January 26, 2015: Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!  Shhhh.  Don’t Tell Anyone!
Director Paolo Barzman humoring me.

I spent much of the weekend going over the two week’s worth of dailies we’ve amassed to date.  For those not in the know, “dailies” refers to the collected footage from the previous day’s shoot.  It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the available material – especially when it comes time to do your edit. If something isn’t working for you, it’s a simple matter of requesting that brilliant alternate take or delivery that didn’t make the director’s cut.  What’s leftover finds its way into those outtakes, blooper reels, and deleted footage extras the fans love so much while so much more is lost to time.  Somewhere, in the crawlspace of my Vancouver home sit two boxes of videocassettes containing dailies from Stargate SG-1 seasons 4 through 7.  Highlights include unaired scenes, serpent guards stumbling about in unwieldy oversized helmets, and Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) dancing a jig in that unas episode.

January 26, 2015: Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!  Shhhh.  Don’t Tell Anyone!
Akemi presents…our shuttle: the phantom class marauder. Much more impressive on the inside, trust me.

Wall to wall meetings today for episode #103: VFX/Playback (nebula!), stunts/SPFX (shirtless bo staff training alert!  Don’t tell Alex!), props (light up elements), and a tone meeting with director Paolo Barzman during which we discussed the characters, the “big picture”, and went through the script scene by scene.

January 26, 2015: Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!  Shhhh.  Don’t Tell Anyone!
Akemi prepares to interrogate the prisoner.

I spent most of my free time going over the schedule, assembling the scenes by set (the bridge [FTL, star field, blast doors, and emergency lighting], the infirmary, the mess, the airlock, the corridors and quarters), and playing mix and match with the allotted times to create nice, full – but not overly taxing days.  I’d broken it all down nicely and was in the process of mixing and matching when I mistakenly pressed “do NOT save” – and lost everything.  Sigh.

January 26, 2015: Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!  Shhhh.  Don’t Tell Anyone!
Director Paolo Barzman strongly urges me to reconsider that second act break.

In honor of my pug, Jelly, Natalie Cooper presents this awesome “sock of the day”:

January 26, 2015: Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!  Shhhh.  Don’t Tell Anyone!

And our screen grab of the day:

January 26, 2015: Behind The Scenes On Dark Matter!  Shhhh.  Don’t Tell Anyone!

Heads up!

21 thoughts on “January 26, 2015: Behind the scenes on Dark Matter! Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone!

  1. Speaking of pugs, we finally got around to watching the Hobbit/Smaug and were wondering if it was Bubba or Jelly that got the cameo. 🙂

  2. Two weeks’ worth of dailies? That sounds like a lot of footage to cover. I looks like Akemi was having fun there! Did she get to fly that “shuttle”? 🙂

    I’m disappointed we never got to see that Daniel Jackson jig.

    Cool socks! I hope Jelly is still doing well. k

  3. Don’t know where that superfluous “k” came from. Tired, I guess.

    Big storm tomorrow! Or, so they say. We’ll see.

  4. Great set pictures Joe, I like the shuttle. I think it looks like the right kind of size for a shuttle too.

    @Natalie Cooper presents this awesome “sock of the day”:

    They look very Jelly like too.

  5. Ugh. I totally feel your ‘do not save’ pain. It’s the worst feeling, ever! Well, next to acute diarrhea and projectile vomiting.



  6. I saw that first picture of Director Paolo Barzman and thought he looks like he can sweetly smile while saying “Do you want to eat that camera for lunch?” Then I saw the last one of him and thought, I knew it! I knew it!

    Looks like the shuttle has been scraping the walls as it flies in and out. You’re going to need more paint. The impressive socks of the day are upside down.

  7. How are all your patients doing (Lulu and Jelly)? I bet Nurse Akemi is taking good care of them.

  8. Okay gotta find the Michael Shanks doing a jig!

    How is Jelly today? Biggest problem with toenails is infection so keep a watch.

  9. Bella&Kasper: Peter Jackson owns several pugs so I suspect it was one of his making the cameo.

    A bit of hull plating on that shuttle and it should be good to go!

  10. Been there, done that “do save” thing. bummer. The sox are killing me! Where do they all come from? Love it.

  11. Hmm…The “Jackson/Chaka Jig”…has a nice ring to it…and something that sounds so Shanks…gotta love him…well I do anyway…in a non-stalkery-fangirl-kind-of-way (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)…

    Hope the weather is treating you all kindly…my long-lost-cousin-from-Toronto is now my long-lost-cousin-from-Tampa, Florida now..he packed up his belongings and, leaving his winter coats behind, left Toronto in the New Year to take up a new position as Kit Manager for the Tampa Bay Rowdies Soccer team…

    He doesn’t miss the Toronto Winter one bit apparently *snerk*

  12. Well, the storm has started here already. Looks crazy out there!

    The office is closed today so no driving, thankfully.

  13. Not sure about the rest of my fellow New Jerseyans, but down here in the south we dodged one huge snowy bullet. Barely a dusting. However, I’m still declaring it a jammies snow day!

    On the down side, I won’t be playing – instead I’ma gonna tackle the paperwork mess that is 2014, prepare my files for 2015, and gather up all my tax info for the accountant. And I’ma gonna do it ALL in my jammies! 😀 I mean, in the clothes I wore all day yesterday…and then fell asleep in… 😛

    But no worries! I will slap on some fresh deodorant! But I ain’t changing out of my warm and cozies…no way, no how! I do so love slumming it sometimes. 😀


  14. @das: Yep. Snowmageddon: South Jersey Edition was a big ol bust. I was really looking forward to staying home from work today. Oh well. Maybe next excessively overly-hyped snow storm.

    Joe, that’s a very sleek looking um…shuttle(?) you have there! I’m sure it looks much better on the inside.

    I feel ya on the “save” blunder. My company just forced us to upgrade to Office 2013. I hate it. And I’ve lost a few documents due to my own blunders in trying to transition.

  15. I feel your pain reg the lost document. Then someone taught me how to set MS Word to “auto save” periodically without my brain interference. I love auto save. If that option is available, I highly recommend it. Otherwise a note on your monitor that saves “SAVE” is also helpful. {{{HUGS}}} to all.

  16. The question is, did she already have the pug socks or did she go out and buy them? If she already had them, then what other breeds of dog-socks does she have? French Bulldog? Beagle? 😉

    Got to finally watch Elysium last week. I love Neill Blomkamp’s vision of future tech. Gritty, practical, very realistic, innovative, but yet very believable. Absolutely stunning visual effects throughout the movie. Story probably could’ve used some help, but I like how his movies just dive right in and get to the point, not people just standing around describing exactly what just happened or is about to happen. It was a touch more graphic than I thought it was going to be, but he used it well and it fit right in with the story(a rare feat these days).

    -Mike A.

    PS. You know, if you ever find all those old SG franchise dailies and find enough funny outtakes and interesting BTS footage, you might be able to convince MGM to come out with a “new” SG1-Atlantis-SGU Master Collection Box set.

  17. Groans on the “Do NOT save”! Ask and see if those fancy Mac’s have the auto save feature that DALLAS MARSHALL (@MrsTigercat) mentioned. Sounds like that feature would be a must when you get involved in a story.

    Gforce: 😆 I desperately needed a laugh today, so Thanks!

    I hope all are safe and cozy from the storm. It’s 54F and sunny here. I’m Thanking God for our weather today!!!!

    Did you make an appointment for Jelly? You know us, we’ll all worry until you do!

    Oh and those socks are precious!

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