May 2, 2015: The Weekend Is Upon Us.  Not So Fast!

Hey, finally!  After a looooong week of production, the weekend is here!  And you know what that means?

Saturday shoot!

May 2, 2015: The Weekend Is Upon Us.  Not So Fast!
Dark Matter Line Producer Norman Denver is already in weekend mode.

To make it even more fun, the highway is closed until Monday morning so I had to take a circuitous route of side streets and back alleys to get to the studio.  If it wasn’t for waze last night (only the greatest app ever:, I probably would have abandoned my car and walked the ten miles back to my place.

May 2, 2015: The Weekend Is Upon Us.  Not So Fast!

Got a problem?  Fill out the paperwork…

May 2, 2015: The Weekend Is Upon Us.  Not So Fast!

13 thoughts on “May 2, 2015: The weekend is upon us. Not so fast!

  1. Loved The Hurt Feelings Report. Especially, the fine print at the bottom. Hilarious! 😆

  2. I LOVE the “Hurt Feelings Report”, and may have to steal it.

    Time to get some rest! Do you have to work tomorrow too?

  3. Waze is amazing. I’ll have you know that I am Waze royalty – which just means I use the app a lot. My little Waze ninja has a crown and everything. I’m glad it helped you get where you needed to be. But I’ve noticed it has a tendency to suggest that I make left turns onto busy four lane roads just to avoid a stop light.

    I need a copy of that “hurt feelings report”. Maybe several of them.

    If you haven’t seen “The Age of Adaline” – arrrrrgggggghhhh! I took my mother (who is 84 and loves romance movies) for an early Mother’s Day treat. The plot was meh and the pseudoscience made my brain hurt. Mom enjoyed it, so it wasn’t a total loss.

  4. Wow. I somehow managed to reply to the Hurt Feelings Report image, rather than your actual blog post. That report is the best! I’ll think of the next time a certain someone gets pouty over something dumb. I’ll possibly fill it in mentally, begin laughing maniacally and probably end up getting in major trouble.

    Never heard of Waze. Will check it out because I’m also directionally challenged, and not just on the internet. Glad it got you to where you were going. Headline: TV Producer’s Car Found Abandoned, His Whereabouts Unknown No one wants that!

  5. in that “hurt feelings report” it has a spot to check for “i didn’t get a sub.” does that mean a submarine sandwich a.k.a hero a.k.a hoagie? or does it mean a substitute?

  6. What do you think of Bradbury Stories, Joe? He, Roald Dahl and Jeffrey Archer are my favourite short story writers. My dad had a copy of Bradbury’s October Country when I was a kid. I read it and got hooked on his wonderful imagination. And, to continue the nostalgia trip, my dad also had Robert Sheckley’s Dimension of Miracles, which I still own. Love it or not, there’s something about the first SF books one reads that stick with you. 🙂

  7. that hurt feelings report makes for an excellent tool for fostering a workplace environment that supports bullying. [sarcasm]well done.[/sarcasm]

  8. I love that “hurt feelings report.” I know a person on this planet that needs to fill out multiple reports every day. Never takes personal responsibility for anyone done that was of their own creation in the first place and blames others for everything that goes wrong (even imagines things said are insults). Oh wait. This would be whining, wouldn’t it? I guess I need to fill out my own report. LOL

    That is a group of good-looking and talented people.

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