April 14, 2015:  My Girl!  And My Show!

My sweetheart seems to be feeling under the weather tonight.  No, my OTHER sweetheart.  Well, technically, my first sweetheart.  At 16 years, Jelly is my longest relationship.  She’s getting a bit fussy in her old age, more demanding, less inclined to suffer fools (mainly my other pug, Bubba), but I think that just makes her more lovable.  She’s a daddy’s girl.  Despite her bad hips, arthritic joints, deafness, and weak eyesight, she always greets me with an enthusiastic fervor usually reserved for pan-fried chicken hearts.  Tonight, not so much.  Not sure what’s up.  Maybe she’s got a lot on her mind…

Did you see the Dark Matter teaser trailer?  78k+ views in four days!  Did you share it with your friends?  Your family?  Complete strangers?  Did you get it out to other SF enthusiasts?  Maybe William Shatner and Wil Wheaton are looking for a new scifi series to get hooked on?

Well, just in case, here’s the link:  https://youtu.be/1TqwBlTQfTg

I guarantee, this show will be more addictive than those honey and tabasco roasted pecans I made last year.

April 14, 2015:  My Girl!  And My Show!

Two units shooting today on our standing sets.  While John Stead was directing the action on the bridge and the infirmary, Ron Murphy was directing the action in the training room and various quarters.  Scenes from four different episodes were on the docket today.  Meanwhile, Director Martin Wood was busy prepping episode #111, while Director Andy Mikta was prepping episode #112.

April 14, 2015:  My Girl!  And My Show!

John Stead directs Marc Bendavid (ONE).  Crew blocking.

I spent most of the day agonizing over and, ultimately, writing two new scenes for episode #112.  Tomorrow, I kick things off with a soundscape meeting (deciding on all the awesome ship tones), then head to the production offices for a pre-VFX Visual Effects meeting – again for episode #112 (It’s a big one!).  I’ll while away the afternoon in my office, writing the two new scenes for #110.

April 14, 2015:  My Girl!  And My Show!

Kyle models the soon-to-be space suit.

Amid all of the prepping, producing, writing, and editing, I have managed to get some time off.  For eating and sleeping, mostly, but also to check out a couple of horror movies with good buzz…

April 14, 2015:  My Girl!  And My Show!

A simple but creepily effective and, ultimately, unnerving horror film.  I’m not sure what was more unsettling: the babadook or that annoying kid.

April 14, 2015:  My Girl!  And My Show!

A small, independent film with a great premise and a lot of good scares.  Eerie.

21 thoughts on “April 14, 2015: My girl! And my show!

  1. Lol, with the number of years it’ll take before we get a new Star Trek on television, I’m sure Shatner and Wheaton have enough spare time to tune into Dark Matter. I just watched the Season 4 Finale of Falling Skies yesterday night and seeing that epic space battle sequence at the end of the episode made me even more psyched to getting to June 12th.

  2. Yes. I shared the link several times. And when the new trailer with all the flash and boom and stuff comes out, I’ll share that one, too!

    Give Jelly a gentle hug and a scritch behind the ears for me. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

  3. Give Jelly some gentle hugs from me please. Hope she starts feeling better. Do you think it could be weather related? I know she has problems but sometimes humidity and temperature can aggravate what’s there.

    I’ve been spreading the word here about “Dark Matter “. Can’t wait for the premiere. The trailer rocked!

    Good night All!

  4. As I said before, I am amazed that you have the gas in the tank to write such an entertaining and detailed blog at the end of the day. Discipline, passion, come to mind. Two things that get a tv show off the ground too. 😉 I’ve shared the trailer etc on facebook and got over 205 likes, so hopefully that helps!

    Your choice of directors has been great too. I’ve worked with TW and Andy before. Both talented guys, and even though I have not worked with Ron, I’ve known him for 14 years or so. All three are great guys to be around as well as talented.

    Saw quite a meltdown with Dennis Quaid yesterday on the net. Re mined me ofthe great scifi classic ” Enemy Mine”. Were you a fan? As a kid I loved it! When I get some time I will have to see it with adult eyes.
    All the best!

