Dark Matter’s second episode airs tonight on SyFy and Space Channel at

10:00 p.m. EST/7:00 PST

And 10:00 PST

I’ll be live tweeting through both broadcasts.  Who’ll be joining me?

In preparation for tonight’s big event, I’ve been dropping a few sneak peek screen caps on twitter…

June 19, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 2 Airs Tonight!  10 P.m. Est And Pst!  9 P.m. Cst!  7 P.m Pst!
The fallout.
June 19, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 2 Airs Tonight!  10 P.m. Est And Pst!  9 P.m. Cst!  7 P.m Pst!
The Android and FIVE bond.
June 19, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 2 Airs Tonight!  10 P.m. Est And Pst!  9 P.m. Cst!  7 P.m Pst!
Who’s the baddest?
June 19, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 2 Airs Tonight!  10 P.m. Est And Pst!  9 P.m. Cst!  7 P.m Pst!
Don’t mess with TWO.
June 19, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 2 Airs Tonight!  10 P.m. Est And Pst!  9 P.m. Cst!  7 P.m Pst!
Panic on the bridge.
June 19, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 2 Airs Tonight!  10 P.m. Est And Pst!  9 P.m. Cst!  7 P.m Pst!
Trouble comin’ at ya!

So, who is the baddest crew member?


I want you to rank them, #1-#7, from “super badass” to “cause for concern”.

34 thoughts on “June 19, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 2 airs tonight! 10 p.m. EST and PST! 9 p.m. CST! 7 p.m PST!

  1. My rankings are
    1. Four — You have to watch out for the strong silent types
    2. The Android — Did you see her kick everyone’s butt last week?
    3. Two — She is 2Boss, do not mess with her.
    4. Three — He seems to shoot first ask questions later
    5. Six — He is papa bear don’t mess with his family
    6. One — He’s always willing to do the right thing, could this be a ruse
    7. Five — She is the wild card, until I know more about her she is concerning.
    The order will probably change after watching each episode. LOL

  2. I should be on Twitter tonight.

    I’m not sure about the rankings – I keep juggling them around. But, I always have to put THREE at the top, because – guns. Remember that scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, where the sword wielding guy just gets shot by Indiana? That.

    Settling in pretty good now in the rental house. The birds are here now, so it actually feels like (a noisy) home again!

  3. I just had a delicious dinner of filet mignon and wine and a roasted beet and goat cheese salad and wine and now I’m eating chocolate…with wine…so I can’t really think straight (though my typing is much faster and more accurate – weird). However, I think CathyL pretty much smacked the finishing nail dead center with a sledge hammer.

    I have both Killjoys and Dark Matter set to record. Hubby is watching Defiance (which I like, but was too afeared of getting attached to characters that will probably die). I’m such a weenie…I should just stick to watching Minions and stuff 😛


  4. Gosh, that is way too difficult to rank them.
    Most dangerous: Ryo (Four) — the swords — quiet is dangerous.
    Next: Marcus (Three) Reckless, unpredictable, out for himself
    Next: Portia (Two) Powerful, commanding, kicks ass.
    Next: Zobot I trust no android, robot, or computer. I think she is physically powerful enough to toss armies away if she wanted to.
    Next: Griffin (Six) He has a teddy bear like presence but teddy bears can be scary. (just google scary teddy bears)
    Next: The Kid (Five) I think maybe she was a killer that they were taking into custody.
    Last: Jace (One) I bet he is wanted for all those crimes because he was helping out some civilization.

  5. I agree with CathyL I would rank them the same way for much the same reasons.

    Yeah, you’re right das. Defiance killed off one of my favorite characters last week in the season opener. And your dinner sounds delicious!

  6. 5, Android, 1, 6, 3, 4, 2. The character of Five is my favorite. And Jodelle is terrific. I loved her in SGA’s Harmony–“And I don’t not like you.” See you on Twitter soon!

  7. OMG, those tweet fingers were really a busy ones tonight, another awesome show!! Which episodes are the two part show? I don’t like “to be continued”” arghh!!! I did love the naming of the guns!

  8. Sorry for the bolds. Missed the closer. Again. I’ll blame my 40 mile bike ride. I’m not really *that* mad at Defiance.

    Episode 2 of Dark Matter was excellent. No spoilers.

  9. Can’t wait to watch the episode! Looks bloody fantastic from then teasers I’ve seen thus far.

    I’ve recently found out that my buddy Seth Molson has designed quite a few playback screens for the show (including the docking sequence). Speaking of which, you asked me earlier this week on twitter to remind you about more pictures of the playback screens. I’ve just checked out he pictures of the shuttle you posted, they have me all giddy. I’ll post them to /r/FUI asap.

    God I love the design on the show, the wardrobe, the set design, the props, the details, the atmosphere and lighting. Everything. I’ve missed this – a ship-based show, I mean. I’ve missed that a lot.

  10. “Slashy Slasherton” 🙂

    Is “Bubba” named for Bubba?

