January 21, 2015: Lulu’s Big Day!  Prep On Episode #103 Begins!

I’m pleased to report that Lulu’s eye surgery went swimmingly and she is now home and resting comfortably.  According to the technician, the procedure involved abrading her cornea to remove the dead tissue after which the surgeon pierced her eye with several pin pricks.  Now that I know the secret, I can save a little money and just do it myself next time.

January 21, 2015: Lulu’s Big Day!  Prep On Episode #103 Begins!
Jelly is thrilled to have Lulu back!

Apparently, Lulu could sense something was up in the lead-up to surgery.  Akemi claims she was unusually needy yesterday, following Bubba around from dog bed to dog bed.  And, last night, she was uncharacteristically agitated, continually panting and pacing.  Either she’s possessed of an uncanny sixth sense, or her grasp of the English language is much better than I’d assumed.

On the Dark Matter front (you know, that awesome new SF series premiering on SyFy later this year?), the cast and crew shot their third and final day in Hamilton before the move on Thursday.  I’ll miss both days but will rejoin them for what is tentatively scheduled as a 2:00 p.m. main unit call on Friday – meaning I probably won’t get home until 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning.  I could just stay the night like everyone else (I hear Kitchener, Ontario is lovely this time of year) but it’s only a one hour and twenty minute drive.  And I’d much prefer to start my weekend in my own bed.

Anyway, while the rest of the gang was enjoying the fresh air of Hamilton (‘s warehouses), I was back at the production offices prepping episode #103 with director Paolo Barzman who, between the concept meeting, stage walk-thru, and space suit look-see, even found time to sweep the infirmary.

January 21, 2015: Lulu’s Big Day!  Prep On Episode #103 Begins!

Yesterday, I got a chance to chat with the actress Amanda Brugel who will be joining us for episodes #101-#102.  Simply awesome.  She and Anthony Lemke are terrific together!  Between set-ups, she demonstrated the fine art of the selfie:

January 21, 2015: Lulu’s Big Day!  Prep On Episode #103 Begins!You can actually snap a pic by pressing a button the side of your phone – and the edit feature allows you to fiddle with the photo so that you don’t look so much like a deranged lunatic!  Next week, Amanda’s going to teach me how to program my DVR!

Our screen grab of the day:

January 21, 2015: Lulu’s Big Day!  Prep On Episode #103 Begins!

Our “sock of the day” courtesy of Natalie Cooper who writes: “Today’s were picked just for you and your aversion to non-west coast sushi”…

January 21, 2015: Lulu’s Big Day!  Prep On Episode #103 Begins!

P.S. Akemi covets these socks.

34 thoughts on “January 21, 2015: Lulu’s big day! Prep on episode #103 begins!

  1. Yay for Lulu! You have a grueling schedule but I’m sure the results will be woth it. Thanks for taking the time to blog.

  2. I am continually amazed that you have time to do a blog every day. Some days, I’m sure, you probably wish you didn’t have to. I know! How about get Roger Cross to guest blog for you about his experiences on set. He can even tell us about hugging you and if that is the real reason for your sore ribs.

    The Jodelle Ferland can do one, etc. You could even get Mark Savela in on the blog. Just give them free reign to say whatever enters their minds. Good idea, no?

    In all seriousness, thanks for doing your blogs, even when you have very little time. I know we all appreciate it.

  3. While Lulu’s procedure sounds horrible, I’m sure they knew what they were doing and glad it was a success. *hides package of needles from Joe*

    If you’re planning on driving home at 3:00am, make sure you get plenty of rest beforehand, and if you’re too tired, DON’T drive (or stop if you need to). You’ve still got plenty of TV shows to make and blog posts to write!

  4. Glad to hear Lulu is doing ok. Owie poor baby,{{hugs}}
    Love the sock of the day, if we can’t have the wfpotd, socks are cool. I am gonna be looking for that edit button on my phone…no more of that up the nose shot crap maybe. Thanks ever so much for sharing.
    Don’t forget snacks for the later night session and driving home. Hello to Akemi! [ waves]

  5. Happy that things went well for Lulu. 🙂

    Here’s hoping she makes a full recovery and things go well for her.

  6. So glad Lulu is okay. Please don’t ever describe that surgery again.

    I’m having dancing withdrawals. And I can’t tell if anyone is wigged in that picture. Bummer. But it’s a great shot!

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors manservant, nor maidservant, nor sushi socks, nor anything that is thy neighbors.

  7. So glad Lulu is on the mend, poor girl. Yes the dogs do seem to grasp the English language rather well I find.

    You are more than welcome to have my couch instead of driving back to Toronto!

  8. Yeah for Lulu! Recuperate quickly! Next time I’m in Toronto, I’ll bring a new doggy toy for you. ☺

    And colorful socks aren’t my thing…Hawaiian shirts are. Mostly they’re of Corvettes, classic cars, WW2 planes, beaches with flying boats, and vintage aircraft. Anybody else have Hawaiian shirts, or am I the only kitschy one? 😉

  9. Nize socks, Natalie! I need to get me some of those nize socks.

    I’m glad Lulu got through her surgery and is recovering. She doesn’t look too happy about the cone of shame, though. I hope you are pampering the poor baby as she deserves.