  5. Praying for Jelly! Hopefully it’s just the change of seasons.

    We’ve been promoting Dark Matter to our family and friends, and our kids have been promoting it to their friends. We have at least a couple of age groups covered!

    I’ve seen local ads for It Follows, but The Babadook is new to me…I may see if Jackie will watch it with me, as Barb surely won’t.

  6. sorry that Jelly is under the weather. pat pat. Can’t wait to see Martin Wood’s work again. Yes, I have shared the link to the trailer every day on my Facebook. I have 500 + friends. 😀

  7. Sorry to break it to you but the chances of one ‘l’ Wil Wheaton liking your show. are pretty slim when you misspell his name. But i’m sure it will all work out as you’ll have it fixed before he sees this post 🙂

    Seeing it all put together in a trailer like that makes me all the more impatient for release day. Can’t wait!!

    Say does this Calchek guy have a sister? As we need to see David and Kate back together on screen. 🙂

    Hope Jelly feels better.

  8. Hope Jelly feels better tomorrow. Give her a snuggly kiss for me. You’ve got 4 directors working at one time. That is a lot. Are you behind schedule a little? Too many Whiskey Club meetings? Have you seen the horror movie Sinister? You’d like it, it’s about a writer…

  9. Just watched the trailer.
    Looks really interesting almost picking where one of your other show stopped.

    But then I see the name of the channel…
    Syfy… I mean really?
    A season 2 will be decided at episode 3 of season 1 and you’re fine with that?
    The only way to do it right is to involve Europeans like Hannibal did. NBC wanted to cancel Hannibal because of low ratings but Gaumont (France) denied that option and now it’s one of the best show on TV.

    I can’t stand Syfy anymore. Sure they did some great stuffs like BSG and SG/SGU but they’re unable to step back and appreciate a good potential.

    Jo I really hope some other channel that Syfy are on board. I want to see your projects run their full course and not be interrupted because of stupid executives and ratings wrongly calculated.
    Let’s hope this time that no dumbass minors get stuck underground again. I mean SERIOUSLY!!
    Take care and God speed to Dark Matter.

  10. Poor sweet Jelly. Maybe she is just missing her daddy. Some extra time off may be just what makes her feel better. Or maybe she is depressed that tomorrow (well it is Wednesday so today) is tax day.

    Not sure how to win Wil Wheaton over. He is a tough nut to crack. Maybe if Syfy renewed his show, that might help.

    I’ve been sharing all I can where I can when I can. I wish your WordPress would record the shares on Google Plus and Tmblr because I’ve been sharing there, too.

    Just want to say how much I appreciate your dedication to the blog. You have so much going on.

  11. ~~Squishy hugs to Jelly baby, hope she is feeling better today. I have said it b4, you are a great doggy daddy.
    ~You make my head spin with all the activity involved in your production, whew!! Looking forward to the show!!!!!

  12. I hope Jelly’s OK.

    I have shared the trailer on The Book of Faces and Twitter a few times. For better or worse, that’s the extent of my social media-ing.

    I’m looking forward to both The Babadook and It Follows to hit Netflix!

  13. Speaking of William Shatner, he does tweet about a lot of different Syfy shows. I don’t think you have anything to worry about there, I don’t think there isn’t one Syfy show he hasn’t talked about that has aired lol.

  14. Poor Jelly! Give her a hug and ear scratch for me. These folks getting up in years worry me so.

    Speaking of under the weather, I had to abort my backpacking trip after the first night. I got to the bottom of the canyon fine, but that night was terribly sick. I mean vomiting for seven hours straight sick.

    So I decided to just get out as best I could and helpful rangers arranged for me to stay at a spot halfway out last night. Still, climbing out was tough.

    Feeling a little better today, thankfully.

  15. You were smart, very smart to put only the slightest glimpse of Zobot in there. Her fans have now watched the trailer 32 times just to get a complete image of her character. I see what you did you there. Well played DM team, well played.

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