“I’m psycho!”Akemi happily informed me.

“Hunh?”was my response.

“I’m psycho!”she repeated.  “I asked about when Jeff was coming back to Toronto yesterday and, today, you got an email from him saying he’s coming back!  I’m psycho!”

“PsyCHIC,”I corrected her.  “Psychic.”

“Not psycho?”  Disappointed.

“I don’t know.  Maybe psycho too.

She redirected her attention back to cleaning her favorite mug.  I’d advised using a mixture of boiling water, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar to remove the coffee stains but she was leery, fearful of creating some sort of dangerous chemical reaction.  I assured her that it was perfectly safe but she seemed unconvinced, citing the example of a vengeful woman in Japan who mixed hair remover with her husband’s shampoo only to have the concoction explode in her hands.  Noting the horrified look on my face, she suddenly brightened and shouted: “Be careful Japanese wife!”

Uh, yeah.  So hopefully NOT psycho.


Hey, we went to a vegetarian restaurant today for lunch.  I ate this –

February 1, 2015: Psycho Vegan Superbowl!

The Drunken Stupor: Canadian bacon and double smoked bacon strips, a cracked egg, whiskey BBQ sauce topped with beer battered onion rings.

Wait.  Oh.   I see why you’re confused.  Yes, Akemi wanted to check out a vegetarian restaurant in Kensington Market for lunch.  While she enjoyed her salad, I definitely DID NOT enjoy my sad and soggy apple-brie crepe and watery soup and matcha latte.  And so, on the way back home, I stopped by a place called Bacon Nation and ordered the above-pictured sandwich.  Better.

I’d agreed to the veggie foray as research for tonight since I would be hosting not one but TWO vegetarians – AND a couple of vegans.  Outside of the doggy dental strips and the bottle of sriracha sitting in my refrigerator, my place is decidedly un-vegan friendly.  And by that I mean my dogs have been trained to attack vegans (only because Jelly, Bubba, and Lulu find the food crumbs they drop during the course of a meal sooo disappointing).

Anyway, I covered my vegetarian and vegan bases by also ordering up a bunch of tofu sandwiches, weird earthy salads, and a couple of desserts.  For everyone else, it was sandwiches from Banh Mi Boys, rum cakes, and brownies.  Also the samosas and beef patties Alex and Allie brought over.  I made sure to set aside one brownie for actress Zoie Palmer who texted me, and I quote: “If I don’t get a brownie, I’ll be making up my own lines on Monday…just saying'”.

 “You’re having a Super Bowl party!”said actress Melissa O’Neil on Friday.  The fact that it was less a question and more a statement of fact was hardly surprising given that actor Roger Cross had informed me, only days earlier, that he was coming over to watch the game and then apparently interpreted my silence as an official Super Bowl party announcement.  In all fairness, we should have all gone to actress Jodelle Ferland’s place to watch the game since she is rumored to have a t.v. twice the size of both Roger’s and mine combined – but it was a pleasantly cosy get-together nevertheless.

February 1, 2015: Psycho Vegan Superbowl!
The gang minus late arrival Anthony Lemke.

Tomorrow, back at it!

21 thoughts on “February 1, 2015: Psycho Vegan Superbowl!

  1. Hey, it’s Amanda! Howdy! I’m looking forward to seeing the results of her direction!

    And as Barb says, maybe Akemi is psychic? Or maybe she broke the code on my WiFi security cameras and has been eavesdropping? (Hmmm, maybe I should go change those passcodes).

    I was really hoping for a Seahawks win, but congrats to the Patriots. That last 30 seconds of play was a roller coaster!

  2. Yay, Amanda! I have to admit I wasn’t sure who that was at first, until I looked closer.

    I wonder if that hair remover/shampoo story is an urban legend. I can’t imagine the ingredients in either of those being able to be combined with anything to make an explosive. It sounds more like a cautionary tale about the dangers of having a vengeful heart! Akemi, take note! 🙂

    When I saw that picture of the burger I thought that was the best looking vegan meal I’ve ever seen!

    So cool to see the cast all together having fun at your place. I wonder if all executive producers have parties like that?

  3. Oh, we’re supposed to get another blizzard today. *yawn* This is getting boring. And it’s Groundhog Day! I wonder if we’ll get six more weeks of Winter?


