“Somebody stole my car!”was my first thought as I stared out at the desolate lot.  A single automobile sat out there, occupying the spot formerly occupied by my Durango.  A Durango too, but cleaner, shinier, and less salt-encrusted.

Yes, as with yesterday’s incident involving that homeless woman who turned out not to be homeless at all but actually my friend Tara, I discovered that appearances can be deceiving.  In this case, the guys in our Transport department had whisked my car away, washed it, filled the gas tank, and then returned it. They’re like shoe elves – but for cars!


February 3, 2015: Cars Elves!  Production!  Prep!  And Our Walking Dead Crossover!

Transport Coordinator Tony Bifano and…

February 3, 2015: Cars Elves!  Production!  Prep!  And Our Walking Dead Crossover!

…Transport Captain Tom Chapman.

They’re the best!  I predict another batch of bourbon cookies in their near future!

HUGE day on the bridge today.  Our biggest yet!  Director Paolo Barzman was in the thick of it all, orchestrating the action like a maestro of mayhem.

February 3, 2015: Cars Elves!  Production!  Prep!  And Our Walking Dead Crossover!

Prep continued today on episode #104 with director Amanda Tapping.  Today, we discussed stunts, locations, and art department builds.  It’s been a treat watching Amanda in action on the other side of the camera.  That upbeat attitude and professionalism I remember so well from Stargate typifies her approach to directing.  She’s inclusive and collaborative but percolating with great ideas.

Today, I was telling her about the time I brought my aunt to the set of SG-1.  We watched a take and, the second the director yelled “Cut!”, Amanda walked right over and introduced herself.  She chatted with us for a few minutes, then went back to work.  My aunt still recalls that meeting with fondness and, to this day, always asks: “How’s Amanda?”

February 3, 2015: Cars Elves!  Production!  Prep!  And Our Walking Dead Crossover!

Vince and Rocky are on the wrong show.  They look like they just walked off the set of The Walking Dead.

Hey, it’s time for another round of “Guess Who’s Quarters?”:

February 3, 2015: Cars Elves!  Production!  Prep!  And Our Walking Dead Crossover!Thoughts?

February 3, 2015: Cars Elves!  Production!  Prep!  And Our Walking Dead Crossover!

To those of you asking: The dogs are great.  Lulu and Jelly are on the mend.  And Bubba is still crazy.

Enjoy this short video of Lulu eating kale chips.

And let’s finish off with our our semi-regular Sock of the Day instalment:

February 3, 2015: Cars Elves!  Production!  Prep!  And Our Walking Dead Crossover!

22 thoughts on “February 3, 2015: Cars elves! Production! Prep! And our Walking Dead crossover!

  1. Happy to see Lulu and Jelly on the mend. 🙂 While at the dentist office today, my daughter had to meet with the oral surgeon for a consult on wisdom teeth removal. When the oral surgeon walked in, I had to do a double take because he looked like he could have been Alex Mallari’s twin! He said that people thinks he looks like Dean Cain. I let Alex know about this on twitter. I just wish I had taken a picture today of the oral surgeon.

  2. Hey, my Jeep could use a good detailing – send those guys over here! 🙂 Seriously, how do you like the Durango? I think they look great, if way too big for me.

    I would expect Amanda to be nothing other than the kind, consummate professional that she is. I’ve always wanted to meet her, especially to chat about her work with S4K and Nepal.

    Not sure about the guns – would that be Three’s/Marcus Boone’s quarters?

    Great three-in-one doggie pic! Glad to hear they’re doing well – give each of them an ear scratch for me.

  3. Why don’t car elves ever come whisk my car away?

    I love Amanda. She’s that person who makes it impossible to be anything but happy when you’re around her. We should clone her.

    Glad to hear the dogs are doing well. Ziggy has his surgery Saturday. And he needs it. He sliced open his giant tumor and there was blood everywhere. And this happened while I was home. Thank goodness I could bandage him up and then clean up the horror. My house looked like something out of Law and Order. Bleh. Ziggy is fine. That’s what matters.

