I woke up this morning, rolled over, and saw 6:40 a.m. flash back at me on the night stand.  6:40 a.m.!  Main unit call was at 7:00 a.m.!  I remember consulting the call sheet on my way out last night!

I jumped out of bed, my brain in a fog, and, as I scrambled to get dressed, I planned my timeline.  5 minutes to dress.  5 minutes in the bathroom.  5 minutes to take Jelly out.  5 minutes to get to my car and then a 15 minute drive to set.  I could make it for maybe 7:30 a.m.  I’d miss the blocking but probably be there for the first shot.

I considered texting consulting producer Ivon Bartok to let him know I’d be late.  After all, he was probably already there.

And then it hit me.  Of course he wasn’t there.  And neither were the rest of the cast and crew.  It was Saturday morning!

I crawled back into bed and slept until 10:30.

The first thing I did upon waking up was to head downstairs and check on the kitchen sink.  Sadly, the drain cleaner had had no overnight effect.  The sink was still clogged (this the result of Akemi’s polenta mishap the previous night).  I poked my head under the sink and tried to disengage the coupling nut so I could dislodge the blockage manually – but the damn thing was painted shut.  Undeterred, I elected to go with a tried and true method.  I untangled a wire coat hanger, straightened it out, and shoved it down the drain.  I felt it contact the pipe and then, when I gave it a little thrust, watched it pass right through the bottom of the trap like it was made of cardboard.

Fine.  Now I not only had a blocked sink, but a punctured pipe.  I called the plumbing service recommended to me by the concierge and, after taking down my information, they informed me that someone would get back to me.  To be fair, they didn’t say “Get back to you, shortly” or “Get back to you, today”.  I assumed that was implied but, evidently, I got that wrong.

And how was your Saturday?

29 thoughts on “March 21, 2015: My Saturday!

  1. oh dear, and still confused on your days of the week as you were typing; It sounds like you need a break!!

  2. I asked my hubby to get some Easter decorative out of the attic. Just one little box. Easy as pie, right? No….he brought down one box, no decorations. Another box, then another. Ten boxes later, he found the right box. He suggested that since he had already brought the boxes down, we should go through them to throw away or donate those things we didn’t want or need anymore. Two hours later I was only on my second box while hubby was on his fifth. Why was he so quick? Because he was just throwing it all away, not even looking closely at the items. I was watching him, and quickly stopped him from throwing away any “precious”items. We did reduce the ten boxes to two boxes to donate, two bags of trash, and four to keep. I regret asking for the decorations box now.

  3. You had me thinking there for a moment when you said it was Sunday morning….wait it is Saturday….yeah its Saturday .

    Sounds like maybe you should have stayed in bed…hopefully your pipe will be fixed soon

  4. If you’re going to have a pipe fail, it’s good for it to happen while you’re paying attention.

  5. so. Let me get this straight… the ONLY thing preventing water & whatever from LEAKING OUT of your PIPE, is the GUCK that’s stuck in there and a “COAT” of paint..?!? — eww!!
    BTW, if your pipe is PVC and NOT metal, beware of WHAT drain-cleaner you’re using.

  6. My normal Saturday. Took my beagle to her grandparents house. She absolutely loves them and their huge backyard. I bring lunch, stay about 3-4 hours and I do odd jobs for them. Today I volunteered to weed-eat a corner in the front yard.

    It’s kinda raining out there Dad. With this electric weed eater, I’m not going to get shocked am I? “Oh, no, no. You’ll be fine.” Okay DAD, whatever you say. You’d know…right? (This is the same man who still climbs on ladders, mows the grass, and will be 90 in May.) I survived. Maggie had a great time as usual.

  7. Joe, plunger.
    Oh that would be a great joke if someone from the staff happened to read this blog and think what a nice joke to call and ask why have you not arrived on set yet. Oh and I hope you were at least waring pants.

  8. You know, just recently on one of those house flipping shows, they had a clogged sick. The guy didn’t want to call a plumber so he used a toilet plunger on it. It worked.

