February 2, 2015: An Unexpected Encounter!  Paolo Barzman At The Helm!  Amanda Tapping On Deck!

“Hey!”said one of the set P.A.’s.  “There’s a homeless woman eating a sandwich at the craft service table!”

While other crew members angled to get a look at our unexpected guest, I alone approached, drawn by a mixture of pity and sadness.  She looked so frail, her hair disheveled, bony fingers clutching what was probably the last solid meal she’d enjoyed in days and, as I drew close, she seemed to start, pulling the food possessively close to her chest, and she stared up at me, her eyes a myriad of conflicting emotions: fear, contempt, despair, and defiance.  She was in such a lamentable state that I immediately reached for my wallet, prepared to give her whatever cash I had on hand.

It was then, upon closer scrutiny, that I realized the homeless woman wasn’t eating a sandwich.  She was nibbling a banana scone.  And she wasn’t a homeless woman at all.  It was actually my good friend Tara Yelland!

February 2, 2015: An Unexpected Encounter!  Paolo Barzman At The Helm!  Amanda Tapping On Deck!
Her pockets are stuffed full of fruit bars and packaged crackers!

It turns out Tara had dropped by for a second costume fitting (You know the old drill: Send in false measurements and then come in, discover your wardrobe doesn’t fit, then make an appointment to come in for a second fitting thereby seizing the opportunity for a double raid on the production catering.).

Anyway, after escorting her off the premises (Last time, I merely walked her as far as the front desk only to discover, hours later, she’d set up camp in our infirmary set), I returned to video village for Paolo Barzman’s first day directing episode #103.

February 2, 2015: An Unexpected Encounter!  Paolo Barzman At The Helm!  Amanda Tapping On Deck!
Paolo getting it done!

Many of you have asked: “What does an executive producer do?”.  The answer: We just sit around mostly, watching television:

February 2, 2015: An Unexpected Encounter!  Paolo Barzman At The Helm!  Amanda Tapping On Deck!

Occasionally, we may voice a request (ie. “Could you hold the prop higher?” or “Can we get Game of Thrones on this t.v.?”), but really, for the most part, it’s just sitting around watching people make a television show.

Hey, if you hadn’t heard, or figured it out, our episode #104 director is a former Stargate colleague – none other than the lovely Amanda Tapping (https://twitter.com/amandatapping).  We kicked off prep on her episode today and she has already made a bunch of fans in the production offices.

Too much fun!

20 thoughts on “February 2, 2015: An unexpected encounter! Paolo Barzman at the helm! Amanda Tapping on deck!

  1. Poor Tara. I hope she finds suitable housing soon… 😉

    Of course everyone like Amanda – she’s amazing!

    Snow’s coming down heavy outside again tonight. We’ve had so many blizzards here in the last week, the word has lost all meaning.

    I hope we get a late office opening tomorrow. I don’t feel like going out at 5 am and starting to shovel.

  2. Last I read Tara’s blog, when she was still posting, she was looking for a new place to live. That was a long time ago. Are you sure she was able to find a place and is not truly homeless? But just look at her fantastic nails!

  3. Amanda!!!! I so miss seeing her on TV on a regular basis…Hint hint Joe.

  4. You have always had multiple directors. Why is that and how do you ensure the continuity or parity (the look and feel) of the series when you have 3 directors for the first 4 episodes?

  5. Does Akemi know about Tara’s situation? Perhaps she could stay with you guys. Akemi is a lovely hostess. 😀

  6. Let there be a photo of Zoie and Amanda hanging out on set together at some point. please and thank you 🙂

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing Amanda’s episode. I like her directing style. Very dynamic which lots of sweeping camera moves.

    The new series of Sherlock was filming in Bath yesterday. I didn’t manage to catch sight of Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman but I did see some dudes in Victorian constumes queuing at craft services for some chilli con carne. As I walked past the lighting trucks with their racks of C-Stands I thought to myself, “I need to get me some C-Stands. They’re so damn useful!”

  8. So Tara is a method actor. Nice!

    Very excited about Amanda directing Ep 4. She is of course, awesome!

  9. Being in Toronto now with Amanda Tapping and with Michael Shanks working on “Saving Hope”, are the three of you planning dinner somewhere? If so, photos would be good.

  10. Northerners should think about getting a summer home down South! I know, I’ve considered a Northern home in the Summer. If I win the lottery…..

    I’ll echo Ponytail’s question about why you have multiple directors?

    Mm, banana scones. Does craft food services have really fattening foods or do they have all healthy choices? I remember one of the SGA actors saying that craft had an incredible bacon sandwich she would miss (probably Jewel). I wondered about food sections because it seems like most actors watch their weight and exercise.

    Lulu is better but did you get an appointment to check out Jelly’s possible abdominal mass? Just because the vet was a jerk, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. Don’t mean to nag but we loves Jelly…. 😳

  11. @arcticgoddess: Yep, my Jeep is invaluable! Helps in the Summer time too, when I head down back roads to do trail maintenance on my adopted trails.

    @Tam/Ponytail: I always figured having multiple directors was a matter of scheduling issues, since they may be doing other work, and I believe on Stargate, they might be doing several episodes overlapping. I think it’s a good idea because you get a bigger variety of styles and it keeps things more fresh. I really have no idea though, just my guess.

  12. You know I now want to see a video of Amanda tap dancing on a deck…


  13. I’m knitting Tara a cozy scarf as we speak. Banana scone sounds so good, don’t think I’ve every seen one, but maybe it’ll reach us here in Smallville in a few years, sniff. Or I could bake some for myself.

  14. I am really excited Tara is going to be acting in one of your episodes. It will be a lot of fun to see her … um … moving and … um, actually doing something and talking. I’ve only seen her on your blog in pictures. Standing. Sitting. Smiling. This will be fun.

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