Well, finally!  It’s official!


“David Hewlett is returning to Syfy! This summer Hewlett will reunite with Stargate Atlantis writers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie on their new show Dark Matter.

Hewlett will have a recurring part as Talbor Calchek. In a slight change for Hewlett, Calchek is a sleazy agent for unsavory mercenaries who will appear in a four-episode arc.”

April 2, 2015: Dark Matter Casting Announcements!  David Hewlett!  Ruby Rose!

Who is Tabor Calchek?  Well…

“Slick, silver-tongued, and more than a little seedy. Tabor Calchek is the team’s handler and the ultimate agent. For the standard 10% commission, he uses his underworld connections as a broker to secure his clients their lucrative assignments. Tabor is sly, manipulative and opportunistic, and can always be counted on to look out for his client’s best interests…right after his own.”

Imagine a cross between Stargate: Atlantis’s Rodney McKay, Entourage’s Ari Gold, and Nic Cage’s Detective Rick Santoro from Snake Eyes, and you’d have a pretty fair approximation of the Tabor character.  His morals are as suspect as his fashion sense, but he is a hoot!  When it came time to cast the role, we reached out to David and made him an offer.  No audition necessary because I knew he would nail it.  And he did, delivering a performance that had us all struggling to stifle our laughter during his takes.  Behind the scene pics to come.  But here’s something to tide you over…

April 2, 2015: Dark Matter Casting Announcements!  David Hewlett!  Ruby Rose!

Little known fact: When he’s not acting, David Hewlett works station security on Shaofu 2!

April 2, 2015: Dark Matter Casting Announcements!  David Hewlett!  Ruby Rose!

Our second BIG guest star announcement:

“Also guest-starring in the show’s first season will be Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black) as Wendy, described as a “dangerously beautiful android with a full range of pleasure features.”

Well, sure.  That’s one way to describe her, but I prefer…

“Wendy is an entertainment model android designed and built for FUN. The crew discovers her, disassembled in a remote section of the ship and decide to bring her online. Using every bit of her entertainment programming to her advantage, she immediately charms everyone on board – with the exception the ship’s practical work model android who finds Wendy illogical and plain bad company. Resentment brews as the two droids vie for the crew’s attention and affection.”

Ruby landed on our show thanks to the inspired, out-of-the-box casting mind of Dark Matter Executive Producer Jay Firestone – and she was an utter delight to work with.  Smart, sweet, and exceptionally dedicated to her craft, she delivers a one-of-a-kind performance as the multi-faceted Wendy, at turns sunny, sharp, and totally kick-ass.  Oh, and 1000 bonus points to her for being such a compassionate dog rescuer.

April 2, 2015: Dark Matter Casting Announcements!  David Hewlett!  Ruby Rose!

Ruby celebrated her birthday Dark Matter style, with Executive Producer Jay Firestone and the gang playing laser tag.

AND…that’s another wrap!  Episode #108 is in the books and director T.W. Peacocke heads to editing.

Monday, we roll right back into episode #109 with four days of director Ron Murphy’s episode still to shoot.

And then, Dark Matter stunt coordinator John Stead assumes the directing reins on episode #110.

While that goes to camera, it’s another Stargate reunion of sorts as director Martin Wood comes into town to prep episode #111.

And we finish Dark Matter’s first season in fine style, with another Stargate alum as director Andy Mikita drops by to shoot episodes #112 and #113.

I can’t believe we have less than two months to go.  I’ve got to start making plans for my return trip home to Vancouver!

32 thoughts on “April 2, 2015: Dark Matter casting announcements! David Hewlett! Ruby Rose!

  1. Isn’t Shaofu 2 the Downersville where everything was prohibited? Figures they would have an ugly green security vehicle. He looks awesome driving it though!

    Not being an Orange is the New Black watcher, I have to admit that I had to look up Ruby’s name, but I’m sure she’s great.

    Yeah, it’s hard to believe that it’s getting this close to wrapping for the season. It seems like no time ago that you were still trying to piece the whole deal together. The way time flies is scary.

  2. quoting gforce;
    It seems like no time ago that you were still trying to piece the whole deal together. The way time flies is scary.

    i second that.

