February 28 2015: Cold Potato, Socks, And My Date With Cloverblob!

Well look at who I came across this morning at the Farmer’s Market.  None other than my favorite fellow foodie Natalie Cooper, aka Batman, aka The Sock Girl!  She informed me that she had been trying to convince her mom to join her for the special tasting menu at a local high-end Mexican restaurant.  I, of course, strongly urged her to drop her mom like a hot potato – in favor of a nice cold potato (yours truly!).  So, mom’s out.  ¡A comer!

February 28 2015: Cold Potato, Socks, And My Date With Cloverblob!

Speaking of Natalie, I’ve fallen behind in this blog’s semi-regular Sock of the Day feature.  Pictured above: Friday’s instalment.  As someone who hasn’t taken a math class since grade 10, I really appreciate this one.

February 28 2015: Cold Potato, Socks, And My Date With Cloverblob!

And, while we’re on the subject, these Halloween-themed socks arrived in the mail the other day compliments of – I think because there was no accompanying message – Sylvia.  Thanks, Sylvia!  I think.

The other day, somebody asked me why I didn’t respond to comments on twitter.  Well, the truth is my online presence is pretty much confined to this blog which, going on eight years now without missing a day, is enough.  I use only use twitter to keep updated on @DRUNKHULK, while Facebook is reserved solely for sharing lost dog posts.

Yes, to those asking, today was my zoo date with Cloverblob –


So, how was it?  Well, let me post this screen grab of the text I just sent Zoie:

February 28 2015: Cold Potato, Socks, And My Date With Cloverblob!

16 thoughts on “February 28 2015: Cold potato, socks, and my date with Cloverblob!

  1. She stole your car?! Did she steal your keys or hotwire it? Bitch!

    Hello Sock Lady!

  2. Nothing, NOTHING is sneakier than a cat. How do you know Cloverblob is not secretly working for Zoie? You’ve been set up. See if Zoie shows up Monday for work driving your car!

    Awe Joe, that actually looks like a genuine smile on your face with Natalie…not the usual big goofy toothy grin. You like her, you really like her!

    @ Tam Dixon – 😆 😆

  3. Don’t pick on the poor defenseless kitty,,,,I am sure it was an emergency…out of kitty treats or got a better offer?>!!?? Tee Hee..
    ~Nice socks,, and **waves to Natalie**

  4. ewww that’s dangerous, I wonder how many things Cloverbob could do… trip all the red lights and land you with the bill? 😀

  5. Gee, I’m tempted to try crafting socks again. Perhaps I can commission some from a Stitch n Bitch friend–he prefers socks to other projects.

    But then again, mass-market graphic socks are less expensive and come in a wider variety,

  6. Cloverblob without the requested corndog? Anything could happen… witness the missing car.

    Let me take this opportunity to say “thank all the false gods that February is over!”

  7. There’s nothing wrong with not being as active on Twitter, social media can be a bit of a time sink. You’ve always been willing to interact with people on here, anyone can see that 🙂

  8. Joe, I’ve started reading your blog every day, because you always bring a smile to my face with your posts. I also appreciate all the behind the scenes Dark Matter details. Not many creators are as open as you are, whether because they’re sworn to secrecy by their bosses or they just don’t feel like doing it. So I just wanted to say thanks!

  9. You mean to say you don’t even have a Tumblr account?? I asked a friend recently if Tumbr was something I should sign up for. Their reponse: “Are you a teenage girl?”

    I have do have some sarcastic friends!

    This weekend I’m down in New Hampshire hiking again, trying to enjoy the snow this time by hiking up to one of the mountain huts and stayed overnight last night. The bunk rooms are unheated, so it was pretty cold in there! But, my winter sleeping bag is very warm and despite it being probably about 5F, I was warm and toasty for the night.

    Back down today and I’m headed home again tomorrow. It seems now like it was a fast long weekend!

    Where I was: http://www.outdoors.org/lodging/huts/lonesome/

    Pictures to follow in a few days!

  10. RE: Facebook – Yeah, your FB page is about the most depressing thing on the interwebs. 😛


  11. This is the first blog I’ve actually followed that’s dedicated to the making of a TV show. I’ve enjoyed reading each day’s post, but this one is one of my favorites so far.

  12. going on eight years now without missing a day

    That’s some admirable discipline, right there. Kudos. And thanks for sharing.

    Personally, I find it hard to follow the conversations on Twitter, something about the layout/format is not pleasing to my brain. Well, ’tis an old brain.

    …I should maybe change my username, lol.

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