taken to keep it going. When will we be doing cast & crew guest visits?”

Answer: Ah, great question.  Now that you mention it, I should get one started.  I was thinking of waiting until the episodes had aired.  What do you think?  Too late?

Duptiang writes: “Jodelle (spell check no like) looks smashing in her summer attire. Did she come to the cast call with that hair color? Is it for her character or a fashion choice, just curious?”

Answer: No, Jodelle’s hair was dark (natural) and long when she auditioned for the role.  It was EP Jay Firestone’s idea to give her character colored hair after seeing a pic of Jodelle cosplaying at a con.  Originally, the suggestion was pink but, after further research, we decided that the green-blue she now sports was the way to go.  Akemi is sooo envious!

gforce writes: “My question is – are these the kind of answers that just raise more questions?”

Answer: These are the kind of answers that answer questions.  But that’s not to say there won’t be more questions posed. 🙂

msstargate writes: “Any idea when you will get word on renewal?”

Answer: No.  Ideally, sooner is better so that we have time to properly prepare (scripts, sets, etc.) and book directors!

NarellefromAus writes: “Not sure if you’ve been asked already, but have you heard much about the BBC Jonathan Strange series?”

Answer: Great things!  It’s on my to-watch list after I finish season 2 of The Fall.

Leslie writes: “Any idea whether you all will make it to Dragon Con in September?”

Answer: Again, it depends on if the cast members are available – and invited!  As for me, I’m all conned out for the foreseeable future.

Mike P. writes: “How are the ratings in Canada? I haven’t heard anything since the first two press releases.”

Answer: Pretty great, thanks for asking.  Our first two episodes did great numbers for SpaceChannel (as covered in those initial two press releases) and, since then, our audience has continued to grow, increasing viewership every episode.  I believe we’re the #1 show on their network!

26 thoughts on “July 15, 2015: Dark Matter mailbag! And such!

  1. Thanks for the Q&A time! I actually need time to slow down this week (deadlines!) but I am chomping at the bit for Friday night to get here. And I’m excited to see something about Four; his character has been the quietest thus far.

  2. Here’s hoping for an early Season 2 renewal! (and it wouldn’t hurt if you’d get a certain JF in as a guest star for an ep or two…. just sayin’ (I know you won’t, but had to through it out there. 🙂 ))

  3. I also wanted to say that Two and Three hooking up is the fastest any possible romantic pairing I’ve liked has happened. So I’m interested and scared as to what is going to happen in this next episode that you’ve alluded to regarding them. Eep!

  4. Answer: Most definitely. If the opportunity presented itself. And the opportunity may well present itself…




  5. “Answer: Nope. My, aren’t we impatient?”

    Impatient?! Impatient?!! How many years has it been Joe??

    What were you just saying? Oh yeah… “But it’s something that will be addressed next episode. (No dragging things out for this show!)”

    Glad to hear at least something isn’t dragging it’s butt. 😉

    I like Randomness’s idea about the crew getting a job that involves hunting down a ghost ship. And could you put real ghosts on that ship? That would be awesome fun.

    “gforce writes: “My question is – are these the kind of answers that just raise more questions?”
    Answer: These are the kind of answers that answer questions. But that’s not to say there won’t be more questions posed.”

    Say what??

  6. Thank you Joe for an outstanding mailbag. I had to take a nap before reading it. (I almost fell asleep on my 15 minute ride home from work today – I was so tired. Working too long of hours.)

  7. Hey Joe don’t know if you are fielding any more questions but awhile back you turned us onto marko kloose’s frontlines novels have you kept up? and read his latest addition Angles of attack if so what do you think of it. hey by the way really loving dark matter good work, thanks a bunch.

  8. Hello!

    I have been tweeting and twitting about Tabor Calchek, I would be a brash muse and note that I have an agenda which is to see a lot more of Mr dHewlett.

    Tweets include

    Leah ‏@SocialOutsider1
    @dhewlett in Dark Matter- he’s brilliant. Tabor Calchek- not a man I would want to get the wrong side of.

    David Hewlett @dhewlett
    @socialoutsider1 Methinks Tabor is ALL wrong sides 😉 Thanks for watching #DarkMatter!

