May 5, 2015: Wil Wheaton Drops By For Bourbon.  And Acting!

Introducing the latest member of the Dark Matter Whisky/ey Club – actor, author, blogger, tweeter, Tabletop creator, and bourbon aficionado Wil Wheaton.  He swung by the offices to sample some of the Woodford Reserve, take a tour of the sets, and terrify me with tales of the desecration suffered by a bottle of Colonel E.H. Taylor Tornado Surviving whiskey at the hands of a Moscow Mule enthusiast.  And, since he was in the neighborhood, I figured I’d ask him to do the show as well.

Wil will be playing the part of Alexander Rook, President and CEO of Dwarf Star Technologies and…well, I can’t say more.  Suffice it to say, you’ll love him in the role because Wil is positively tearing it up, delivering a performance that is cool, controlled, compassionate, canny, confident, with a touch of creepiness and a dash of Angostura bitters.  I was truly heartened by the fact that he clearly gave it a lot of thought prior to his arrival, crafting a charmingly nuanced character in preparation for his scenes and then positively wowing us with his take.  He’s been great – and, yesterday, outright outstanding as he served up a three page scene of complex dialogue, maintaining professional focus despite the incessant interruptions of airplanes flying overhead (Yes, we were shooting by the airport).

All this to say, it’s been a pleasure having Wil here with us and we hope to do it again soon.  Provided he survives this episode.  But, hey, like we used to say on Stargate: This is science fiction.  Nobody every dies in science fiction!

Unless it’s Dark Matter of course.

May 5, 2015: Wil Wheaton Drops By For Bourbon.  And Acting!
This photo. Starring Wil Wheaton. Co-starring my garish orange office couch.

28 thoughts on “May 5, 2015: Wil Wheaton drops by for bourbon. And acting!

  1. “Provided he survives the episode.” Oh Joe, you’re such a tease. Also, incredibly cool that Wil is going to be on an episode, not to mention that he has a big following that will now be watching that episode! (and hopefully many more)

    That couch is appalling.

  2. Okay, the Thai ballistic mask, you have a TV show set in a future that may play by some edge case civility, I get it, but there’s just no excuse for that couch. How is it an “office couch” just because it’s in your office? That’s not an “office Wil Wheaton”. It doesn’t work that way. That’s a “nowhere couch”.

  3. Not only am I a fan of Wil’s but I admire him as a person. He rescues animals and has adopted from local shelters. He rocks!!!!

  4. @Nobody every dies in science fiction!

    I wonder if there’s a Ba’al floating around out there in the Stargate universe still. There were plenty of him, perhaps the SGC missed one lol. Nah joking aside, I do kinda agree with that. Daniel Jackson is almost unkillable, he always comes back! 🙂

  5. That couch looks like something out of an Austin Powers film…

    Good to see Wil Wheaton again…the last series I remember him in was Eureka.

    1. Going to be some great “guest” stars on the show. Wil Wheaton will be terrific!

  6. Looking forward to seeing Wil Wheaton on the show. I hope he can get some of the cast to play a game with him on Tabletop too. 🙂

  7. That’s a wonderful bit of casting, Joe! I follow Wil on Tumblr and am amazed at what a thoughtful, progressively minded person he is. And he makes his own beer! Congrats, can’t wait to see him on the show.

  8. My excitement levels have just gone up a notch (I didn’t even think that was possible!)! Wil was dropping hints on Twitter all day yesterday and I didn’t recognise any of the photos (even the one of the damn Dark Matter cover!) or clues he tweeted. Now it’s bloody obvious! I’m so dumb!

    As others have said, I hope there’s some Dark Matter related Tabletop crossovers!

  9. You know, right now, the “OLD” Lady in me is remembering WIL as that *YOUNG*-**SKINNY**-KID running around with his Siblings on those “SEATREK”-CRUISES!!

    hmm… WIL on DM… I wonder if that will eventually merit a mention on BIG-BANG?

