Last up tonight was the extra scene I wrote for episode #107.  Whenever I write one of these, it invariably ends up being an Android scene because the character is so damn fun to write for – because Zoie Palmer is so damn good at playing her. This one was a particularly tricky corridor encounter and Zoie herself confided that, while she doesn’t usually get nervous before a scene, this one was a bit of an exception.  Not that it showed.  She NAILED it.  The crew had a hell of a time keeping it together during the four takes – but completely lost it, along with the equally terrific Marc Ben-David, during the rehearsal.  I’ve spent the past two hours walking around the apartment, shouting “TWOOOO DOZEN!” at the top of my lungs.  Mark it!  Episode #107, Scene 27A, Int. Ship – Corridor H: ONE and the Android.  I guarantee it’ll be making the youtube rounds after it airs.

Tonight, there is no bigger Zoie Palmer fan than me.  With the possible exception of Akemi who has watched the first six cuts of Dark Matter‘s first season and has completely fallen in love with her character.

Speaking of our dear Android, how’s this little sneak peek at what we have in the works:

March 24, 2015: Zoie Palmer Nails It!  The Android Roll-out Continues!  Introducing Post Production Producer Rachel Sutherland! From one favorite gal to another…

March 24, 2015: Zoie Palmer Nails It!  The Android Roll-out Continues!  Introducing Post Production Producer Rachel Sutherland!

She rules Post Production with an iron fist – respected, admired and, in some cases, feared.  She makes damn sure the episodes are locked, the deliveries made, and the trains run on time.  Cross her at your peril!  She is Rachel Sutherland, Dark Matter Post Production Producer!  And she is a force to be reckoned with!

March 24, 2015: Zoie Palmer Nails It!  The Android Roll-out Continues!  Introducing Post Production Producer Rachel Sutherland!

And positively delightful company.  I always get to editing early just so that we can chat.  She’s one of those people who you can talk to for days on end.

March 24, 2015: Zoie Palmer Nails It!  The Android Roll-out Continues!  Introducing Post Production Producer Rachel Sutherland!

AND she’s a fellow foodie who, on occasion, will surprise me with treats.  Cookies! Chocolate!   Two extra days of editing!

March 24, 2015: Zoie Palmer Nails It!  The Android Roll-out Continues!  Introducing Post Production Producer Rachel Sutherland!

This weekend, we’re hitting Buca Restaurant on King.  Taleggio cheese, duck yolk, and fresh white truffle pizzas beware.  We’re taking no prisoners!

20 thoughts on “March 24, 2015: Zoie Palmer nails it! The Android roll-out continues! Introducing Post Production Producer Rachel Sutherland!

  1. All of these updates make me even more excited for the show to premiere, especially after reading the comics.

  2. I have a feeling that the unique (barcode?) symbol on her neck will influence a tattoo *ahem* for some folks. She is versatile in everything she does. That is one of the reason why we loyal fans all love her!

    This is so exciting!!

  3. Hey, I’m writing for an Android, too! Apps, ha! You’re going to get so sick of that comparison.

  4. I can’t wait to see Zoie in this show…i think i am going to be a bigger fan then i already am

  5. Marc Bendavid!! ONE!! He lives!! This is the first time you have mentioned him since showing that first picture of the cast reading around the conference room table. I thought he must be a shy one or he went to the bathroom and had never come out. How about a picture of him? Pleeeeeease. Pretty pleeeeease. With Nutella on top!!

  6. Two Dozen and youtube rounds this sounds VERY exciting …love reading more android scenes in our future

  7. You really have some dream coworkers. Lucky man!

    Oh, bar codes…should make for good stories!

    Have a great day All!

  8. Hmmmm, that’s not a valid 4-state barcode. The ascenders are higher than the trackers. It’s also not clear if you’re trying to use A, N, Z or B symbology. Or maybe it’s RM4SCC?

    Line Noise – Barcode Nerd.

  9. @his is the first time you have mentioned him

    I think you’re right there Ponytail. I don’t remember hearing about him on here. He’s been the invisible man, everyone else has had a mention lol.

  10. P.S. I loved the Avocado video! I hope you didn’t catch the cold and Akemi is feeling in good health again.

  11. Cookies! Yay Rachel, what great taste in deserts, those cookies plenty good and are inspiring to do some fresh baking; I’m thinking coconut/almond/oatmeal cookies with ghirardelli chocolate chunks.

    Can’t wait to see Zoie in action, I have much respect for robots, clones, droids and replicants of all sorts.

  12. Heya Joe, one more item for the DM Store.
    “removeable” washable – Android tattoos….
    that is so cool.

  13. I sure hope this isn’t one of those scenes that wind up on the cutting room floor due to time. Or did you have to write it to fill up time? In which case, yay! I can’t wait to see it.

    Hi Rachel! Good to see you know that best way to get on Joe’s best side (they’re all good sides) is through his stomach! I hope to see some restaurant experience pics soon.

    Me, I’m still working along on my house doing some “minor” renos to get ready to try to sell again this Spring. I’m having the downstairs “den” floor redone with laminate (ex carpet), and I’m doing new baseboard and trim on the main level on my own. As so often is the case, I way underestimated the time it would take to do the trim, and the floor downstairs turned out to have a bunch of crumbled concrete underneath it that had to be fixed. (I’m paying someone to do all that.) So, schedules, schmedules. But, I reminded myself today that I’m the one making the deadline, so… why the stress?! 🙂 I’ll just change the deadline. BAM! There! 🙂

    I was wondering today if you ever had that “growth” that the rude vet supposedly saw checked out again?

  14. Hey, Joe! Didn’t, you know that Zoie is known as the one take wonder?Ask K.Solo she will tell you! LOL! Hey, I was wondering why did Zoie have to audition? She, can play anything J.F. Knows that! Haven’t you ever seen Instant star where she plays patsy? If, not you should! She, does her own singing in that also! You,will love it! Just, go look on you tube! I think she was 28 at the time playing a 19 yr old love it! Also, why was she not cast as the lead actress? She, is a huge star already! Always wondered why nobody ever created a show just for her as the star! She, can pull off drama, anything really, esp comedy she is so damn funny! So, I am not surprised at all that she blew you away with playing the android!! Also, you do know she has a photographic memory right? LOL She, will go home read a script and have it NAILED (As, you put it!) the very next day! She, is so fri**in amazing! Just, love her! Can’t wait for her to do another movie! Have, you seen coldblooded? Just an a amazing women all around!


  15. To the writer. I just saw the first episode and liked it. A lot. But… Stop with the eye-closing everytime show accesses data. I cringe everytime, reminded that that was how they wrote fembots in then1970s.

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