Thanks for the plumbing advice.  I really should have consulted with you all from the start.  A half dozen frenzied jams of a handy plunger and the blockage was instantly dislodged, allowing the trapped water to finally run free – and right through the hole I put in the pipe with that coat hanger.

If this incident has taught me anything (besides “Try a plunger first before attempting to use a coat hanger to dislodge a blockage”), it’s that I don’t give you guys enough to credit.  If I’d asked for your opinions sooner, that red bucket wouldn’t be a permanent fixture under my sink now.  Now I regret writing all those Dark Matter scripts without your input!

Hey, guess who I ran into yesterday?  No, but close!  I crossed paths with Julie Benz, Defiance‘s Mayor Amanda Rosewater, and we ended up talking about our respective shows, our upcoming premieres, and unicorns.  Yes, unicorns.  Anyway, Julie is very active on social media, spearheading Defiance‘s social media campaign, and she had some great advice on rallying the online fandom.  A lot of it depends on you, dear blog readers, so I’ll be counting on your in the months ahead to help get the word out.

In the meantime, I’m thinking a live after-show would be great, a little online get-together where viewers can interact with the cast and crew, and get the behind-the-scene scoop on the series.  I floated the possibility and received the following, brilliant, response on twitter:

March 22, 2015: Dark Chatter – The Aftershow!  Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!

Dark Chatter it is!  Thanks, TF!  Check back with this blog for more details!

March 22, 2015: Dark Chatter – The Aftershow!  Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!

Director Bruce McDonald and Director of Photography Craig Wright conspire.

March 22, 2015: Dark Chatter – The Aftershow!  Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!

2nd Assistant Director Emily Drake works crowd control during the episode #108 Art Department meeting.

March 22, 2015: Dark Chatter – The Aftershow!  Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!

Keeping Director T.W. Peacocke in line.

March 22, 2015: Dark Chatter – The Aftershow!  Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!

Galactic Authority Destroyer specs.   Build your own!

March 22, 2015: Dark Chatter – The Aftershow!  Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!

Taking in a Costumes Meeting with Director Ron Murphy and the gang.

22 thoughts on “March 22, 2015: Dark Chatter – The Aftershow! Behind the scenes on Dark Matter!

  1. Good that you got have the drain repaired & everything worked out alright.

    Yes to Dark Chatter! That is a wonderful idea.

  2. I’d love to help spread the word about Dark Matter. You should consider reaching out to possible fans at conventions. I’d help with that, too.

    Plumbing issues are never fun.

    Who doesn’t talk about unicorns? I always find a way to bring them up in conversations!


  3. Well see, now ya know better. We’ve a vast untapped resource of readily available information! 🙂 Oh, and we’ll be expecting those script consults, you know. Just don’t give up any spoilers! 🙂

    I have a feeling there’s an interesting story behind this whole polenta episode. I wonder if the idea can somehow be spun up into a DM episode? See, that’s the kind of awesome script advice you can get here! I won’t even charge you for the idea.

    Anyways, I think the Dark Chatter idea is fantastic. When SGU was on, Space Channel used to do an Innerspace episode right afterward that was almost entirely discussion of what happened on the just aired SGU. I thought it was a great idea and always stayed for it. How much better for something like that with active on-line engagement! I’ll be there, assuming the schedules match up with the Canadian airing.

  4. Meant to add, of course you can count on us to get the word out about DM. I’ve already been telling everyone I know who will listen (and some who don’t) about the show and how things are progressing and how they HAVE to watch it, or possibly risk having me not talk to them anymore. 😉 Maybe that’s not a good threat, after all.

    Anyway, I even tell to make SURE they watch it through official channels. There’s people working on that show that have pugs to feed, you know!

  5. About the polenta, is there a reason Akemi put it down the sink instead of just into the compost? I’m surprised you didn’t need a small explosive charge to get that stuff dislodged. I’d hate to know what it does in your colon! 🙂

  6. Sillllly question time. Do you not have a garbage disposal unit as part of the sink assembly?

  7. Hey Joe
    For the small hole in the pipe, go to a hardware store and get some silicone. The stuff for underwater use. Fill the hole and smear some around the outside of the hole. Let dry for 24 hrs and then wrap tightly with some black electrical tape. No need for a bucket.


  8. Sorry about the plumbing stuff. I try to keep a mesh like strainer in mine, I could do the same as you have done, not fun. Hope your Sunday is much better. and you have to love unicorns, even better if they do plumbing…
    Try to keep your head from spinning off with all the work stuff, coming closer,,sail on for sure….

  9. Do a pre-show and or post-show hangout. Those things are exciting and it makes it feel like OUR show (it’s not its yours) but it’s so much fun and engaging.

  10. Why didn’t you tell us about this live after the show get together? We could of had a contest to name it. I would have suggested “Dark Matter-of-Fact”. But Dark Chatter is very cute, and catchy. Just saying…

    My dad always says “never stick anything down a drain.” Now I know why.

  11. I have the utmost faith that Dark Matter will succeed. No doubts what so ever. And I’m sure Julie Benz will get a Season 4 of Defiance. You gotta believe 🙂

  12. I love Dark Chatter! What fabulous idea. My only concern is would there be a chatter for the east coast, then the west coast and points in between?

    Like everyone else, I’m chomping at the bit waiting for the show to air, dadgummit!

  13. Between sick daughter (seeing heart and infectious disease specialists, still no answers) and dog dx with kidney disease, have missed a lot of post and tho I do catch up, too late to comment usually.. but I’m still here.

  14. Dark Chatter! Love the name. Love the idea. I haven’t been on social media much. Usually when shows air, I’m working and unlike my previous job, I can’t be on social media when I’m working. The peeps don’t pay me to be on social media–they are paying me to play with their fur babies (which I gladly do). But I’ll certainly do what I can.

  15. Dark Chatter is a fantastic title! I’ll definitely do my part.

    Julie Benz is pretty great. I became a fan when she guest starred on Supernatural, and starred in The Boondock Saints II. Hey, there’s your Walking Dead tie in!

  16. I saw this article today and found it quite interesting, I wonder if they could possibly debunk the Big Bang Theory, there’s something called erm, the Rainbow Gravity theory that suggests that the Universe had no start point and stretches back in time infinitely or something.

    While I found it interesting, everything surely must have a beginning, I don’t buy that it has always been there.

  17. Googling DM comes up with some awesome astrophysics news but not the show news I was looking for. I love youtube stuff; behind the scenes vids, con panels, interviews and fan vids. I also loved the cool websitef BSG did with Starbuck poker and goodies to build your own Raptor.

    I’m already loving what I’ve seen of the costume dept but the laser like “waiting for Navy Seals to the breach the compound” intensitity they’re showing in that photo proves that the DM costumes will be legendary.

  18. Dark Chatter is catchy. Great ideas!

    2nd Assistant Director Emily Drake seems to really enjoy her job. 🙂

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