January 17, 2015: Introducing 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn!  #fourclan!

Sure, he has suspect taste in movies and, yeah, he’s a Denver Broncos fan but, damnit, I can’t help but really like 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn – partly for his sense of humour, partly because he’s a fellow foodie and fantasy football enthusiast, but mainly because he’s the guy who makes sure WE get it done.

January 17, 2015: Introducing 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn!  #fourclan!
Brandon, director T.J. Scott’s right-hand man.

He’s the one who generates the production schedules, marrying scenes and piecing together locations to ensure we’re able to make our days and complete our episode in the time allotted.  He’s the director’s right hand man, the no-nonsense force that polices the set, making sure things run smoothly, efficiently, and delay-free.  He’ll call you out – no matter who YOU are (which I learned firsthand on the first day of production).

January 17, 2015: Introducing 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn!  #fourclan!
And he’s got the left hand covered as well.

Watch for Brandon to make a cameo (of sorts) midway through the show’s first season!

January 17, 2015: Introducing 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn!  #fourclan!

Alex Mallari Jr. kicks off his #FOURCLAN fashion line.  Join the clan! https://twitter.com/AlexMallariJr #DARKMATTER

Hey!  Work has commenced on our shuttle (the phantom class marauder) and the infirmary.  And good thing too.  We shoot in them in two weeks!

January 17, 2015: Introducing 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn!  #fourclan!

January 17, 2015: Introducing 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn!  #fourclan!

I’m going to try to do a mailbag in the next couple of days, so if you have any questions, post ’em!

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Das.  Get well soon!  And keep your hands off the long-locked doctors!

28 thoughts on “January 17, 2015: Introducing 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn! #FOURCLAN!

  1. Hi Brandon!

    @Das: Get better soon! We need you out of the hospital and back here STAT. 🙂

  2. I can’t express enough how great it is to see pics from your set. And meeting all the people who are working on the show is great fun.

    I’m getting very excited for this!

    Hmmmm questions for mailbag.. Oh! I recently discovered one of my bestest friends is quite the accomplished musician. I mean I keep begging him for more songs because he’s literally THAT good. My question is, does anyone working on the show have a secret talent that has surprised you? And what about you? Can you speak whale or recite Shakespeare from memory or anything randomly cool?


  3. I meant to add, do we need to repost the questions that we did earlier in the week?

    Also, the shuttle and sick bay are looking great!

  4. Question for mailbag: How do you order scene shooting? Do you shoot all scenes in one location at once, then move to another location, or do you shoot in order? Or some other way? Is it hard on the actors to shoot out of order?

  5. Did 1st Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn “come with” Director T.J. Scott or was he just “paired” with him? Having a director the caliber of Mr. Scott seems like he might want someone assisting him that he is familiar with and knows what he likes and dislikes… like unruly Executive Producers…

    “He’ll call you out – no matter who YOU are (which I learned firsthand on the first day of production).”

    You got in trouble?? What’d ya do?? Step into his shot to take a picture for your blog? Talking too loud on set? Making faces at the actors, distracting them?

  6. @Das:

    Get better soon! And I don’t know what Tam Dixon’s beef is with green jello. I always thought it was good, but then again, I couldn’t have any of the chocolate stuff so what else is there?

    Hope you get some rest tonight, but in all likelihood you’ll have a nurse waking you up every two hours to check if you’re sleeping.

  7. I cannot easily @ people on this tablet, sorry. Green jello is yummy! It might be worms, but the doc says diverticulitis…again. I have been eating waaaay too many nuts, so they may be the culprits. Upside to this is that I get a two day vaca and a chance to catch up on my reading. :). AND a blog dedication! Downside is that I cannot watch Dancing With the Stars, DM edition on this tablet for some reason. 🙁 It will have to wait. It`s taking me forever to type this. 😛

    Okie dokie…off to watch Hitchcock`s Foreign Correspondent.


  8. @Das: diverticulitis?! You had the green jello, didn’t you? 😥 Keep looking at the bright side and like JeffW said, hope you sleep well tonight. Sometimes, if they know you need rest and your vitals aren’t fluctuating, then the nurses won’t check on you as often. Good luck with the OCD/ADD in the new environment! I hate typing on this tablet!

  9. Oh and to all the unwell people on here, get better soon. Don’t let the cold weather get you down.


    That really does work lol

  10. @ Das – I thought nuts were suppose to be good for you. That figures they don’t know what they are talking about. I eat lots of pistachios. Is that bad? Hope you have a good “vacation” and get back home soon.

  11. @das: Get well soon. I suspected after that first “liquid diet” post that you had been tickling your diverticuli again – or something. Ouch! And just because Joey went and got a cracked cartilage, you did not need to outdo him and land in the hospital.

    Can’t wait to hear about “hot doc” though.

    Take care of yourself, kiddo.

    @Joe: I already posted my questions days ago when you asked the first time, dang it!!!! Are you going to make us go back and find the questions to repost?

