March 2, 2015: Lee Rose!  Caitlin’s New Do!  The #104 Director’s Cut!  And Socks!

Director Lee Rose calling the shots on the ISS Far Horizon.

Hey, with all this talk about socks of late, I’ve really been remiss in not displaying actress Jodelle Ferland’s unique sock sense – on display at last night’s Walking Dead soiree:

March 2, 2015: Lee Rose!  Caitlin’s New Do!  The #104 Director’s Cut!  And Socks!

Speaking of socks. Natalie informs me I’ve also been remiss in not posting the recent pair she sported for this blog’s Sock of the Day ongoing feature.  Voila!

March 2, 2015: Lee Rose!  Caitlin’s New Do!  The #104 Director’s Cut!  And Socks!

She’s particularly proud of those anthropomorphic pants.

Well, well, well.  Look at who got a haircut…

March 2, 2015: Lee Rose!  Caitlin’s New Do!  The #104 Director’s Cut!  And Socks!

Caitlin Brown (Executive in Charge of Business Affairs AND Development) sports her new do.  She’s been doing something new with her hair.  And I LOVE IT!

Whoowhee!  Big night ahead as I’ve got Amanda Tapping’s director’s cut of episode #104 to watch and give notes on ahead of a visit to editor Paul Day tomorrow morning!

14 thoughts on “March 2, 2015: Lee Rose! Caitlin’s new do! The #104 director’s cut! And socks!

  1. Unless I’ve missed it, who is the big cast announcement you promised last week?

  2. Joe, don’t be surprised if I send you a photo and ask for hair advice. 💇

  3. Yep..I was going to ask where the big announcement was…

    Isn’t it always better to leave any time of announcement until it’s all signed, sealed and delivered?…I’m one of those that really hates “anticipation-waiting”…keep me in the dark then hit me with the news right away when it’s all official imho..

    Still think it’s Hewlett or Picardo though…

  4. ~Your blog is being taken over by the ‘socks’. Nice to meet Lee. And Caitlins hair does look cute. I read first impressions are made by the hair, there I go reading again…But seriously I like her cut. You are certainly keeping busy busy in your time in TO. Looking forward to seeing the finished project that you all are working so hard on completing. Have a great day!

  5. Ooh. New ship! New director! New socks!

    And hello to Lee Rose and Caitlin Brown. We’re really looking forward to Dark Matter and appreciate all you are doing, so: Thanks!

    And I’m not sure if Joe is messing around or not, but I think your hair looks great Caitlin.

  6. @Leon Wilson

    No press release or anything has been released yet. I’m sure if Joe could he would have mentioned already.


    Neato, Caitlin and Lee look like good members of your team.

  7. I think we may all be victims of careful wording. I’m not going back through the posts to find it, but I think he said “new to our show” (or words to that effect), NOT new to the cast. Ivon Bartoc is the new member of the production family. I looked at IMDB to see if he worked on all three SG series, but he is not listed.
    …or, I could be completely wrong. But, right now David Hewlett is renovating his kitchen down to the very frame, so he’s not really available to do a guest appearance. I’d like to see Rick Anderson come back.

  8. It’s all about the socks, bout the socks, bout the socks….LOL.
    Makes a good tune for #5 to dance to…eh?
    with a chorus of socks.

    ok…going back to work.

  9. Caitlin: Nice! I liked it before, too, but this is a bit cuter. It seems to “fit” a little better now. If you posed with the prop guns again, smiling like you did before, it’d be almost impossible to take you seriously and be afraid for one’s life. A valuable tactic if you ask me! 😉

    -Mike A.

  10. A nice rambling post, so let me just say hello to director number 5? Rose Lee good to see another lady behind the camera and you might have a competition going with the sock girls Jodelle and Natalie just do not forget to show their socks after all they are taking the time to put them on each day and I think Caitlin must be giving you a hard time because her hair looks like she has had just a trim but I love the color and straight cut as it fits her so well and where is that big announcement?

    @ Mike A. – You’re drooling again…

    Btw, Joe how is Grant? 🙂

  11. Welcome Lee Rose!
    With Amanda Tapping, that makes two women directors already – pretty rare still, even in this day and age, so kudos. If I’ve got the correct imdb entry, Lee Rose is experienced not only in film and TV generally speaking, but genre TV specifically – as well a theatre background and writing and producing (wow!) so I’m sure she’ll bring a lot of great stuff to the table.

    It always makes me happy to see people given a chance to grow in a workplace – like allowing Chris Judge, Michael Shanks & Amanda Tapping to direct, back on SG1, directors becoming producers, and now Ivon becoming a producer. 🙂

  12. @JimFromJersey Not surprising actually after I saw “Time” on Stargate Universe.

    Welcome Lee Rose and Caitlin Brown.

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