March 9, 2015: Kitchen Requests!  Ron On A Roll!  And Introducing Matti “two Guns” Huhta!

The Dark Matter production office kitchen is fairly well-stocked, offering everything from iced tea and mini cinnamon rolls to boxes of seaweed chips. Sadly, the one thing they didn’t have today was the one thing I was looking for – club soda.  And so, I went to the big whiteboard to write in my ask.  Pictured above, the requests as of this late afternoon.  The last two are mine, entered after I had to go all the way back to my office to grab a green marker.

March 9, 2015: Kitchen Requests!  Ron On A Roll!  And Introducing Matti “two Guns” Huhta!

(Wait!  Which crew member is that lying on the infirmary bed?!  Tune in this summer to find out!)

Director Ron Murphy continues to get it done on set, wrapping an enormous two-day infirmary marathon before shifting gears to our resplendent palace setting…in Kitchener, Ontario.  His dailies look great and on-set producer Ivon Bartok has nothing but great things to say about the man and his work.  I can safely say that episode #106 won’t be the last we’ll see of him!

I can say that because he’s contractually obligated to director episode #109 for us as well.

March 9, 2015: Kitchen Requests!  Ron On A Roll!  And Introducing Matti “two Guns” Huhta!

Well, hey, if it isn’t Script Supervisor Matti Huhta who, clearly bummed at missing out on my recent Dark Matter “Girls with Guns” pictorial decided to make the most of an opportunity the other day, holding up production so that I could get the following blogworthy snaps.  When Matti’s not posing with weaponry, she’s also keeping track of script continuity, timing my episodes short, and casually remarking how long it has been since Akemi last made cookies for the crew.

13 thoughts on “March 9, 2015: Kitchen requests! Ron on a roll! And introducing Matti “Two Guns” Huhta!

  1. no one requested wine or tequila on the kitchen board??

    great idea about a pet hedgehog…perhaps name him/her Sonic, Spikey, Quilbert, …

    my guess as to who is lying on the infirmary bed is…….I have no freaking idea 😉

  2. I had to laugh at your “a marker for this board” comment. That’s the exact sort of snarky thing I would have said.

    I hope whoever wants the pet hedgehog is going to also clean up after it!

    Cookies for the crew? But we blog readers need cookies too!!! 🙂

    Meanwhile, today was my usual “first working day post time change” day – feeling tired and head achey all day, not to mention having to do something that I can only compare to paying very, very careful attention to paint drying.

  3. What I meant was, a tall person since their feet are hanging off the end of the bed and Jodelle is petite. Not to say that she has short legs.


    You know that I mean.

  4. Hey there

    Oh I’m a big fan of Sparkling Water too…. Sometimes tough to find if I’m out. My first preference is San Pellegrino. I totes approve of the pet hedgehog, they are the cutest. I follow one on Instagram – seriously Google the cutest hedgehogs of Instagram awwwwwwwww. There’s quite a few having adventures. Akemi would love them.

    Good to hear Ron’s cutting the directorial mustard. I wish I could see dailies. They sound like fun. Do you have a viewing room or just watch on a laptop or TV?

    Cheers, Chev

  5. PS I just thought… That’s what you and Akemi need – a pet hedgehog. he or she would be best buddies with Bubba, Jelly and Lulu.

    You’re welcome, Chev

  6. shew im so tired after the time hange I can bearly thin strait, gittin up at 5 (4 am (realy thas what it was} I stoode in tha bathrom for minuts befour I coulld even move. then! then! I had to worklate, Over tweelve hrs at work Now joe u may dew that evry daybut I don’t! now its tim to go to bed. I’d go for a rabit over headghog softr cuter. If yuu want to go reely cute go baby pandra cube bear they extra cute. Infirmy Im kinda thinkn the girl not kid,the girl cause small feeet an slimn body, good night

  7. @two-day infirmary marathon

    Wow, sounds like a lot is happening there lol.

    Completely unrelated but I just saw the latest numbers for The Following and it looks like its pretty much dead, such a a shame as I think Kevin Bacon is a good actor. It hit a series low of 3.4 mill, 1.1 in the 18-49 after 2 episodes, not great..

  8. I can’t even get my order of screen wipes that I put in it feels weekly, how I can appreciate all the fab socks and weaponry with an untidy screen?! Didn’t I see Matti in The Purge wreaking havoc?

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