  10. My sister is the Sock Queen. She wears the types of socks that you’ve been posting, but she never wears a pair of the SAME socks – she always mismatches her pairs and is always very proud to show them off. Me? I hate socks – they always ride down and end up all balled up in the toe of my shoes. 😛 I just wear those knee-high trouser socks now…which are basically knee-high stockings. I’m not very creative, I suppose.

    And glad to hear that Lulu’s surgery went okay! Give her kisses for me! 😀

    (Is that you in the selfie, Joe? ‘Cause for a sec I thought it was Kevin Spacey…)


  11. @JEFFW
    Babe! I’m the QUEEN of “KITSCH”! And yes, I too “collect” Hawaiian Shirts. However, I’m rather a bit of a purist though… They MUST actually BE “Made in HAWAII” and 100% cotton! [Linen & silk are also accepted] — At the moment, I have a stash of *3*! – Although I do have a couple of non-“Island”-made ones from an earlier time… VALUE-VILLAGE and the SALLY-ANN are usually my primary sources. — BTW, what size do you wear? And are you picky about fabric and/or country-of-origin..?

    You won’t want to know what the procedure for Cataracts entails!

  12. I was going to say that I like that little doggie living room you got going on there. I would do that but I’m afraid I would be the one sitting on it on the floor and my dog would be on the couch.

  13. Have you introduced your new director Paolo Barzman yet?

    Since you have an infirmary, do you have a doctor?

  14. Yay Lulu! Hope you feel all better soon! And don’t worry, you don’t look TOO ridiculous in that cone. The other dogs are just jealous you’re getting all the special treatment. 😉

  15. My cat had a scratched cornea once. The vet sewed his eyelid closed so the cornea could heal. For some reason the vet also sewed on a button (just a normal button that you’d have on a shirt of something) over the eye. I assume it was to hold the end of the thread so he could unsew the eye in a few weeks. Anyway, it was a strange sight to have this cat in a cone of shame with a button for an eye. He made a full recovery and went on to a ripe old age of 18!

    @JeffW: I have a modest (6 or so) collection of Hawaiian shirts. Geeky T-Shirts are more my thing where I have nearly 100. The Hawaiian shirts are brought out on days of high importance. I wore one to my sister’s wedding! (It was on the beach in tropical northern Australia so seemed appropriate.)

  16. Ooh. I just realized that you are starting to film 103. That means that everything that happens is beyond what we read in the comics! Hurrah!

  17. @Ganymede:

    I like very specific themes: cars, planes, and if I could ever find them, certain Sci Fi and science themes (I would love to find a GPS satellite themed shirt!) No floral, parrot or Hulu girl themes for me!

    I’m size 46 in my shoulders (extra large), and due to the very narrow themes I like, I’ve haven’t been too picky on the material and source.

    As for why Hawaiian shirts, I’ve had two separate Uncles stationed in Hawaii during their military service (one in the Army and one in the Navy), and a grandfather who had “a thing” for Hawaiian music. I was sort of predisposed to it due to my family history.

    I only have about 6 or 7 (like Linenoise), but again, the ones I have are very specific themes.

    Say, what about a Dark Matter Hawaiian shirt!?

  18. So glad to know that Lulu is doing well. She is a trooper! Please give her a kiss from me.
    @ Line Noise I have to say, that description of sewing a button on your cat’s eyelid had me sqirming in my seat. The visual is disturbing. Glad it helped though.

    We got a light dusting of snow last night in parts of Central New Jersey Shore. According to the weather folks, a much larger snow event is coming our way from the west with impact due on Saturday. I am not prepared to shovel snow. There, I said it. Now maybe that will make it go away.

    As to Natalie’s socks… When I worked as a bank teller, many, many years ago, I often got assigned the drive-up window for late afternoons. So I frequently delighted my customers by wearing gaudy, colorful socks, then doing a show-and-tell at the drive-up window. Those socks got a lot of smiles and comments, believe me.

    Well, back to work.

  19. I know where Hamilton is from a previous job. Don’t they have a casino there? Glad her hear Lulu is on the mend. I think the Mini SETI receiver on her head helped on focusing her ESP abilities. Maybe that is why she was following Bubba – for the serene silence?
    Be careful with the sock pictures. You might find Adidas calling up Natalie and offer her a multi-million dollar contract for being a Super Foot Model.
    You have dance of the day, Sock of the day and set picture of the day. How about an Amanda Selfie of the day?

  20. Never seen Lulu looking so forlorn! I’m sending well wishes to her and hoping she’ll be back to flirting shamelessly with boys soon. Maybe put a pic of Ivon under her pillow so she can have sweet dreams.

    Here’s a happy song for her with a DM vibe; Capitan Futuro is apparently “enérgico y capaz” which means “energetic and capable.”


