Honestly, my weekends are actually more jam-packed busy than my 12 hour days on set!  Errands to run, documents to gather, and a director’s cut of episode #101 to watch and give notes on.  Oh, and also squeezed in a Skype call from our old friend Alexander Ruemelin who ranks right up there with Carl Binder on the list of My Favorite Germans.

But more on that – and the show – in the days ahead.  For now, enjoy some doggy videos…

My cranky gal, Jelly, on the move.  Not bad for a 16 year old!

Meanwhile, back on the home front, Lulu continues her bed-stealing ways.  Note the force-out on poor Bubba.

Renee’s dancing dogs entertain us during those loooooong hair and makeup meetings.

14 thoughts on “February 7, 2015: My all doggy blog post!

  1. Aww, good old Jelly. She doesn’t look too cranky there (considering) and it looks like she’s still moving pretty well. Give her a big hug for me.

    Is that bed stealing thing something new for Lulu? I don’t remember you ever mentioning that before. And Bubba is certainly easy going to allow her to keep doing it. For now.

  2. Too cute, yes an all doggy post in on my list of things to write about..
    Glad to see that they are all having a blast.

  3. At least Lulu is not a 113-lb German shepherd who lies on top of Bubba to get the bed. My mini schnauzer has been squished quite often! I noted the perfectly good empty beds that seemed to have no appeal for your girl.

  4. Awww, looks like Jelly is enjoying herself. Hope to see your babies when Jeff and I come out to Toronto in 2 weeks! ~Barb

  5. That Lulu!

    It was the pom pom on the hat Jelly didn’t want us to see. :p

    Renee’s dogs are very talented. Bravo!

  6. Sweet Jelly, it sucks getting old!

    Are all beds Lulu’s?

    Love the twirlers! Those pups should be on the payroll as entertainers.

  7. Awww.. Love doggie-centric entries. That Lulu. Maybe a visit from Ivon will get her back in line instead of trying to go after the alpha position. Boomer was released back into the wild….a little over 3 months in captivity. He got a nice 3-mile walk and ran around crazy in the yard for awhile. I put the video on my business Facebook page. Since it is a public page, I don’t think you have to be on Facebook to view it. If you can’t see it and want to see it, I’ll upload it to YouTube. But here is the link to my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ALeashAbove And it should be the most current entry.

  8. Those dancin’ dogs are so sweet and polite! If Lulu were there she would steal all their treats then force them from their beds. Is Alexander still working on Transporter?

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