  9. I’m sorry that your day was so miserable, Joe. I hope tomorrow is better and that the pipe is fixed soon.

    Today I practiced the art of letting go. My son is in the process of moving out. Fortunately, this is happening in stages. Today was a bit of furniture moving. I gave some advice, cooked a couple of pizzas for the moving crew, and then made myself scarce.

    The move went fine. However, until the cable and internet gets hooked up at the new place, he is in no great rush to leave!

  10. I went to a memorial service for my Aunt this morning. Then in the afternoon I went to a Winter Drumline competition to meet up with friends and support our sister group, ViP Vigilantes Indoor Percussion. They won first place in their class again! Immediately following the show, I went to dinner with my friends and their family to celebrate a birthday. I had frog legs for the first time…in a Thai dish…and rather enjoyed myself.

  11. My Saturday was unusually productive! Laundry, dishes, weekly medication & supplement sorting. Also, some aspects of upcoming travel coming into focus. (Being a bit vague for personal & home security reasons.)

  12. Helpful hint: Set schedule reminders for next day on smartphone calendar and /or clock. Quite helpful in the retired life; in the AMs, I tend to be slow to remember the day’s obligations.

  13. It sucks that you had a drainage problem, however I am impressed that you took on a plumbing problem yourself! Exactly how old is that place you’re living in, anyway?

    Here, I took a drive to Moncton trying out the new Jeep (works great), and kept working at installing new base board in my house in preparation to try to sell it again this year. I don’t think there’s one actual right angle in this place.

  14. I got up early and headed off to my favourite café which is 7 minutes walk away in a diagonal line across the Park that starts at our fence line. They make the best date scones, they don’t put a lot of dates in. My Nana used to make date scones that looked like she’d stuffed dead cockroaches into the dough after removing their legs. But the Cafe’s scones have tiny minced bits of date, just enough to flavour them. They serve them with nice fat dollops of real cream and their home made jam of the day. It’s simple but really nice.

    I did my Saturday chores later, then I followed up on people attending the tiny house building course I’ve organised for next weekend. I need them to bring in extra hammers, goggles and drills and stuff. We had that organised with a local community college but they may have changed their mind about lending their stuff out. I hope the guys won’t complain too much. I’m getting stressed and anxious for it be over with.

    I joined an online book club called “Vaginal Fantasy” seems to be heavy into SciFi and Fantasy with strong female leads. And they do a really funny hangout once a month with my Online Geek God; Felicia Day. This month the main book is Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach. Unfortunately it’s too good, I downloaded the next two in the series and I’m wasting most my weekend reading one after. I feel really bad about it and my eyes are sore and my head feels stuffy.

  15. I woke up at 07h30 do be on time for some volonteer work that lasted 2 hours.Than my husband and I went to the supermarket. Later on we went to a big plant center to look at olive trees and bamboo. Afterwards he made home made lasagna and we watched *Thor, the dark world* together. We bought the movie yesterday. :). Afterwards we both surfed the internet, I was mostly on Pinterest.. To get some ideas for decorating my balcony! We watched a second movie *Robinson Crusoe* at that was about it 🙂

  16. The plunger is your friend. Oh, and not tipping polenta down the drain. That stuff sets like concrete! 🙂

  17. Oh I’m sure Ivon would have been thrilled if you woke him up at 6:40am on a Saturday. Glad you could get back to sleep Joe. Hope the plumbing is fixed soon.

    Now for my weekend….. well there was packing, cleaning… no, not just regular cleaning, this had to meet my sister’s and late mother’s approval. I’m sure she was checking it out… I love you Mum!!!!! Lots of driving back and forth and trying to sell the last pieces of furniture not going in the move. I’m exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. The actual move happens tomorrow. I’m taking over some breakfast for Dad and doing some cuttings.

    With regard to schedules, a guy in the office is obsessive with Siri and reminders. I hear him set about 5 per day…. not just meetings etc. He gets her to remind him to make personal phone calls at specific times, brings things to work or take things home. He’s become quite dependant on her.