    What’s “twitter jail”?|

  11. Android – a sarcastic robot is always the worst
    6 – quiet, maybe too quiet
    4 – swordy, too swordy
    5 – could do or be anything
    2 – calm, capable leader who must be devious enough to lead this bunch
    1 – without memory, does the true self come out?
    3 – loves the guns, but easy to predict

    And obviously I’m wrong about all of this 🙂

    Missed the early showing of Ep 2 tonight, so I’ll be watching and reading the live tweeting for the late showing (11 pm here).

    Watching Defiance right now, even though they killed of Christie — aaargh!

  12. Joe what did you do to get put in Twitter jail. Wow Das and Sparrow_hawk thanks for thinking my rankings make sense, just remember my disclaimer. After watching the episode I think there may be a change with FIVE, she is downright scary. Excellent episode

  13. @Sparrowhawk – Dinner was very good…and much needed! Lately if we eat out I get a bunless burger and mashed potatoes. Or grilled chicken. I really needed something tasty!

    Okie dokie…Dark Matter

    What a disappointment. 🙁 Slow, unimaginative, predictable…

    Oh, wait. That was the dream I had about turtles while napping earlier tonight…my bad!! 🙂

    Wow, Joe…this episode really amped up the game! I’m still absorbing everything and I must watch it again before giving my feelings about this episode, but suffice to say that I was pleased, and – at one point – sitting on the edge of my seat! And I even had a laugh out loud moment that involved a certain character we spoke earlier about, and a lot of girly screaming. 🙂

    Bubba, and Lulu? 🙂 Priceless! 😀

    The music was really good this week, too! And every character (and, of course, actor) delivered in spades! Still need to re-watch to catch all the little things, but on first viewing this episode has already delivered in sp…erm…space? (Help me out here, I’m running out of idioms!!!)



  14. The Significant Other quite enjoyed the Zobot. After watching Episode One separately, we decided we’d watch Episode Two together. The Android and Three had all the best lines tonight.

  15. Have to agree with Cathy. Four seems the most deadly (did you see the scene where he chopped that guy’s head off?), with the Android being slightly below him, though not by much. Two can be really serious and menacing at times. After that, the others seem to really fall under Three for the concern part.

    Loved the scene where The Android has that awkward conversation with the Ferrous Corp. guards on the Raza. 🙂

  16. Joe, need bail money…?

    I was in agreement with CathyL until I saw tonight’s show. Now I’ll say:

    Super badass:
    THREE because he has Bubba. Exactly what kind of gun is that?
    FOUR because he is too quick with the swords.
    SIX because he is so big.
    ONE he can shoot with the best of them.
    TWO she don’t mince words.
    Cause for concern:
    FIVE who is she??!
    Android, don’t trust her. Does she ever sleep?

    I meant to tell you last week congrats on the “Created By” title. That is huge!
    Do you think the Android is just making them think they are criminals?
    Consulting Producer Martin Gero. What does he do?
    Is there something going on between ONE and TWO?
    FIVE opened FOUR’s box, didn’t she?
    Is ONE going to be kissing all the girls this season?
    Their bedrooms are cool.
    ONE, THREE, FOUR and SIX are all expert fighters.
    They reminded me of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid there.
    You got any Stargate artifacts in Dark Matter or is it all new?

  17. Question:
    Any attempts or plans to bring back Joe Flanigan for a recurring or small role here?
    Do you personally still keep in touch?

  18. SOoooo many questions already about episode one..and I still have more.
    …and now with episode two…my head begins to spin again with even more
    questions and ideas etc.
    With episode three coming up so quick next week..and then four..then
    five etc etc.
    I will never be able to get fully caught up.

    Whatever happened to that post show “show” idea that was discussed?
    To much work?..too much bother?…not worth the efforts involved?

    Five — “Say something the next time that you come into a room.”
    I was expecting ** “something” **….but maybe that will come at another
    time..or maybe not.

  19. I loved the guns being named Bubba and Lulu! I like Bubba (the gun) being big but lightweight. Future guns aren’t going to be the heavy, clunky, steel things we have now. Plastics, carbon fiber. Lightweight metals we don’t even have yet.

    Mystery box contents. That Five is a little stinker. Hmmm. Now I need to find your blog post with all of the corporate logos.

    I stand by my Badass ratings.

    @Ponytail: I was wondering the same thing about One kissing the girls. And I hope not. I’m hoping he just felt a connection with this one because of the necklace thing.

  20. Oh and meant to say… excellent episode!! I love all the characters. Was Lulu mentioned?? I didn’t hear that! Where was it so I can listen for it during a rerun? I’m getting older and deafer…

  21. Hey, great 2nd episode. I have to say, I am really impressed with the visuals. One of my favorite scenes was the shot of the Raza in wait above the planet. It looked stunning. Also, the choice of lighting, especially in the ship, worked really well. The floors were black but they had a neat, clean shine. Also, Five’s hair color stood out really nicely.

