April 18, 2015: Name Our Fandom!

Star Trek has its trekkies, Firefly the browncoats, and the various Stargates their gaters (not gateheads as wiki would have you believe).  So, I figure that now, less than two months out from our world premiere, is as good a time as any to come up with a name for our Dark Matter fandom.

First, the show…

“The crew of a derelict ship awakens from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got onboard.  Naming themselves numerically in the order in which they woke up, ONE through SIX, they begin their search for answers.  Facing threats at every turn, they have to work together to survive a voyage charged with vengeance, betrayal, secrets, and shocking revelations.”

So, what do you think?  Suggestions?  Army of Darkness?  The Crazy 8’s?  Marauders?

I’ll leave you to it.

68 thoughts on “April 18, 2015: Name our fandom!

  1. Hmmm fandom naming I think just happens organically…someone says something and it just sticks. I’ll go for an aussie flavour though – Dark Mateys

  2. Another liberal one – WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles).

    I don’t really like the sound of that one though!!

  3. Based on a theory, Dark Matter is composed of WIMPs.

    The most widely accepted explanation for these phenomena is that dark matter exists and that it is most probably[8] composed of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) that interact only through gravity and the weak force.

    Therefore, we are WIMPs…


  4. How about SevenClan. ONE thru SIX are the characters. The fans are the seventh member. And like JeffW, I was wanting to borrow “clan” from Alex.

  5. I do agree with Kat – I think the best names grow organically and will probably be different from anything we would pick.

  6. Happy Birthday, Akemi!!!

    I like “the numerals” … “dark digits” … or “particles” for our collective. Or, maybe we’re part of “the pi” … 😉

    Whatever the label, can’t wait to become a part of this fandom, Joe!

  7. First reaction: DARKLINGS or Dark Darlings

    Hey, that might be a good con question!

  8. Second thought: What’s the name of our ship again?

    Vegans (re Vega V)
    Lost Vegans?
    Sevens? (The audience being the collective seventh human member of the crew)

  9. Happy Birthday Akemi!
    How about the ‘Matters’?
    Sounds pretty bad, huh? Maybe I should think again. Lol! 😊

  10. Got a giggle from @JeffW. 😃

    Once the show airs, a name will happen.

    How was the first day of @Akemi’s birthday month? 🍰😃

  11. Whatever name the fandom gets should be something easily associated with the show or there will be a lot of blank looks. Dark Matters works for me since we are all made of it – matter, that is.

  12. Happy birthday, Akemi!

    Re: Babadook

    A simple but creepily effective and, ultimately, unnerving horror film. I’m not sure what was more unsettling: the babadook or that annoying kid.

    Just watched this one. Didn’t find it very entertaining, though. Probably because of that kid. I was ready to strangle him within the first 10 minutes, and he just got more annoying as the movie progressed. I found myself telling him to “Shut the F*** up” and “Just DIE already.”

  13. Happy belated birthday to Akemi.

    Also, I can’t help but notice that Paul is only listed as producer on the pilot. Did he leave the show?

  14. My first idea was: AWGTHTGTTAs “Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again”

    In a second thougth for fun: BANANAs

    In the spirit of the show “no idea who we are”: NIWars

    Or for the final reason” we are dangerous”: Wads

    which leads us to a simple notion: “no idea who we are but we are dangerous”: NiWADS

    But in the end, likely the answer is : Matters…. since this allows a lot of puns.

  15. Hum, as I haven’t read the comic and am going off of what I know from the blog, what a to the forgotten? They all lost their memories, play on things, but that sounds kind of odd. The sevens does have a nice ring to it, but agree with others that it will be easier once we are a few shows into the series.

  16. I respect your desire to guide the fandom title but just as you can never decide your own nickname I feel like you will always be disappointed by the popular vote. Still, that being said I was thinking Darkies until I read Baterista9’s suggestion of Darklings. That just sounds right to me but that might just be the wine speaking at the moment. 🙂

  17. yeah, what’s that ship’s name again..?

    how’s about “D[i]M VEGGIES”… After all, you are a FOOD Guy!

    Or, “6ers”… “6-Packers”…

    Actually, I kinda liked that “Dark-Digits” suggestion of @JODI ‘s

    BTW, your Whiskey Club should probably have some tag-line too, like, “Aged in SPACE”…

  18. My 1st idea: “Razers” (from “Raza”).
    In a 2nd: “Matteries”.
    In a 3rd and 4th: “DaeMons” or “DeMigods” (DM = “Dark Matter”).
    And finally: “Dark Gaters”. Mwahaha. No, I’m serious, DM is alternative timeline/parallel universe of 3rd season of SGU =)

  19. I dunno.
    Darklings isn’t bad. Dark-siders is okay, too.

    gforce: thanks for the wiki-link. I learned something new today! But i think, as a fan-group name, it may be a little, well, obscure. 😉

  20. The name would have to grow from something people who don’t watch the show would recognize. The name of the show doesn’t lend itself to anything non-offensive (which won’t stop the Redditers who’ll use the terms trekkies, gateheads, and Paultards without remorse), so it’ll have to be the thing non-watchers think of when they think of the show.