  10. Congrats on getting Wil Wheaton to join in on all your fun stuff.
    ~~yea, and give the couch back to wherever the heck you got it, but on the other hand it looks like low maintenance and easy to clean whiskey spills off of….

  11. Woo hoo! So happy to hear Wil is going to be part of Dark Matter! I follow Wil and his wife Anne on Twitter. Two extremely nice, funny and caring people. And Wil is a darn good actor, too. 🙂 Great news!

    That couch is hideous. Is it alive? It looks like a monster from Doctor Who disguised as a…couch.

  12. Hehehe. Wow. What and orange couch. Well it works for cloudy days to bring brightness inside. Congrats Wil _I look forward to this show, what a cool premise too.

  13. JeffW: Wil does guest spots on “The Big Bang Theory” too. On BBT, he was Sheldon’s occasional nemesis but now he plays “the scifi actor looking for work”. Funny stuff!

  14. Excited to see Wil Wheaton (Mr. Wesley Crusher and prior host of Falling Skies 2nd Mass after-hours show) involved with DM. And I agree with Kriss as a fellow Trekker (original series onward) that Wil participating is good news!

    My excitement grows as the premiere date/time for Dark Matter sneaks up on us. Great things Mr. M, great things…

    P.S. At my job site we have orange couches and blue couches/chairs, walls, carpeting, etc. as they are the corporate colors. The initial headache wears off after a few days.

  15. I know! The couch keeps you on task because if you take your eyes off your laptop to daydream, you’ll get a headache.

  16. Hey Joe,

    Great news. Wil will spread the word! Sounds like he’s loving it. Go you!!!!

    I met him once at a convention in Melbourne. Made me realise how different I am in real life compared with my online persona, as he is. I am much more reserved, introverted, unsure and thoughtful. I find this interesting. How about everyone else? Are you the same or different online?

    Cheers, Chev

  17. Wow…Wil Wheaton? That brings back memories! One of the ST:TNG episodes that sticks in my head is The Game. I’m always calling it to mind because of the way the characters became entranced by ‘the game’, incapable of acknowledging anyone or anything around them. Reminds me of people today with their smart phones and such. People walking down the street, sitting in restaurants, on public transportation, and even at sporting events and the movies – everyone just staring at their phones, mesmerized by whatever is on the screen. It’s kinda surreal at times.

    Now, hubby and I have been known to use a smart phone in public, but it’s usually to settle an argument over what actor appeared in what movie. 😛 But that’s super important and just cannot wait! 😀

    Anyways – welcome aboard, Mr. Wheaton! Don’t let Joey kill you off – he’s really good at doing crap like that. 😡

    @ Joey – I hope you don’t go killing off too many main characters, or recurring characters. I’ve been ‘deathed-out’ for years, and I get especially depressed when a beloved character gets the ax. Dead characters and a depressive personality do not mix well in my head. 😛

    It just happened with that guy on that hospital show (that I obviously don’t watch), and I can’t understand why creators decide to go that way. It just seems like such a slap in the face to fans…instead of rewarding them for years of loyalty they’re punished instead. And the more it happens, the less I watch. Probably why I’m fast-forwarding through so many shows now. I lose interest as soon as the body count gets too high.


  18. Das: Totally agree with you on character deaths. I watch Grey’s Anatomy but I’m skipping all the shows about McDreamy’s death.

    Mr. M.: Was Wil Wheaton’s predilection with making beer a factor in the casting? 🙂

  19. Love his table top show. Pandemic is one of the first shows I watched. My brother basically forced me to watch it and I was hooked. If you haven’t played Pandemic, I recommend you give it a shot. The players play against the board, it has become a family favorite, so far it is the board 10 players 6.

  20. Ooh, cool beard on Wil, he looks totally different in the first pic. He looks like a young John Rhys-Davies. Yep, this overcranks the DM anticipation to a thousand.

  21. Yes, I have been UNDER A ROCK!! This is wonderful news. I really did enjoy his show on Syfy. I don’t know if they are renewing it though. I hope they do. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy him on your show. He was also on The Guild which I adored.

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