  3. Those story lines sound really good! Thanks for the inside glimpse. 😀

    Ruby recuses dogs? I’m sold on her then. Did they cover her tattoos or write them in the story?

  4. It’ll be great to see David Hewlett in Sci Fi again! Are the script pages running long in his episodes like they used to in SGA? Or is the wordiness toned down a bit in this new character?

    And who knew Shaofu 2 imported a bunch of Reliant Robins for station security (or that there was a 4-door version of the Robin)?

    Okay, tongue now removed from cheek…it’s a Snyder electric vehicle, but I had to do a image search to identify it. I was thinking Daihatsu before that. Yeah, I’m a car nerd too.

  5. That’s wonderful news about Ruby and David. So there might be a android face-off…oh this is gonna be good. Gotta love Ruby’s tats. She’s smart, talented, beautiful & compassionate…wow.

    June came come soon enough!

  6. Sailing on, sailing on, wow, the time has sure flown by, and reading about it every day, has helped me make the journey. Looking forward to your project, that has been ever so much fun to read about, all the inner workings and behind the scene good stuff. More familiar faces and new ones, a whole new show to watch. It is most welcome.
    ~How are your mom and sister doing these days? Have a great day!

  7. Yay, got my wish!!! David will be wonderful as Talbor Calchek–can’t wait to see the magic he brings to the role! Thanks for making my weekend. 🙂

  8. David and Ruby……YIPPPEEEE. Oh a jealous android….I cant wait…Yippppeee again

  9. Yay! Many, many yays for the return of Hewlett.
    Here’s some cheerleaders with pom-poms for you.

    *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*

  10. Such great news, and when you described the Talbor character weeks ago, I immediately pictured David for it, but I thought it would be too good to be true! Both casting news items are great — I love OITNB, and I love that you’re casting outside the box!

  11. When you posted the character description of your special guest I think most of us guessed who would be best at playing him. Looks like we were right!

    Yay! Ruby Rose comes from my home town. Does her character speak with an Australian accent? That would be cool!

  12. So excited David is coming to be on dark matter. He is amazing when he gets the right script. And you guys can deliver that for sure. Can’t wait!

  13. Not sure if you can answer this, but is david’s 4 episode arc a one and done? Or will it be left open for him to return again in the future?

  14. Shocked! lol. Joking aside, it had to be Shanks or Hewlett anyway. Hewlett is a great bit of casting, he really made Atlantis his own. I would easily consider McKay as one of the most important and well acted/written characters on Atlantis.

  15. @out-of-the-box casting mind of Dark Matter Executive Producer Jay Firestone

    That was certainly out of the box and well done there. Hopefully the episode she appears in is promoted right, it could bring in the viewers perhaps. She is quite well known so you never know really. Could happen.

  16. A ZAP! That’s an inspired choice of vehicle…

    Jeff, I don’t think it’s necessarily a zebra. I think the zebra has a zebra paint job.

  17. That looks a cat (or something) on David’s shoulder as he’s sitting in the car. Or maybe something more… alien.

  18. Speaking of which Joe, it’s a shame Cas Anvars newest show Olympus didn’t have the best of starts on Syfy. It only pulled 894,000 viewers and a 0.2. That said 12 Monkeys got renewed with similar numbers so jury’s out on that I guess.

  19. Great blog! Andy Makita is a wonderful director! This should be great! Can’t wait to see your first trailer.

  20. David Hewlett & June 12 premier date announcement in one? Whee!

  21. Oh David H. I am sure he can handle the assignment-no problem. (But, will his sister be there to save him? joking.) He could keep a good beat in SG. Odd that I was shopping for new dvds the other day of which one was “Sons of Anarchy” season 1, coincidence?
    Fun crew shot. They look like they are getting ready to hit the streets for battle in Bangkok during SongKran.
    Film vs. Digital-the picture screams digital.

  22. Perfect choice! Hopefully David’s going to bring in the hilarious lines we’ve come to expect from him in Atlantis. 😀

  23. Not impressed with the addition of Ruby Rose to the great cast already in place. She is freaking annoying and not sci fi, material in my opinion. i’ll give her props in oitnb but this was not a positive for the show Dark Matter. It adds a sleazy feel. Last week we enjoyed wonderful character development. This week made me feel like I was watching the CW teeny BS.

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