  4. Oh…the polish donuts and that sammich look amazing. I’m hungry now. Thanks.

  5. So Jodelle have a wallpaper TV? If so, what is the size of her place in rooms?

    Exciting Super Bowl game for a change.

    By the way. It is only -22C (-36C with wind chill ), Monday morning in snowy Montreal. For the US readers it is minus 8 and minus 26 Fahrenheit.

  6. Sounded like a nice party. The game sure was exciting! I was routing for the Seahawks but was embarrassed by their behavior this game. Someone explained to me the “celebration penalty”, not cool and then that fight was too much!!

    JeffW: I hope y’all have a safe trip! My cousin lives in Mt. Prospect, IL and she said they got 11 inches. Yikes!

    Love the Akemiisms!

    It’s spitting snow here and tomorrow the high is 50F. Memphis has strange weather.

  7. Tell Akemi to make a paste of baking soda and water and rub gently onto the stains with a paper towel. Works every time and definitely non-toxic. 🙂

  8. 1. Our neighbors, a retired couple, invited us over for the Stupid Bowl. Dinner, and a game. I was really hoping the missus would want to sit and chat while the guys watched the game…but nooooo…she’s a Bostonian so you can just imagine how crazy she was during the game.

    In the end the game (not the game per se, but the hype and fan craziness coupled with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat) just reinforced my hatred for NFL football.

    However, dinner was yummy and a nice treat from the chicken and rice congee I’ve been eating for the past week.

    2. Love the Akemisms. I wish I had written down all my husband’s ‘isms’, because he’d give Akemi a real run for the money, and English is his native tongue! One of my favorites (which I think I’ve mentioned here before) is the time he stood up at a company meeting and declared, “Never bite the foot that feeds the hand”. I’m still not sure what he meant by that. 😛

    3. That sandwich is sticking its tongue out at me. 😯



  9. It’s pretty crazy how some of my favorite TV worlds are all working together on DM. Stargate, Lost Girl, Continuum, and who knows what else in the coming weeks, all coming together to create a fantastic new universe. So neat to see these folks all hanging together, too. Looks like a fun group. 🙂

    Random thought/question: Are you working on, or have already put in, creating some new slang in your show? Some of the coolest sci-fi shows/movies always seem to have a few words or more that end up creating a certain vernacular that endears fans to it even more, especially when the new words/phrases are slang-type words. Might be something to consider.

    -Mike A.

  10. BTW, I’m going to go home and try the hot water, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar as an experiment. I’ll report the results! My expected outcome: a rather smelly cleaning solution.

  11. @ Akemi – I’m a psycho too!! I am always doing stuff like that too. My last most memorable one was…

    Recently while I was sitting in church listening to the sermon, I suddenly panicked and thought, “did I leave my phone on?!”. Nothing more embarrassing than a ringing phone in church. So I pulled it out of my purse and sure enough, it was on!! I was petrified someone would call and the phone would ring loudly. I couldn’t turn it off because that makes a noise too. I held it tight trying to smother any sound it might make. I thought about walking out, turning it off, then coming back in. (I’ve done that before) But then I’m thinking, “what are the chances someone will call me?” I decided to sweat it out. Well, sure enough the phone rang!!! OMGosh!!! But wait…, it wasn’t mine… it was somebody else’s phone! I laughed to myself and said “it was YOU not me!”.

    Don’t ya think that is weird? Psycho, right?

    PS: Right after that happened, I muted my phone for when I am turning it on and off now.

  12. I went back and forth on that picture with Amanda Tapping in it. I thought it was Amanda, but then I was thinking maybe it’s Melissa O’Neil because you gave the impression she was coming to your party. If the darn picture wasn’t so small…! You take bigger pictures of your hamburgers than you do your friends!

  13. Hi Joe,

    Could you please spread the word about this lady’s fight to adopt her 2 foster pugs. She was approved to foster them for over 2 years, but can’t adopt them, not for cause, but because the organization has a rule against it.


    Seems like the organization is more concerned with the letter of the law than the welfare of the pugs. It would be heartbreaking for her to loose them.


  14. The half time show for this was really elaborate, impressive even. I was amazed with how smoothly things transitioned for Katy Perry. As a performance it was mostly flawless, NBC will be happy with how smooth it was.

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