A crazy day today, dealing with Jelly and Dark Matter-related issues as well as getting ready for the big trip back to Vancouver.

June 1, 2015: Out And Around The Home Front!

I couldn’t believe it!  I was eating dinner at Rodney’s Oyster House, glanced over, and noticed THIS sitting in the corner.  Exterminate!  Exterminate!

June 1, 2015: Out And Around The Home Front!

Sure, they had a lot of awesome signed oyster shells on their wall of fame, but this one was by far the awesomest – framed between a couple of baseball players and a couple of hockey players.

June 1, 2015: Out And Around The Home Front!

Akemi likes to play with her food.

June 1, 2015: Out And Around The Home Front!

Sexy nerd!

June 1, 2015: Out And Around The Home Front!

My poor girl.

June 1, 2015: Out And Around The Home Front!

I had to return my lender phone to the production – presumably so they could use it in that 90’s action thriller.

June 1, 2015: Out And Around The Home Front!

The great thing about Toronto is that there’s a garbage depository on every block!

June 1, 2015: Out And Around The Home Front!

This is how Lulu plays keep-away.

16 thoughts on “June 1, 2015: Out and around the home front!

  1. A little worried about the future of dark matter been checking out message boards here and there alot of folks worried that syfy will cancel the show before it’s catches on with an audience and therefore may not watch. My thoughts and prayers go out for jelly hanghang in there sweety. Can’t wait till the 12th sooo excited.

  2. Heh, before I even read the caption for the coat rack, I immediately thought the same thing.

    That car is gross.

    *hugs Jelly*

  3. I feel a little of what shaneac1 said. After the cancellation of SGU, I swore off of SyFy. I have not watched another series on SyFy, and DM will be the first since. If they burn me here, I’m done for good.

    Akemi’s hair looks great! Hugs for Jelly. And I think I saw that phone on an episode of Friends yesterday.

  4. Sending big hugs, positive vibes and prayers for Jelly, Akemi and you.

  5. Always tough watching our furry family age and deciding when they’ve had enough. She’ll let you know. My shepherd, Kyra, had severe hip dysplasia from the age of 4 months and we went through the surgeries (which were hard). She lived a very good life (hiking, following me on my horse, the ever-important Frisbee) until the age of 11 and then seemed to age drastically. I was on the fence with what to do because she’d rebound for a few weeks then crash for a couple of days. One morning it was so obvious that she was ready and I had to take her in (10 years ago) but I still miss her very much. I think the ones you go through a lot of ups and downs with are the ones that stick with you so much more. Hugs to you, Akemi and Jelly.

  6. Sending well wishes for Jelly.

    That car is disgusting,, ewwww.

    I like playing with my food too,, *high five*

    Have a great day, xo

  7. I have been boycotting SyFail since they cancelled SGU. I am giving them a second chance with Dark Matter. If they f**k this up, I will never go back. On a positive note, the boss at SyFail that hated scifi was finally fired, and the current (new) guy is a geek like us. He’s bringing back Scifi Fridays. I’m looking forward to this. I am dangerously allowing my hopes to creep up knowing full way that I may get them crushed – again.

    {{{HUGS}}} to your entire family.

  8. Is that an abandoned car? There’s a couple cars in our area like that, ones I’ve seen at stores and restaurants, and they’re nice cars, too (and it’s garbage/trash, nothing to indicate that the people are actually living in their cars). I just can’t imagine living/driving in something like that, but I also realize that hoarding is a mental illness and something that, without proper intervention, can overwhelm a person’s environment.

    Poor, sweet Jelly. 🙁 I know, Joe…no matter what you decide you will question it – doubt it – rue it. It’s what we do as pet-parents…even when it’s the best thing we still think there had to be a different way. Hang in there…we’re all here with you, and for you.


  9. Ugh…I did it again! Is it ‘There’s a couple cars’, or There are a couple cars’? This is the bane of my grammar existence!


  10. I might be thrown out of the sci-fi club for yet again not understanding the reference. I was looking for a bug or something on the coat rack, near the coat rack, around the coat rack, on the coat. Then it hit me. Dr. Who. Or maybe for me it is Dr. Who?

    Yeah, definitely need to get that phone back. It contains detailed secrets that if they ever got out would make the world explode. Especially regarding crazy stuff with Dark Matter.

    Adoring the purple on Akemi. My purple lasts for about 2 weeks and then I have to go in just to have more purple put on (not the entire bleaching/drying/purple/drying process). Washing it in cold water with a sulfate-free shampoo will help make it last longer.

    Poor Jelly. How long did they say the phage therapy would take to get to you? I think this rebound thing is not just a dog/cat thing. I know with humans the process of dying when they have a chronic condition or just old age will do the same–they will wax and wane between “It’s almost time” and “I’m feeling much better” which sometimes can last for years. It takes an emotional toll on all of you waking up wondering if “today is the day” or not. We send our love during these difficult days.

  11. “Sexy nerd” seems super appropriate for Akemi’s new style. Seeing her in black leather over a black mini with purple hair makes me wish I was 30 years younger.

    I hope Jelly is feeling as sleepy and peaceful as the pics. Her little tongue sticking out is adorable. My best wishes to her.

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