    We got some well-needed action this episode, and it seems that when you put a bunch of mind-wiped guys in a fight, there’s going to be some bonding. The team is really starting to come together.

    I smiled when I heard the names of the guns.

    Oh and Killjoys was another hit. Interesting contrast with Dark Matter. Plus, the actor who played the miners’ leader showed up in the pilot in what looks to be a recurring role.

    Here’s my ranking:
    Two – She’s got the brains and the brawn. She’s more than a bossy leader – she thinks things through and is willing to compromise
    Four – Swords!
    Six – He was willing to sacrifice himself for these people. That’s pretty badass.
    Three – I know he -thinks- he’s a badass, but so far his selfishness makes him drop in the ranks
    One – I don’t need him to be a bad ass. He’s got a conscience and a big heart,
    Five – Haven’t seen her fight (yet). I like the look of excitement on her face when she finds the box.

  22. Need a better “name” for Zobot – it cannot be Zobot except external to the production cause her name Zoie is not known. Unless of course her name is Zoie in the production somewhere.

    Not liking Android, however accurate it is because is it almost demeaning.

    LOVED “–name–” dialogue…:
    Classic – So, do you have any offspring?

    IMHO – there is so much more to each character and while there are some “hints” to what each is – the hints are both subtle and “in your face.”
    Each time I start to categorize…something happens and the category does not fit. Sooooooooooo…..I’m gonna wait and watch and enjoy as everything unfolds.

    arrrrrgh…next Friday is so far away…sigh.

  23. Oh…Three’s naming of his toys. Cooooooool = Bubba for the BIG Bad gun and Lulu for the nice pretty hand gun.

  24. Love the Bubba and Lulu reference! Great show!!!!

    I like twitter but I rather participate on my schedule. You’re a big time TV producer now. Can’t you hire that kind of thing out? 😉

  25. Okay — I only saw Ep 2 last night, but plan to re-watch today on SyFy site. Loved the scene with Three naming his guns – OMG I laughed aloud! Are Bubba and Lulu pleased with this honor?
    I also saw that kiss coming… shades of John Shepard. Great episode, and good to see Tori again.

    I imagine the stunt folks weren’t very comfortable in those body armor outfits having to roll down stairs, fall off catwalks, etc. Kudos to them!

    I was so looking forward to a solid 3 hours of epic sci-fi last night. Defiance (and agree w/others that was sad seeing McCawley’s killed off), Killjoys and Dark Matter. After 15 min of Killjoys I switched the channel to news. Did not like the music, concept, dialog or characters. Then, after awhile I switched back to see if it had improved, and it had. Still don’t like the ship’s voice.

    So, next Friday I will again look forward to 3 solid hours of good sci-fi.

    Dark Matter rules!

  26. Thanks for the many links for the response to episode 2. I have not been able to see it yet though did locate my copies of the illustrated novel collection. Now I wish I could follow the broadcast and compare. I guess the primer episode links were a one time deal. I was denied viewing of ep. 2. (not in the geo region)

    As it was I had a prearranged activity. Rush was in town and I had to see the show. Poor planning on someone part. However, I was able to use information you have posted on previously and visit some of the restaurants you have written about. I went to Burgers Priest and had the Holy smokes- the fried peppers were great. An afternoon refresher was at Soma. Just awesome. I had the Mayan hot chocolate- a bit of adventure. It has a nice spicy after taste. I wished to return for more but time failed me (reason to return for Christmas shopping). Breaking stride I tried the Thai Princess, which was near by, for dinner. It is hard to ruin fried basil with pork (for me the fried egg is a must) so I could not recommend it but would return. (Hot is not a problem for this “Farong.”) Desert was a fine addition (crepe with coconut filling sprinkled with fresh pineapple bits with a chocolate drizzle).

    Momofuku was fantastic. It defiantly beat out King Noodle (the egg noodles being a bit too stiff) up near Dundas and Spadina. The pork buns were more in the form of a slider and not like a steam dumpling and the noodle soup while looking spicy was not hot but full of flavor. Bravo.

    I was not able to go to Patria nor Buca as they were not open for lunch nor was my concert attire fitting for such settings. Both are a bit difficult to find. If RUSH happens to have another concert in YYZ, there is a chance for a visit.

    Oh by the way I did happen to see a couple of vegetarian restaurants over by Dundas and Denison. I believe your “friend” Tara eats Veggie. Oh, while strolling down Kings St. I did pass some one who did resemble Tara from the pictures you’ve posted, but could not tell for sure as she was wearing a hoodie to perhaps to keep her unrecognized to her fan base.

    Speaking of Kings St and between it and Queen is one happening place. It was true last night. In seeing all those nice ladies dressed in their body socks, am not sure if it was just a nice visual experience. However I do know want to look for in an upcoming episode of Damien or some NYC cops were out of place. In an alley off Wellington near the Hockey hall of fame it looked like the bad aftermath of a New Years Day party.
    Thanks for the restaurant reviews.

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