“I really like Joe,”said our Assistant Production Manager Robbie David.  “He’s always so positive.”

“Positive?”asked my writer partner, Paul, instantly dubious.  Having known me for well over twenty-five years, he’d be the first to tell you that “positive” would probably be well down on the list of adjectives used to paint a picture of yours truly (falling somewhere between “druidic” and “herbaceous”).   “Joe?”

“Yeah,”said Robbie.  “I saw him on his way in.  He was talking about how great it was that he had the opportunity to see different parts of Ontario like Hamilton and Kitchener.”

A full three seconds of silence and then, Paul: “Robbie, he was being sarcastic.”

“He was?”

Yes, apparently, that happens a lot – people taking my sarcasm for genuine sincerity.  So, to be clear: I DON’T think a rogue equipment manager is to blame for ensuring quarterback Tom Brady had some nice grippably deflated footballs to throw last weekend, I DID NOT take six years of breakdancing lessons nor am I looking forward to showing off my moves at the wrap party, and it’s possible I DIDN’T notice you’re doing something new with your hair.  But chances are I still LOVE IT!

Anyway, as to the specific incident in question – yes, I may have been a little sarcastic.  After dealing with doggy issues that morning (see last entry, ed.), I drove an hour and twelve minutes to an area devoid of proper signage to point me in the right direction.  At one point, I was thrilled to spot an actual sign on the roadside up ahead only to discover, on approach, that it was actually a notice for a local bake sale.

When I finally did roll up outside the entrance to the water treatment facility, I discovered I’d actually missed the crew park.  I was informed that signage was a Vancouver production thing.  Next time, I had to follow the parking cones – judiciously lining the route (roughly 3-5 miles between each one).

It was a long but incredibly fulfilling day as director T.J. Scott, in collaboration with stunt coordinator John Stead and our awesome cast, shot, slashed, and blasted the place up.  Last day for some of our guest stars – Chloe Rose, Rob Stewart, and Amanda Brugel – who not only delivered terrific performances and offered delightful company, but also kindly supplied me with reference letters for the position of ambassador to Burkina Faso in our model U.N. club.

We managed to squeeze in a location scout for episodes #106 and #109 and ended up wrapping – early! – at 11:30 p.m.  After that, it was a quick 90 minute drive back in the mostly streetlight-devoid dead of night and I was in bed by 1:30 a.m.

This weekend, it’s chores, chores, chores, a pink page pass on episode #103, an early Sunday afternoon visit to our shuttle (the phantom class marauder) set, and I’ve already started thinking about my ideal trailer for the show.

Some pics from Friday’s festivities:

January 25, 2015: Somewhere Between Druidic And Herbaceous!
Awwwwww. So cuuuuuute!
January 25, 2015: Somewhere Between Druidic And Herbaceous!
Table #1 of 3.
January 25, 2015: Somewhere Between Druidic And Herbaceous!
Besties: Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza and actress Amanda Brugel (Keeley).

Our screen grab of the day (from Thursday’s action):

January 25, 2015: Somewhere Between Druidic And Herbaceous!

Trouble comin’ your way!

Tomorrow: wall to wall meetings as prep continues on #103.  Meanwhile, main unit shoots its first day on our shuttle – the phantom class marauder!

31 thoughts on “January 25, 2015: Somewhere between druidic and herbaceous!

  1. I think the big question that comes out of all this is – did you buy anything at the bake sale? 🙂

    I don’t know if I’d call you herbaceous. That sounds kind of smelly. I’d probably say sardonic. I wouldn’t go as far as curmudgeonly, though! 😉 Now see, having driven through Hamilton before, I would say anytime someone suggested that it was pleasant it would HAVE to be sarcastic. Just kidding, you Hamiltonians! Hamilton rocks! *coughs nervously*

    So, signage is a Vancouver thing? Although granted, I’ve driven in Toronto and area before, and I think that signage philosophy is pretty prevalent.

    Aww, little baby guns! They’re so cute! Like baby rattlesnakes.

  2. I saw one single solitary sign in Kitchener pointing to the Dark Matter set, but that was all, despite going the way it pointed. Glad you found your way. Are you coming back to Kitchener?