    I rejoined with
    @BaronDestructo @dhewlett Tabor may be “all wrong sides”, But could get himself into deep trouble. Needing rescue by Raza’s crew.

    @dhewlett @BaronDestructo So we could be treated to a regular diet of snarky comments. TC’d no longer be in charge and wouldn’t know it yet.

    I put these here to put them into some semblance of order. [I know you have much already written and ready to go. If this plays out as “Great minds think alike” I will be delighted. If it does not, so be it. But I am willing to weigh in with my opinion.]

    Thank you for your attention, DG.

  9. Great mailbag Joe. Though to be honest I would be shocked if Dark Matter and Defiance end up cancelled. The massive increase in viewers watching via DVR suggests Friday probably isn’t working for either show, and a new day, such as Thursday maybe would be better. That said, given that you have a loyal audience of just over 2 million watching each episode thus far overall must be of some comfort.

  10. That ghost ship question ironically came from an anime series I recently finished, called Mouretsu Pirates. They dedicated a few episodes for the crew of a pirate ship to locating a long lost colony ship, the animation + space battles were pretty amazing. The ship itself had a habit of disapearing into subspace a whole bunch, and the FTL jumps for the ships were impressive lol.

  11. Great mailbag!

    “These are the kind of answers that answer questions. But that’s not to say there won’t be more questions posed.”

    Waaaaaiiit a minute…. is that one of those answers that answers a question but actually poses mo… Oh, heh. You are an evil mastermind, Baron Destructo. 🙂

  12. Lots of great questions, I love Jodelle’s cool hair. And why the guns strapped to the thigh? Cuz it looks cool. (Imagine there is an emoticon with shades winking here, cuz I don’t know how to add one).
    I binged Jonathan Strange this week and spent the workday bleary eyed. I’m also loving Humans, the actors playing the synths are terrific, Nishka is my fave.
    I didn’t get a chance to ask 1 – now that there are as many pending superhero movies as there are stars in the heavens what superhero would you love to direct?
    2- Any chance that your Masked story or the entire Masked anthology could be turned into a cool villain series?

  13. Yay, mailbag day!!! Thanks 🙂

    I’m going out of town this weekend but I’ll watch the episode when I get back.

  14. I’m pretty excited for the next “Dark Matter” now – Five is and remains the most likable character on board (let’s put the Android aside, that’s not fair…^^) and I think she deserves more lines to say and stuff to do. And fingers crossed for Season 2!

    Something else: Recently I discovered a statement by Joe Flanigan saying that the announcement of Stargate Extinction was put out rather disingenuously and there was never any money at MGM for it. What do you know about that whole thing? And: Who is holding the rights for Stargate now? MGM or Spyglass?

  15. @SGW1: If I might field your questions (correct me if I’m wrong, Joe!), based on what Joe has said over the years on the topic, Joe F.’s impression is a fairly gross oversimplification of the issues surrounding the arranging of financing, etc. for doing that movie. Plans can and do change, especially when a company is also in the middle of a bankruptcy. Also, Joe Flanigan would at best be giving his thoughts from a third or fourth party perspective. He would not have been involved in those dealings directly at all.

    I’m pretty certain also that MGM still holds the rights. That’s why Joe M., and company pretty much have their hands tied about doing anything with Stargate. (Other than watching helplessly as Emmerich crashes and burns the whole thing into the ground. My opinion only, of course! 🙂 )

  16. @(Other than watching helplessly as Emmerich crashes and burns the whole thing

    I want the TV franchise resurrected more than the movie, and if this happens because of the movies, how well they do is irrelevant to me.

  17. @Randomness: Good point – if the end result is we get more (GOOD) Stargate, I’m all for it. I would hate to see be some kind of pale echo of it though. For some reason I keep picturing the “younger, hipper” version of it that they had in the episode “200”.

  18. Glad to her the Tylenol helped and the ear plugs were not needed. I was wondering if you have had any time for anime recently and if you have any recommendations. I have been doing a major “spring cleaning” at my house and with it a massive re-watch of shows. No Game No Life (Anime) is one of them and I think you’d enjoy it. It’s about a brother and sister gaming due who get pulled into a world where everything is determined by playing a game. Its fast paced, quirky, and highly entertaining. And occasionally so very very wrong.

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