  21. I was checking several times yesterday to see if you had posted about Lulu. Had been thinking about her all day. So glad she is home and recovering. I don’t’ doubt she knew something was up. Dogs are very sensitive to our feelings and if you or Akemi were feeling worried, she may have picked up on that. I would say get an identical bed like the one Lulu is in so that if she chooses that, the others can have that bed. She may go to the one occupied by Bubba or Jelly but at least they can then move to the other one.

    I’m going to post this and then write another entry because my Surface Pro 3 wiped out the LONG comment I just made because I accidentally hit a wrong key. (Grrrrr).

  22. I wanted to update all of you who are my Facebook friends about Lucy. LUCY is home! To the others who didn’t know, I have a client who had two dogs. One was a ridgeback mix and Lucy is a Manchester terrier mix. The ridgeback mix bit her child in the face (badly). He had to have plastic surgery and animal control said he had to be put to sleep. The owners took him to the vet and was with him when that happened. The little boy had been in the hospital from Monday and was discharged on Thursday. I watched the dogs Tuesday afternoon, evening and Wednesday morning. On Wednesday or Thursday, the husband brought them both to the vet’s office for boarding. I put almost 40 hours into this effort, trying all the rescue contacts I had, calling shelters to see how close to no-kill they were (there are no “no-kill” shelters in this area. I created a document that had each option for them with the pros and cons of each situation. LUCY COMES HOME was option #1. The mother did not want her child to feel terror in his own home. I think honestly this was more about her feelings putting them onto her child. The husband was a bit more rational about things. Through many texts with the woman, phone calls with the woman and then on Monday of this week I talked to the husband, they must have decided to at least try it. They sent me a very excited text that Lucy was home and the child did not seem anxious at all about it. They were going to take precautions not to ever leave the dog unattended with the children. Especially not a toddler. They have a really great plan. Apparently the dog who bit did so while she was in the bathroom so she didn’t actually witness what had happened. The ridgeback was a nervous dog so I bet the child moved in such a way that it felt like a threat. I cried a lot during this past week. Having to say goodbye to the dog who was going to be put to sleep, not knowing if I would see Lucy again and having to say goodbye to her. And the stress of hearing all rescues were full and even an offer to financially sponsor the dog until a home could be found was not opening doors. Rough week but amazingly satisfying that I was able to help them. There was no way with the woman having to be at the hospital with the child (and following him wherever he wanted to go play), and the husband out of town until Wednesday morning, and the woman’s parents taking care of her second child, that they were going to be able to do much if any calling around. So glad it ended with Lucy getting to return to her home. I can’t wait to see her again.

  23. Now last comment. Joe–I understand the desire to be in your own bed before the weekend starts, but driving while exhausted is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Don’t assume you are okay, because most people do, when you decide to get in that car. You don’t want to be halfway home when exhaustion hits you and then you don’t make it to your own bed anyway because you’ve had an accident (or worse). You need to hang around this earth for a long time to come.

  24. Yes, friends don’t let friends drive tired. DON’T DRIVE TIRED!

    Don’t make me come up there. 🙂

    @JeffW, funny thing is, a parrot Hawaiian shirt is probably the only kind I WOULD wear. Because, you know, parrots.

    @PBMom: that is great news about Lucy. I hope it continues to go well.

  25. @shinyhula

    I’ve never heard of Captain Futuro before, but it seems to be called Captain Future in English. I don’t know a huge amount about anime shows prior to the year 2000 ish. I’ve seen a few but tend to stick with the more modern stuff.

  26. @For some reason the vet also sewed on a button

    That must have been quite the sight seeing a button for an eye on your Cat lol. But glad things worked out there.

  27. “P.S. Akemi covets these socks” – as she should.

    Glad to hear that all went well with LuLu surgery.

    Question for everyone – A random stranger and I spent about 2 hours trying to catch a stray dog last night over by my brother’s house. We’d just about have him and someone would drive or walk by and he would run away. The random stranger had her own dog with her and the stray would come up to him and wag his tail, but just ran if he heard the slightest nose. He finally ran into a big wooded park in the area and we lost him. He never barked or snapped at us just whined a little like “what the heck are you people doing” I know that there are a lot of dog lovers on this blog; any great suggestion for how to catch a skittish stray? We even tried food, he just sniffed it and ran away. I don’t think he’s been on his own for very long, but there was no collar.
    I am a cat person and haven’t had a dog in almost 20 years. I am a little rusty on the whole dog world. I was going to try and go by tonight after work to see if he is still out there.

  28. @ Joe – Yeah, and the only drivers out at 2 am are the drunks. If you don’t fall asleep at the wheel, you might get hit by a drunk.

    @ Ganymede – No and don’t tell me… 😉

  29. Yippee for Lulu. No, don’t try doing it yourself next time.

    Love today’s screen grab!

  30. So so happy for Lulu. I know you were nervous so I’m happy for you pet parents too. I bet Akemi was anxious and now relieved. No needles for you!
    I love all the socks, what a character Natalie is. The show seems to be going so well for you. I am happy for you. I must acquire the comics. Do you have a favorite venue for such a purchase? Can’t wait for the show to start!

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