  3. Boy, you must have really been in a hurry. I can’t believe you didn’t stop by that bake sale. (I wrote this before I read gforce’s comment) 🙂

    “It was a long but incredibly fulfilling day as director T.J. Scott, in collaboration with stunt coordinator John Stead and our awesome cast, shot, slashed, and blasted the place up.!”

    Sounds like a great stress reliever. Are you sure being an executive producer is a fun job?? Wall to wall meetings, a To-Do List a mile long, late night drives and days. Are you sure?

    If bad things come in 3’s…
    1. Joe’s rib
    2. Lulu’s eye
    3. Jelly’s toenail
    That’s it, your done. It should be smooth sailing now. 😀

  4. Hope Jelly is recovering from that trauma – adventure.

    Hope you and Akemi are recovering from it as well.

    The quack who looked at Jelly is the “…INCOMPETENT” one. Or maybe, he is really a used car salesman.

    yeah….what they said, get your refund immediately.

  5. Yes, apparently, that happens a lot – people taking my sarcasm for genuine sincerity.

    Maybe making air quotes with your fingers would help. 😉

    I’m one of those that is slow to respond to sarcasm. Mostly that comes as a result of my work environment in a multinational company and multiethnic profession. Daily, I deal with a large number of English as a second language professionals from around the world (e.g. Italians, French, Germans, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Indians). My company has a policy of English being the default language, but of course, not everyone is proficient in cultural proclivities and styles of expression. This tends to mean that sarcasm is a hit or miss thing, especially in email where you lack other non-verbal indicators. All that to say, my default mode has now been reinforced to be to try to take a statement at face value first.

    On the guns, cool! The upper right handgun looked familiar to me; is that a Ruger M&P?

    On the maps, do you still have that portable GPS (or maybe an iPhone app)? You could bring up the map of the shooting location with whoever plans the location shoots and nail it down before you go. Or better yet, give your GPS to one of the wonder gals and have them do it for you. If you need a new GPS, let me know…I can probably work out something for you.

  6. I always have that problem where people think my sarcasm is me being sincere. It frustrates me lol.

  7. I would like a couple of those cuties on the right.

    Any thought on Venessa having a cameo in an up coming episode, maybe a Villainess if you like? She seems to look well in the light.

    I understand your signage plight. I went to visit my mother and I am certain the arrow to the cut off was pointing in the wrong direction. I agree with JeffW. In the same story my iPhone was a great help, wish now I had an iPhone 6.

  8. @ Ponytail… LOL! Sometimes, I find that the bad things coming in 3’s thing multiplies… just say’in.

    Anyone know of a cure for not constantly humming “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons? It’s stuck in my head and I do not know why…

    We’re gearing up for a blizzard starting tomorrow. I know for you folks accustomed to feet of snow at a time, that isn’t alarming, but for those of us on the shore, (usually misses here), the alarms are bonging. I have 2 snow shovels, one rather bent and some small bit of ice melt. Think that’ll hold me if the drift go to 3-4 feet?

    Prayers welcomed…

    2cats =^-^=

    P.S. How is Jelly and her poor foot doing?

  9. Maybe the lack of signage is the crew’s way of punking you. Or perhaps that nothing gets leaked by people wanting to find you to get inside scoop to the Dark Matter production before Syfy says it is okay? Or maybe the “bake sale” was code for Dark Matter? Of course, I am being highly sarcastic.

    How’s Jelly?

  10. What @JEFFW said. – Next Location-Shoot, set up a “homing-beacon”, have someone “paint” the area, and bring a sat-phone! oh! And, perhaps a “local”-Guide/Tracker who can also find the best weekend “bake sales”..? Or, set-up camp when you really do get “stranded”… [BTW, *don’t* try to pet the Wolves!]

  11. I’m glad you found your way there, despite the problems. I’m glad filming went well!

    I just sent my son’s iPod through the wash.

    It did not survive. 🙁

    Maybe that bit of bad luck helped use up whatever residual bad mojo was still left out there.