    Cheers, Chev

  18. *note to self…buy Joey a pipe wrench…no, make that an entire tool chest*

    I just have a feeling you’ll be needing it…

    My Saturday was pretty good. First nice day in ages weather-wise. First nice day in ages gut-wise. First nice day in ages hubby-wise. He’s been working so much and I’ve had so many iffy health days that we haven’t had any time just to and for ourselves. Today we did, and it was nice. Breakfast out, ‘antique’ shopping (when I can come home with 5 new old things for under $25 it’s a great day!), and even got in a little hiking, albeit not Lewis & Clark style treks Sparrowhawk has been setting out on lately.

    It wasn’t because we couldn’t do it, just that we judged it best not to do it at that time due to: recent rainfall that flooded the path, a poorly marked trail that ran deep into the woods, late day sun, and the extreme isolation of the place (I swear I heard banjos!). Plus, no one wants to be in the Pines (a.k.a. Jersey Devil territory) so near to dusk. Not that I believe in that sorta stuff…

    As far as my junk store finds, I came home with a ‘new’ basket for cat toys, a small shelf, an old copper kettle/pot thing, an old copper mug, and a Star Trek book (original tv series novelized episodes) for hubby! I love finding things like this – it’s like treasure hunting (as long as the treasures are inexpensive!).

    And today? Today I have to find places for my new treasures. ugh…I’ve got some major reorganization ahead of me… 😛 But I like puzzles, and somehow I’ll make the pieces fit! 😀


  19. Lol that’s an easy mistake to make when you’re tired. I’ve done the same before. Your mind is convinced its a certain day and it then it hits you, no it really isn’t.

  20. So sorry about the sink. A plunger might help next time. Accidents happen and now you’ll have a good plumber’s number for next time.

    We spent all day buying a car. It’s not an expensive car and we saved up to pay cash for it. You would think by paying cash (with no trade-in) it would be a somewhat quick process. No, it took all day. I was wiped out and all I did was sit, sign papers and answer questions. At least it’s over.

    I hope you got to sleep late today! (dogs willing)

    Jenny Horn: Condolences on your Aunt.

    Ponytail: That’s really sweet that you help your parents out like that. Glad you didn’t get electrocuted!

    Sparrow_hawk: My hubby has a saying “It’s not empty nest syndrome, it’s empty nest privilege“. 🙂

  21. Gforce: Crap! Hope Summer comes soon for ya.

    Das: Your day sounds perfect!

    Nadia: Your day sounds so relaxing!

    bambamfans: {{{hugs}}}

  22. A couple of the traps in our house, which was built in ’54, were held together by little more than gunk and the external chrome coating. Fortunately MyLarry can do basic plumbing, and has a garage full of tools, but when one lets go, it ain’t pretty. We had to pull the basement ceiling down when the kitchen sink trap started leaking. I didn’t notice right away, and it became a huge mess when he went to tighten up the joints. Yuck.

    Saturday we went and got pansies for the front planters. While we were at lunch someone keyed our pick up truck door. Jerkface.

  23. Sounds like our Saturdays were somewhat similar. I found myself at Home Depot getting a pump to move the foot of water sitting against my foundation. Gotta love Vancouver.

  24. My Saturday morning started out working very early in the morning. My second appointment cancelled and that freed me up to get some really intense work on getting the rest of my 2014 statements balanced in Quicken. By 6:00 pm I finished the last items and would be ready to start my Turbo Tax return. After 6:00 p.m., I did my knee and shoulder exercises, iced my knees and left shoulder. I promised Jeff I would watch an episode of Breaking Bad if he would watch The 100 with me, so we alternated — one episode of The 100, then Breaking Bad, etc. It was quite the productive day.

  25. I am in love with the Zip It; just a little plastic front with jagged little prongs, it will unclog in a jiff. It was 4 bucks and has saved me a visit from the plumber on many occasions. Which reminds me that I need more. Rice can become like glue when it wants to. I think the Russian name for rice is “drywall.”

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