    Okay. Found them.


    1. Some of us here have read the Dark Matter comic (and if you haven’t, you should – the story and artwork are wonderful!). Will Season One cover only what has already been published or will it move beyond what we’ve read.

    2. I know it’s really early in filming, so it might be premature to ask this, but what the heck: now that your character creations are in the hands (and bodies) of live actors and actresses, has your view of them changed? Have their interactions altered the way you plan to tell their stories?

  12. @DAS
    “diverticulitis”… What is THAT? — Tickling people underwater because you like it..?
    so. A *HOT*DOC, huh? — Reminds me when my mom [78 then] had surgery 2 years ago. Apparently she had some Dr.”Hollywood-Hunk” checking on her the next morning whilst still on the meds… Perked her right up!
    Anyway, that Line, “..it’s just the MEDS talking..” – USE it! ABUSE it! *EN-JOY* IT for as long as you can!!
    😀 *hugs*!

  13. Repost of my question from the previous post where you asked us to leave our questions in the comments:

    My question has to do with music. You mentioned before that if you were to choose a series Dark Matter is similar to, it would be Cowboy Bebop. That show was well-known for the great music. Can you give any hints about the music of Dark Matter? Has a composer been chosen yet? Will there be a theme song that plays during the opening credits, or will it just be a quick flash of the title? One thing missing in a lot of shows is a proper opening title credits — long enough to get the song in your head and get you amped up for the show.


  14. Don’t be so hard on Brandon, we Broncos fans had a rough weekend. I’m curious what he thinks of replacing John Fox as head coach? Also, I’m sure you’ve answered this somewhere, but were you ever going to write any more Dark Matter comics? Also SyFy, or did they change it back to SciFi, owes you some gratitude because I will break my boycott that started after the last SGU episode, for some Dark Matter.

  15. So, I`m guessing Four isn’t getting long anime hair, eh? I suppose I`ll survive.

    I think he will. He better. Joe? Right?

  16. 1. Firstly, thanks for all the well-wishes! I’m home now, STARVING, and my belly sounds like…well…sort of sounds like an old hot water baseboard system. 😛 Pain has gone away (yay!), but I have to be on a ‘low residue’ diet for a couple weeks. Boring. 😛

    2. Alex – your dance yesterday was a delight! 😀 Now it’s time for Gangnam Style! 😀

    3. Roger Cross’ smile is…ummm…yeah. Yum. 😉 The rest of ‘im ain’t bad either. 😉

    4. Hot Doc. It’s really not a huge thing, but in the ER there was a really nice looking orderly – dark hair, sexy facial scruff, chiseled jaw-line, sparkly eyes – who wheeled me up for the CAT scan. For the scan I had to drink the contrast and they mixed it in Ginger Ale. I had nothing much in my stomach, so the sugar went right to my…I dunno…my funny bone? It went somewhere and I went into my ‘help I’m talking and I can’t shut up’ routine, telling jokes and talking all friendly-like with everyone. Ya know…like an overly excited puppy (I did NOT pee on anyone’s shoes, though…I think…). And, of course, I kinda sorta hit – in a friendly old lady way – on Mr. Chiseled Jaw. *wiggles eyebrows*

    Back in the ER I drifted off to sleep, only to be awakened by a masculine voice just a few minutes after I went to la-la land. I opened my eyes to see another young man – almost a carbon copy of the first, with the jaw and scruff and sparkly eyes – standing by my bed. In my dream fog I asked, “What did you say?”, to which he replied, “Knock, knock.”

    “Oh,” I said, “I thought you said ‘hot doc’, which I thought was rather presumptuous of you…though…quite true!” He blushed and gave a shy little laugh (and lor’, he was a fetching young thing!), and then asked me the necessary questions. As he left I said, ‘Bye-bye, Hot Doc!”, which elicited another bashful smile and a giggle. Yes, I think he actually giggled.

    I really must say that as far as eye candy goes, Friday in the ER was just about as good as it gets! 🙂

    See…nothing big. I’m just glad that I was covered with a blanket, preventing the hot orderly and the hot ‘doc’ from seeing my legs in all their furry winter coat glory.



  17. @Das Glad you are home. That is a funny story. I have a really good looking doctor and every time I see him my blood pressure is up. I had to take pictures of a home BP monitor to prove that I really don’t have high blood pressure.”. He was supposed to come to see me after my kidney biopsy but his business partner came instead and I am really glad because I would have not come back had I embarrassed myself.

    @ponytail people with diverticular disease have to avoid nuts and seeds.

    I want a #Fourclan hat!

    And hello to Brandon!

  18. @ PBMom – Oh. I guess nuts aggravate the condition.

    @ Das – Glad you are home. Take it easy.

    1. @Ponytail The seeds and nuts (without getting really grossed out) get caught in the diverticulum of the bowel and will cause inflammation. (“itis” is inflammation). My years and years of medical exposure to every disease and surgery you can imagine.

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