  12. Wait, what, they didn’t provide you with a driver to locations?!? and chocolate…

  13. Joey…being the big cheese and all I think you’re important enough to warrant a chauffeur.

    Question is, am I being sincere, or sarcastic?



  14. I missed reading yesterday… but if I come up your way, I’ll beat hell out of the vet for you. Hope you rate his sorry ass all over the internet.

    I am not into football… but the idea that 11 out of 12 balls had wrong pressure is pretty far fetched.
    >>During the AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts, the NFL investigated and found 11 of the 12 footballs used by the Patriots were under-inflated.

    The Patriots head coach Bill Belichick spoke to media after the investigation, giving his take on the incident.

    “What he said didn’t make any sense,” said Nye. “Rubbing the football, I don’t think you can change the pressure. What you really need to change the pressure is one of these—the inflation needle.”

    He ends with a firm, “Go Seahawks.”<<

  15. an area devoid of proper signage to point me in the right direction

    parking cones – judiciously lining the route (roughly 3-5 miles between each one)

    I’d actually missed the crew park

    I was informed that signage was a Vancouver production thing

    Maybe it’s time you brought some of that well oiled machine procedures, aka Vancouver signage to Toronto. Or just let JeffW fix you up.

  16. Yeah, people don’t get my sarcasm either. They usually think I’m being mean. Which I guess I am. Kind of. One of my co-workers actually printed a sign that I used to keep on the wall at my desk that read: “Sarcasm – Just one more service that I offer.”

    Glad Jelly is on the mend. Sorry the Vet was a dick. My friend Lisa had a similar problem with her large mix Lexi just last week. Lexi is now wearing a sock over the bandage and has to be fitted with a large ziploc bag every time she goes outside.

  17. And the guns look great! Earth based, with just enough difference to be futuristic.

  18. It’s Monday now and I send Joe and Akemi hugs (Maximus).

    Also thinking of my northeast friends here in the path of this blizzard. My family on Long Island is saying 18-24 inches of snow with 40-50 mph winds and gusts up to 75 (like Montauk). My Toms River family says the same amount of snow but 20-30 mph winds with gusts up to 45. Please be careful and if power goes out, it won’t be out for long.

  19. @SparrowHawk Bummer about the IPod. Does it have an extended warranty on it?

    I like @JeffW’s suggestion of GPS. I use the MapQuest app. It has been pretty reliable and lets me know updated traffic issues and my ETA. But I sort of remember you using that during one holiday trip back home to your mom that was not helpful at all? Although a driver sounds pretty awesome. But you may want the money spent on the driver to be put into your project.

  20. You’ve got a crew. Assign one of them to place signs whenever there is a remote location shoot. How hard is that?

    Glad you made it home okay. I hope Jelly is getting better fast.

    You’ll need to have the lady with the cool socks take pictures for you when you are out, and e-mail them to you so you can post them here remotely. 😉

  21. @PBMom: The last iPod did not, but the replacement I just bought does!

    Stay safe out there everyone We may not be having a blizzard in the Chicago area, but we are having sleet and ice and the roads are less than delightful.

  22. Hi Joe
    Looks like you have a fine show on your hands. Can’t wait to see it.

    @gforce & das and anybody else in the east. Stay safe and stay warm!


  23. And in other unrelated news. Helix pulled a 0.2. and 12 Monkeys a 0.3 in the 18-49 for their latest eps. All this on a Friday timeslot where SGU did pretty good(Well in my opinion). Dark Matter doesn’t seem to have much competition among other Syfy shows this year. Not one for reporting on other shows sinking Joe, but really I want to see you get your second season 🙂

  24. He will learn, this innocent Robbie babe. Too much serious work me thinks. He should read your blog and the scales will fall off. Some people have sheltered lives, safe from the cynical undertones of the creative mind. Like the first time you watch a horror movie. ha! The rest of us get you, we are you, raised on healthy doses of daily sarcasm.
    Hope your pups are doing better.

  25. Might be worth splurging a bit on a driver if the production budget will allow it, so that you can get work done while driving to set. Ask for a bathtub of Perrier to bathe in too to make getting the driver will seem more reasonable.

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