    If it weren’t for the easy term trekkers (trekkies to the non-watchers) and other parts of the franchise, Star Trek: TNG would be known as “that spaceship show with the guy who wears banana clip glasses”. So, I’m afraid it’s “Blue Hairs” for the non-watchers. “Blue Hair Militia” for the watchers. It’ll make more sense when you start seeing more blue hair than usual at Comic Con.

  21. Oh, yeah, Skua pointed out the obvious, “Matters”. If non-watchers find it distinctive enough, it’ll stick.

  22. If you start a marketing scheme like the Maker’s Mark Ambassador program, we could be known as whatever it is we get named (diplomatic matters, corporate goons, dark goons, dark ambassadors, Dark ONEs, Dark TWOs, etc.).

    (Disclosure: this is entirely motivated by me wanting to get Dark Matter-themed Christmas presents. The Maker’s Mark gifts are cute enough, but I’m not going to flaunt them.)

  23. How about *Name here* 🙂

    Joking aside, some fantastic suggestions from people above.

  24. I also think its impressive how Gforce and Brent came up with the same name within a minute of one another.


    Sorta reminds me of something you’d see in a fantasy novel or series, like a minion of darkness or something lol.

  25. Because (as you told me) the name of the ship is a secret and the people on the ship have no memories but in essence are the ships crew …. we could be simply known as The Crew.

  26. Regarding “darkies” as a fandom term, I think that term has already been taken as a racial epithet. Maybe that doesn’t mean it can’t become the fandom’s term, either as reclaiming the term for a morally neutral purpose or as what trolls call us. Maybe we can figure out where geographically that term has been used as a weapon and poll the local population about whether we can have the word now if they aren’t using it anymore.

  27. I have no imagination….

    so looking at everyone’s suggestions….
    Razars – has a kinda nice ring to it.
    Cause the Mallozzi DM fans will be hell “Razars” to keep the show alive!

  28. The ship is The Tabula Rasa, right? How about The Rasooos or just Rasooos?

    There are so many good ideas here!

  29. As a child of the 50’s here in the USA and a short time in then Rhodesia the term darkies made me shudder. I know I’m old but the negative connotations kinda blow that one out of the water for me. Matterites, Matteristas, Matterlammerdingdongs. In Italian dark matter is materia oscura. I like Oscuras. It’s random. MatterJammers, MatHats, NonCancellables, Matteronis, DarMats, Joe’s Geniuses, Akemi’s Army or just USGuys?? I’ve had way too much coffee today.

  30. Hi joe
    I know none of you are Irish. But as plenty non French use ” noir ” for dark I thought I would let you know that the Irish “Gaelic” for dark matter is
    damhna dorcha

  31. Thanks to the FEW of you who pointed out that the term “darkies” is incredibly racist, and profoundly offensive. It’s not THAT old. I’m 28, and I’m familiar with the term. Millennials, #amirite? Darklings is okay. My first thought was Amnesiacs, but perhaps that’s too generic.

    Hopefully, I didn’t just post that twice. It didn’t seem to go through the first time. Are these moderated?

  32. @iamtavel

    I honestly didn’t see someone mention it, but I do agree with you, a name like Darkies would be a complete disaster and would draw negative attention to Dark Matter.

    Also yes Joe does moderate comments, but this is mostly down to I think WordPress having spam issues, and there were a few trolls during the Stargate days. It would be an absolute rarity for a comment not to be approved, Joe is generally a nice/accepting guy and lets readers talk about whatever.

  33. Not feeling terribly creative. Bangers because dark matter is part of the big bang theory, but that might already be taken by that show’s followers. Or MACHOs, WIMPs is also awesome. If you want to go with the scientific approach to names.

    DMers but I’m not really feeling that too much. Also like Matterlings or even DarkMatterlings so you get more of the title in there.

  34. I agree that the name should happen organically… But it can’t hurt to float some ideas… One just popped in my head as I was going to sleep…

    The Matternity

    Cheers, Chev

  35. I, like some of the others here, know that if the fandom does take on a name, it’ll be from something in the show(a la browncoats) and will happen once the show is airing.

    And trust me, it can NOT be Darkies. HUGE can o’ worms right there.

    -Mike A.

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