  4. Now thats the size doggy bed I was talking about!!, ginormous,enough room for everyone and some more.
    Does mom still read Maeve Binchy?, I see where they released one of hers called Chestnut Street, in case she does not have it.
    Welcome to Amanda, great to see her again.
    Props to the Transport team, love a cleaner car in this kind of weather. Yes cookies all around,yum.
    Yeah, sock!!!

  5. Wow, I wish I could leave my car and when I come back it was clean! The perks of being a big time TV Producer!!! I would expect no less from Amanda. The 2 times I have met her she was one of the nice people I have ever met.

    Love today’s socks!

  6. Aw, Lulu! She’s not squinting at much it seems, I’m glad the pups are getting over their respective ay-yay-yai’s.
    I’m already beyond excited to see the show and now with Amanda behind the cam?! How very cool! I don’t know who’s quarters that is, but I love that arrangement of guns and the solitary briefcase, wait, the briefcase must be full of ammo and grenades.
    A Carnegie Mellon doc is fundraising for research extending the lives of pets; I think they’d do trials in a few years, maybe in a few years the pugs would benefit from something like it, and it’s based on a Harvard study that is already planning future trials in humans; living forever sounds cool right about now, I’d take a year off to finally watch the Sopranos and The Wire.

  7. I think I more time today trying to kick OFF road-fudge off the underside of my teeny ancient car than I did behind the wheel! BTW, most of the crap came from parking lots! — *PUL-LEEZE* send your CAR-ELVES HERE!! – I’ll give them Toques! — Do they do Windows too?

  8. Tony and Tom, please come to my house. I have tons of sun for you and could have cookies too. How nice of you to surprise Joe. 😀

    One might wonder what other department might surprise you. :p

    Love the popsicle socks! Thank you for wearing them. 😀

    Glad to hear the girls are on the mend. Lulu’s eye looks much better and she has lost her cone of shame.

  9. I would love to meet Amanda one day, heck I would love to meet the whole cast!

    Glad to see all the doggies are on the mend and/or still crazy!

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  10. Tony and Tom are awesome. You are so lucky to have them around. Two mighty important people judging by all the blurring going on in their offices. Even Tony’s phone is blurred! What was on it, a map to your house?

    No pictures of Director Paolo Barzman in action? Boo, hiss! I could see myself working for Amanda. She seems like a really nice person, calm, cool, collected and detailed minded. I think you can tell the actors real personality by the characters they play. Maybe it is how they play the characters.

    “Guess Who’s Quarters?” I’m going to say any one of the boys. 🙂

    Good to see Miss Socks back. She can never take a day off during your Sock installments. Well, at least not Monday thru Friday.

    The doggies look as cute as ever! Lulu eats like a horse! I can’t believe she has as many boyfriends as she does and sounds like that when she eats!

  11. @ whoviantrish – Hope your Ziggy does well Saturday in his surgery. Keep us posted.

  12. Quarters? Two
    Lulu! That face! Glad she’s feeling better. Her eye looks pretty good.
    Yay Jelly!

  13. Whoviantrish: Good luck with Ziggy!

    Say Hi to Amanda from us please! I hope her family are doing well.

    Thanks for the updates on your pups!

    Thank you car elves and sock lady!

  14. Looking at the bed, I’m guessing you sleep on the sofa…a lot. 😉


  15. Phil – Jayne Cobb is exactly what I was thinking!
    Joe – Glad to see the doggies looking better, and of course, comfy. 🙂
    Hi Amanda!
    So, how did the car elves get your keys? Love how they filled the tank, too. Wonder if it shows up on the Dark Matter expense report?

    Whoviantrish – Hugs to Ziggy.

  16. popsicle socks!! Doh!! I thought that was a cake with 1 candle. I just don’t do upside down very good. 🙂

  17. Joseph,,,I’ve been feeding my dogs meat (and the occasional Science Diet) for the last 11 years, on the understanding they are descendants of carnivores…they’ve never eaten anything that wasn’t very high protein…KALE??? This is not the food of wolf descendants…

  18. @Lulu and Jelly are on the mend

    I hope they’re both continuing to do equally well today too 🙂

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