Well, hunh.  That super special (double) special guest star announcement was supposed to come out today.  Honest.  And, despite the delays, it still may.  Or, at worst, come out tomorrow.  At the very latest!


Scenes from set…

April 1, 2015: Scenes From Set!

The production hotline is akin to the red phone, only to be used in cases of extreme emergency.  This afternoon, I discovered on set producer Ivon Bartok using it to order a pizza.

April 1, 2015: Scenes From Set!

What’s at the end of the underground tunnel?  Actually, the correct question would be: “Who’s at the end of the underground tunnel?”

April 1, 2015: Scenes From Set!

Joe and Dino ride the dolly.  Next up: the roller coaster!

April 1, 2015: Scenes From Set!

Director T.W. Peacocke and Visual Effects Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson confer on a shot.  1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn flashes a knowing smile.  But what DOES he know?!

April 1, 2015: Scenes From Set!

Steve and Alex discuss the grab, spin, smoke and restrain.

April 1, 2015: Scenes From Set!

Gun girl Nikki ready for action.

April 1, 2015: Scenes From Set!

Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock lends his support.  And he was still standing there when I left set today!

April 1, 2015: Scenes From Set!

This guy!  That guy!  And Portuguese chicken lunch!

April 1, 2015: Scenes From Set!

And, of course, Portuguese tarts.  The chicken was just an appetizer.

Tomorrow marks our final day of production on episode #108.  Up next: Director Ron Murphy returns for episode #109 while Dark Matter stunt coordinator John Stead does the donors for #110.  And, finally, we complete the season with a double dose of Stargate  vets: directors Martin Wood and Andy Mikita.  Ah, just like old times…

20 thoughts on “April 1, 2015: Scenes from set!

  1. *sigh*
    Guess you’ll be finished shooting S1 by the time I can get to YTO.

  2. “Or, at worst, come out tomorrow. At the very latest!”

    Sure it will, Joe. Suuuurrreee it will. 😉

    Man, those sets look good! Hard to believe it’s getting so close to the end of filming.

  3. Had the super special announcement been made today we all would have wondered if it was just an April Fools’ joke. Best to wait ’till the 2nd, since we’ve already waited this long.

  4. I thought for sure the announcement was an April fools joke…..
    ~Do not mess with Nikki,,ok…
    ~~Yea to Martin and Andy!! You have way too much fun.
    Have a great tomorrow!

  5. The production hotline is akin to the red phone, only to be used in cases of extreme emergency. This afternoon, I discovered on set producer Ivon Bartok using it to order a pizza.

    better than using it to make obscene phone calls.

  6. “That super special (double) special guest star announcement was supposed to come out today. Honest.” Wake up Joe! You’re dreaming again! I know you’ve got me yawning.

    Martin Wood and Andy Mikita. Yeah! It will be great seeing Martin again. It’s been awhile with him working on other shows.

    When Ivon lays his fork down like that, does that mean he is done eating? When I’m done, I lay my fork down right side up, not upside down like he did. Strange the things that catch your eye…

  7. Special guest? Well, the President visiting our state at the local air base today. Guaranteed to snarl someone’s commute. I’ve been avoiding the comments on any news posts. People are Not Nice, yikes.

    On tangent ramble! Phone story! When I was in the Navy, stationed on Diego Garcia, I worked on the secure voice system. So, phones. System was top secret, the lines were encrypted and dedicated, which meant your call was guaranteed to go through, be secure, and sound good. Except when it was down, then I got to work until it did. I was troubleshooting the gear, middle of the night, In uniform. At the air wing where I usually do not work, their tech was on leave.

    A Navy pilot came in, and said, “Hey, honey”. I kept working and did not turn around, although I heard the sharp intake of breath from the guys on duty in the control room. “Excuse me, Miss.” I still did not turn around. “Petty Officer, can I ask you a question?” I turned around, saw a handsome man in a flight suit, with the name tag “Racin’ Jason”. Sheesh. Flyboys. “Yes, sir.” “When can I use the phone?” “When I am done, sir, I already gave the Senior Chief the ETA.”
    The guys on duty exchange looks, they knew I was busy, tired, and being interrupted during something complicated.

    “Let me know immediately when it is up, I have an important call to make.” “Yes, Sir.” This man continued to interrupt me every ten minutes. “Sir, you can use the autovon in the chief’s office.” I knew he didn’t want to, he would need a control number logged in to do so, so he wanted to use what I was fixing because the calls were not tracked. “Petty Officer, this is an important call. You don’t know what’s going on! You don’t know if there’s an emergency! There could be a typhoon in the Philippines! People could be dying!” “Yes, sir, I’m working on it.” Or would be if you’d get out of my hair. I knew darn well there was no critical situation, the control room was quiet, with only the dogwatch on duty. The heavy hitters were back at their barracks, sleeping.

    Flyboy was dying as I made my test calls; in order to put the system back in service, I had to make a series of calls to various locations. Gee, it takes time. This made the pilot crazy. When I finally logged the system back up as functional, he hopped on the secure handset. Who did he call for his “emergency”? The base golf course in the Philippines for a tee time.

    Freakin’ Navy pilots. Never call an ET1 “Honey” or “Miss” and expect professional courtesy in return.

  8. Perhaps the individual tasked with making the guest stars announcement is stuck in some kind of time loop like in “Window of Opportunity”. I’d suggest looking for a book entitled “Latin for the Novice” written by Joseph Mallozzi.

  9. @DALLAS MARSHALL: Excellent! That’s who I hoped it would be. He’ll knock it out of the park (er, galaxy?) I’m sure.

  10. Well, with Martin Wood and Andy Mikita behind the camera, I want to see something like a pineapple, or a huge wrench, or blue jello, or something else strangely comical and oddly out of place, yet easily dismissed on screen at some point. You know, the way a perfect easter egg should be. I would expect nothing less from you goofballs. 😉

    If it really is DH that’s playing Calchek, I think he’ll be just fine playing someone seedy and double crossing. That’s pretty much how he started playing McKay in SG1. I remember my first impressions of him, thinking how much of a dick he was! Over the run of the franchise, McKay changed a bit, but never lost his hubris, which was a nice touch.

    -Mike A.

  11. I enjoyed your story maggiemayday and thanks for sharing it!

    The sets look amazing. It’s hard to believe it was all build recently. Some of them look so old. I would have loved to see the techniques used to create them. You’ve got a great crew of people!

    Oh, just saw DALLAS MARSHALL (@MrsTigercat)‘s link about David Hewlett. Love him! He seems like a nice guy in real life too.

    Those tarts are making me hungry.

    How is Jelly doing? It’s getting warmer here and I hope it’s getting warm there too. Should make her more comfy, I hope.

    Did you see the Toronto news story about the jaguar that drove into a sink hole? I don’t see the link for it but I saw it on the news yesterday. Be careful over there!

  12. @ maggiemayday – Great story!

    It will be good to see David Hewett again.

    Joe I imagine your “currently reading” book is getting a little dusty by now.

  13. Ivon is just somemeable 😍 …. Happy to hear the news about David Hewlett and Ruby Rose.

    @Ponytail – My sister taught me that when you are finished eating you should put your knife and fork next to each other. I try to remember but not always.

    Cheers, Chev

  14. @What’s at the end of the underground tunnel?

    Question should be, who would travel down such a creepy looking tunnel? I would be like nope if I saw something like that.

  15. Ivon looks tired in that second pictures. Are you working him too hard? Glad to hear Andy and Martin on working on the project. And David will be on there, too. LIke I said I’m not familiar with Ruby Rose’s work, so I look forward to getting to know her.

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